Top 5 Places to Visit in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful state found in the parts of Southern Asia. It’s popularly known to have an impeccable terrain and amazing physical features. The county’s economy is great giving you a chance to have an incredible venture during your visit. This is because it has invested enough in improving its recreational facilities including the beaches.

Being in Thailand will give you an experience of the world-class resorts among its tourism facilities. The country’s attractions are diverse judging from the developments in the beautiful cities of Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Do you love hiking? If so then Thailand Mountains will give you a true taste of mountain trekking.

Visit in Thailand

Below are Some of the Gorgeous Locations to Visit While in Thailand

1.    Koh Phi Phi

Phi Phi islands are among the most sort after tourists facilities in Thailand. This is because the location that makes it easy to reach other nearby islands. The island is the only one having places to reside. The monkey beach located on this particular island is a great spot for fun activities. Here you will get to interact with the mischievous monkeys just like the name suggests. You can get to the monkey beach by hiring a boat and some guide to direct you along.  If you want to have a view of the beautiful sunset then you can visit the Long Beach. It’s possible to walk back Phi Phi islands from here if the tides are out.

2.    Chaing Mai

Chiang Mai has a generous supply of delicious and affordable food. The popular spot for this great supply is on the streets of Sunday Night Walking. You will find vendors selling different kinds of delicacy. Some of their treats include fruit cakes freshly baked, chicken satai and crab cakes. Apart from the food, you can also find paintings, natural soaps and musical instruments to shop.

3.    Railay beach

Railay beach is actually among Thailand’s best beaches overall. While at the beach your eyes will feed on some nice blue water and amazingly white sand beaches. Have you ever imagined being in paradise? If not then Railay beach won’t be a disappointment. You can access the beach by passing through Krabi islands using a boat.

4.    Bangkok

The capital of Bangkok has a limitless list of things for you to enjoy while here. You can begin your adventure from the Grand place which has got a lot to marvel about. Apart from the palace’s unique and attractive appearance, it has strong historical significant to the country. It’s amazingly crafted with ancient compartments and royal walls not leaving out the temples. The most precious among the temples is the Wat Phra Kaeo. The temple is believed to have Buddha’s very on born and a piece of hair. Do you want to know more? Then don’t miss visiting this incredible monument of Thailand.

5.    Pai

Pai is located in the northern part of Thailand that has mountainous landscape but amazingly beautiful. From here you will be able to enjoy Thailand’s natural appeal and hospitality. From this small town, you can have a taste of both the local food and western. You will also get the chance to see the waterfalls and the iconic Pai Canyon.


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