Why I Love Classical Music

I love classical music from the bottom of my heart, and I got singing lessons in Gesangsunterricht St. Gallen it does not only touch me really deeply, but it is the perfect companion during exercising.

Because of my extreme exhaustion, it has become really important not only to learn how to relax but learn how to exercise without going overboard. That t is really difficult for me, I am a passionate skier, which of course is way too stimulating. I was born to ski, it has been my biggest love for 30 years.

When I realized that in order to get better I should give up on cross-country skiing and roller skating for a while, I cried. I felt I lost the feeling of freedom which I have while skiing.

For 6 months I struggled, I started yoga and pilates, which are great ways to exercise and have helped me a lot, but I was missing something… Because of my exhaustion being able to concentrate on anything is really difficult. That’s when I found that listening to classical music helped me to stay focused. It got easier and easier to relax while exercising.

Listening to classical music soon became a healthy habit. Whenever I feel stressed out, I listen to my favorite classical songs. Especially Albinoni’s Adagio is a song that throws me into a happy place immediately. I had my mp3 player with me wherever I went.

Back to ski

Against my better judgment, I decided to try how the collection of the best classical music would help me to handle cross-country skiing. I would love to tell it worked like a dream. No, it did not. I ended up bedridden a few times. I heard the music, but I was not listening to it.

Since I am a really persistent girl, and not willing to give up on skiing, through trial and error I found a way to continue my favorite hobby.

I realized it was my deep urge to compete that harmed me. Instead of enjoying that I can ski a bit, I ended up looking at what other people do around me, how much they ski. I felt so angry and frustrated because 30 years older people, who have been through heart surgery skied more than I did. That was not fair.

I figured that I could try to polish up my skiing technique instead of trying to ski as much as other people. And that worked. Because I had set a goal, combining the music with that was much easier. I let the beautiful melodies of classical music to lead me. I was able to keep my heart rate as low as possible, because there was nothing else in the world except music, me and my skis. Instead of feeling thrilled of the speed I found the deep pleasure of my skiing technique improving every time I went skiing.

Now when I go skiing, I simply turn my mp3 player on and see nothing else, but the tips of my skis, and feel the movement of my body. I am far from healthy, but being able to ski proves me that my body has not totally betrayed me.

There is something magical about classical music.

My favorite classical song: Adagio

Dennis M. Piper

I was graduation from New York University in Hospitality management. My partner Mary and two kids, Ron and Regan. I always available on Twitter, Facebook and Google plus also you can mail me.

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