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Have you ever experienced being one with nature? Have you ever spend even one night that you are enjoying the night sky outside your tent? Have you ever experience the warmth that a bonfire gave you to while smelling the pleasing aroma of the burning wood from it?

As a kid, I have always adored on joining camping activities. I remember begging my parents for them to let me joined camping activities in our school. I don’t know why but there is just something in the outdoors that made my guts enjoy it well.

Many would find it difficult to spend a day outside without the basic necessities that we grew up with. If you are very used in your comfy bed, your kitchen or even the bathroom in your home, you may find it very hard if you want to experience camping. But it was one experience that will truly make you learn many things in life!

I remember spending a week in one of the provinces in the Philippines. The place was near a river and it was surrounded by huge trees and nature itself. We have arrived there late morning and check for a good place to build our temporary shelter.

The sun was greatly shining that time. It was the rainy season there during that moment but the weather was working with us.

Preparing for the Adventure

I was actually with a bunch of friends there. Most of them, like me, are in love with outdoors and the idea of camping. Some were first-timers and are looking forward to a new adventure. The place was actually a friend of my friend. They just visit the country one time and were captivated by the beauty of the place.

It was like you are on the verge of the rainforest. The place was actually glowing itself. Though there are trees that surround the area, you would actually enjoy the breeze and the smell of the flowing water from the river

We first start building up our tent there. The place has a lot of coconut trees there and it would be a big danger to our group if we decided to stay under one. We got a little bit far from there but not very close to the river.

Build Tent Camping

If you are a first-timer upon camping and have questions upon building up your tent, I recommend that find a place where natural light is gleaming and somewhere wherein there is air quality. It should be spacious enough to fit your team.

Some have difficulties in building their tent. But luckily to us, we have a lot of experts upon building one. And we are also grateful enough that the land that we are building was good at building our temporary home there.

Enjoy Nature’s Recipe

After long preparation of building our shelter in the wild, we felt the hunger in us and decided to prepare our food. One thing that I love while camping was enjoying the food that you can find around you. Since we are near a river, we come upon fishing for our lunch.

While some enjoy getting our food from the river, a few of us decided to try on getting a coconut fruit. It was actually difficult! We ended up on asking for a neighbor living near our place that has skills in climbing up a slender coconut tree.

We have brought supplies with us that could be enough for a week of stay. Yet, the fresh food that you are getting around you was cool enough and taste great. It felt like those people living simply like in the previous decades before technology had built this society.

Food Coconut

Aside from the coconut, there are several of fruit-bearing trees there too. There are mangoes that were nearly getting out of the season, papaya and other tropical fruit that you would surely enjoy.

Activity and Games

We usually have camping not just for fun moments, but also to unwind and strengthen my relationship with my friends. We just don’t lay back there and just waste time. We decided on having as much of activity that we have while camping.

If you are a first-timer upon camping, it would be good to ask some advice to those who love camping on what activities you can do with the group. In my case, we first consider the place that we are having. And since we are near a sparkly clean river, we use that opportunity to have some water activity.

It is also a good time to practice out fishing. Knowing your destination can also help you prepare things that might be useful for you while camping. In this case, we brought a fishing rod for a fishing experience.

We also do games and the most exciting do it yourself obstacle course. It may be sound weird but it is actually really fun at all.

Bonfire Camping

At night time, as much as possible, we lessen the usage of mechanical lights and enjoy the bonfire that our group made. While around the bonfire, we would just like to talk on whatever topic that we had in our mind. We usually discuss funny thoughts or reflecting on hilarious moments from the past.

We also tell frightening stories with yelps and squeals acting like we are scary kids. There are times where we talked about serious stuff like what is our plan in life, our dreams and things that we still want to do. But in my part, the best thing to do was just watching the night sky. The countryside has a clearer night sky compared to the city. You could actually see the stars clearly.

Also, we have food that suits well on the bonfire that we have. We sometimes roast fish here but the thing that I love the most was roasting a marshmallow over it! It’s good doing things again from your younger days!

I don’t have all the time in the world to camp in every place. But one thing I appreciate while camping was living alongside nature. It is very much different and simpler. Plus the fresh scent of nature surely helps me to relax and be thankful enough to God for all the wonderful scenery that he prepared for us.

Dennis M. Piper

I was graduation from New York University in Hospitality management. My partner Mary and two kids, Ron and Regan. I always available on Twitter, Facebook and Google plus also you can mail me.

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