Tommy Bahama Beach Chair Reviews

Anyone who has gone to the beach for a day knows how difficult is to to trudge back and forth from the car to your spot that you picked out with all your stuff. This is especially true if you have a large group or children. hiking through the sand back and forth to the car can be a complete energy drain and a totally bummer. I swear if you saw my family on a beach day you would think we were moving to the beach or preparing for a disaster with all to the stuff we lug out.

After several trips to the beach I finally decided that there had to be a better way of getting all my stuff from the car to out spot. That’s when we got a really nice wagon that had huge tires that worked in the sand. But what about those trips that we only brought a few things and didn’t need a wagon?

That’s when we saw these really cool beach chairs from Tommy Bahama. These are backpack beach chairs that literally fold up and carry on your back like a backpack.

We just had to get them since carrying the beach chairs was half the problem and the weight. With these chairs all the kids can carry their own chair and it frees up our hands and arms for all the other stuff we usually end up bringing. What I really like the most is that the kids can all easily carry their own beach chair without our help. This also saves us at least 2 trips of chair carrying. Not only is it good for day trips to the beach with kids but they are perfect for anyone going to the beach alone.

I have had a precious few times since children to go to the beach alone and just bask in the golden rays. Each time I get that opportunity it almost seems like more work because there is only me to carry the stuff. With these backpack chairs I can carry my beach chair and usually stuff a little bit into the chair itself and then carry the rest.

These chairs are really a life saver. They are great for the beach but you can really use them anywhere you need an extra chair. You can take them to children’s sports games, camping or any other activity!

The Best Backpack Chair

This is all time favorite beach chair from Tommy Bahama. This beach chair can do everything. it has an insulated cooler/storage pouch to keep drinks or other snack cool. I really like that these chairs have a folding towel bar on the back so that you can hang your towel up to dry or just so it does not get dirty. We use the towel bar for blankets and jackets when we take these chairs camping as well. My youngest one is always loosing his jacket and leaving all sorts of places so he knows now if he is going to take his jacket off to put it on the towel bar, it makes packing up after a soccer game much easier then playing wheres the jacket.

Best Backpack Chair

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Another great bonus for me is that these chairs are rated for 300 pounds. This means we don’t have to worry when the kids all pile on the chair with us. The backpack chair itself has 5 really great positions you can put it in. You can even lay flat in the chair. This is a really great chair if you have a lot of other stuff to carry with you!

The Tommy Bahama Beach Cart

If you are looking for ways to make your beach trip a bit easier then you really need to take a look a the Tommy Bahama beach cart. This cart is really all you will ever need to make one trip from the car to the beach. I really love that I can fit just about anything I will need for a day at the beach in this one cart. This cart has a really nice removable tote bag as well as an internal compartment for storage that is roughly 15 cubic feet. The cart also has a really great umbrella holder. It says that it can hold about 100 pounds but I have never weighted what I put in the cart.

Tommy Bahama Beach Cart

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I really like that you can sling your chairs onto this cart as well. It can hold up to 4 chairs which is great if you have backpacks and don’t want to carry your chairs. It can also hold our cooler on the bottom as well, This is probably the best feature since carrying a cooler in the sand is the worst job to get stuck with. The extra wide tires on this cart is what makes it glide through the sand!

Another Great Backpack Beach Chair

This is another backpack beach chair that we have and love. This chair is great for the beach, camping and even small hikes. I really like that this chair has a slightly larger cooler storage area than the Tommy Bahama chairs. This chair has twin backpack straps that are adjustable o fit anyone. The storage area is roughly 1500 cubic inches large. The arms on this chair are made from some sort of really nice wood. Like the Tommy Bahama chairs this one also has a 5 position adjustable recline.

Great Backpack Beach Chair

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The headrest on the backpack chair is removable for each cleaning or if you just don’t feel like using it. I really like the drink holder on this unit as well. It also weighs about a pound less than the Tommy Bahama version at 10 pounds. This chair has a weight capacity of 240 pounds which is slightly less than the other chairs.