The True Importance of RCD Switches Explained

With each passing day, our dependency on electricity has increased. From our morning coffee to our daily office chores and even our daily commute, everything runs on electricity. As beneficial as it is, if we are not too careful when handling electricity, it can become lethal.

RCD Testing

RCD Testing

From causing minor burns to causing huge fires, electricity is not something to be taken lightly! It is here that RCD switches come handy and literally save the day. Let’s take a detailed look at RCD switches, how they work and how they can be beneficial. Keep in mind that just like any other electrical appliance, regular RCD testing is recommended to ensure that the switches are working properly.

What Exactly is RCD?

RCD is a residual current device and similar to a circuit breaker, it has a protective function. However, unlike a circuit breaker which has the main function to protect the electrical wiring, RCD switches offer more personal protection by preventing electrical shocks and electrocution.

RCD Switches and How They Work

As mentioned earlier on, RCD switches have a protective function. They have a simple mechanism by which they prevent any accident from happening. They simply monitor the flow of electrical current and prevent it from traveling down an unwanted path such as the human body.

In this way, RCDs offer a more personal protection against electrical shocks and electrocution. Besides providing safety against electrical shocks, they are also designed to detect any current leakages and faults within the entire electrical wiring of your home or office.

Types of RCDs

Water and electricity are not to be mixed together and bathrooms, gardens, and kitchens are potential areas where electrical accidents can happen. There are different types of RCD switches which cater to your requirements.

Portable RCD

A portable RCD can be plugged in a socket and the appliance can then be plugged into the RCD. Keep in mind that this type of RCD provides protection only to the person handling the appliance or equipment.

Fixed RCD

As the name indicates, this RCD is a fixed type and is installed within a fuse box. It provides generalized protection to all the circuits, their wirings and any appliances/ equipment attached to them. This type of RCD provides the best protection available!

Socket-Outlet RCD

Socket-outlet RCDs have an RCD installed within them. These can be used instead of standard sockets, however, just like portable sockets, they only provide protection to the person handling the equipment.


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