Vacation Spots in Delaware: Best Beaches on the East Coast

Even if the state of Delaware has only 5 cities total along the ocean, which has some of the best-preserved beaches of the east coast. Usually, there is at least a beach in Delaware in a year that will win a prize blue beach as one of the best-preserved beaches of the coast. Below, this article examines each of the seaside resorts that make up the coast of Delaware and each has to offer for a holiday.

Vacation Hotspots in Delaware

Fenwick Island This is considered the beginning of Ocean City, Maryland. This area is built with a lot of hotels, restaurants and shops. It very difficult to determine where it ends Fenwick Island and Ocean City actually starts. Although these sites are in Ocean City is close enough to visit them when staying in Fenwick. The best beach-bar-Seacrets is a nightclub that does not want to miss.

The club has placed the internal and external parties and will have live bands playing every night with a DJ. Other attractions include a 3 + mile promenade, a large amusement park, tons of shops, Ripleys Museum believe it, a lot of places, mini golf and a very good variety of restaurants to choose from. There is a lot of hotels and places to rent, but this area is very crowded during peak season so you want to book early.

Bethany Beach Generally considered a small quiet beach. Bethany offers a small town with a tiny waterfront. If you are looking for action or things to do with the family then this beach may not be the one for you. There is too much to choose from in the entertainment area of the city is. There are only a few restaurants to choose from too. This beach is an ideal place for those who want a quiet and relaxing holiday.

Indian River this area is not a city at all, but in reality is a large campsite that has access to two different beaches. Guests staying at the campsite then you get free access to beaches.

Otherwise, expect to pay 0.00 for daily access. The two beaches are separated by a bay where the river joins the ocean. On the right side of the beach is family oriented and that is what is used more. On the left side, there is the surf beach where the waves are generally higher. This beach also allows dogs on it.

Dewey Beach Given the College Town or the City Party. The city is really just a few blocks long, but there are many nightclubs/bars crammed into this small community. Some of the largest and best-known nightclubs are the Starboard, nuts coconut and the rusty rudder.

This city generally attracts a younger audience between the ages of 21-27 years is common. The city has a lot of the hotel so early booking is definitely key here. Access to the beach is free right in town, but a little out of town is Dewey Beach State Park, which charges a fee to enter the beach.

Rehoboth Beach This is the largest and most popular beach in Delaware. The city has a number of restaurants and shops to explore. The city also has a walkway that is over a mile long.

There are numerous food stands, arcades, souvenir shops and even a small amusement park along the boardwalk. You will have no trouble finding additional things to do with many water slides, go-karts, mini golf and a large movie complex for entertainment. One of the biggest attractions are the 3 outlet centers, on the outskirts of the city. There are more than 100 stores to shop from. They are usually open until 09:00 every day.

There are also many places to get vacation basically anything you may be interested in such as bicycles, your best stunt scooter, fishing rods, crab traps and diving equipment to name a few. The city and the surrounding area offers tons of hotels and houses to rent, but you want to book in advance as it can be difficult to get rooms at short notice during the high season. This is definitely the beach is more family oriented in the state.

If you plan to drive in the Rehoboth area to spend a day at the beach, expect to pay at least in neighborhoods because each is metered in the city. You can get about 10 minutes per quarter so you might want to start saving your change now.

Lewes Beach This is actually the first city built in Delaware and Delaware is the first state this is the first one first. There is a bit of history to explore the city with an old church and some museums. The town is very characteristic and is generally considered a bit on the expensive side to make purchases. The city offers many good restaurants in addition to some specialty shops to explore.

An interesting feature of the town is that they have ferries that cross the bay of Delaware and dock in Cape May, New Jersey. You have the choice of taking your car across on the ferry or riding your bicycle.

The boat ride takes about 45 minutes to travel one way through the bay. The beach at Lewes is actually a park called Cape Henlopen State Park that you must pay admission to access to the beach. The price is usually around 0.00 for cars every day, but it’s a little less for state visitors.

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