Tumi Carry-On Luggage General Review and Buying Guide

Tumi carry-on luggage One of the leading international brands of luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories, Tumi offers products featuring excellence, functional superiority and technical innovation.

Tumi carry-on luggage has smart designs, stylish looks. The advanced technique and rich experience guarantee them lightweight yet durable.

It has won more than 25 patents for design and engineering breakthroughs. If you happen to lose your Tumi luggage, the identification system can help return lost or stolen bags to you.

About Tumi Carry-On Luggage

The company was founded in 1975. With over 30 years of bag-making experiences. Tumi has provided effective solutions to the world's most discerning and demanding consumers.

Products range from luggage, business cases and handbags to wallets, writing instruments and watches. They are available at top departments, specialty stores as well as over 50 Tumi stores in 40 countries.

How to Pick Tumi Carry-On Luggage

Tough Designs

Its tough design is one of the reasons that make Tumi luggage the best sellers. For example, the 20" Tumi Lightweight Wheeled Carry-On luggage features lightweight design and proves to survive years of rough handling. With the implementation of stricter weight regulations in the airlines, new products will be designed to satisfy the customers' changing needs.

Before you make a purchase, it's necessary to know something about frames. The honeycomb frame is the most common type used today. It is light, durable and can withstand pressure. Fiberglass inner luggage frames are also light and durable. But be careful when you choose any frame that is made of plastic or metal. Although some of the metal frames are really light, they get bended easily.

Stylish Looks

To reduce the chance of misrecognizing luggage, an aloud color design might be a good idea, especially when you are going to some densely populated areas. If you feel uncomfortable with a too-bright bag, you can choose the one that has special ID tag or luggage strap.

Easy Handling

A set of quality wheels helps you to move without making too much noise or effort. A well-made wheel system ensures your luggage maintains its mobility. And a large wheel base can prevent tipping over. And don't forget to find one with a sealed ball bearing system, which can decrease the heat caused by friction.

Check whether the handle is retractable, mono-tube. A sturdy EVA housing provides easy move when pulled out from the case, and can be inserted back neatly inside when not in use.

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