The Best Travel Toys For Toddlers

The top tip I would give to anybody taking a toddler on a long journey is bring lots of travel toys for toddlers to keep them occupied.

The best travel toys for toddlers will engage your toddler for a long time without the need to move around a lot. Take small but familiar toys that they currently love and you know they play with for a long time. The attention span of toddlers isn't long (depending on their developmental age it's 1 to 8 minutes). C completely new which they will enjoy playing with and will grab their attention.

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This article suggests the best toys and equipment to take with you on a long journey and gives tips on keeping your little one occupied.

So what are the best travel toys for toddlers?

Portable DVD Players for Toddlers

Portable DVD players can be an absolute lifesaver when taking young children on a road trip or on an airplane. We used one when we took our son (who was then 18 months old) on a 3 hour flight. My 18 month old son had to sit on my lap for 3 hours as he didn't get his own seat so it was a lifesaver. It kept him still and occupied until he fell asleep. Here is my top choice portable DVD player.

Toddler Laptop

Toddler laptops make great travel toys. They will keep toddlers occupied for ages and most have educational activities such as games to help learn letters and numbers. Pick one which offers lots of different activities and stimulation so your toddler doesn't get bored. If you are able to sit next to your toddler on your trip you can play the activities and games together too.

Toddler Laptop

Magna Doodle

Toddlers love magna doodle (when my son and niece were about 2 years old they absolutely loved it). There are some which come in travel size so they are compact and easy to carry. They provide the opportunity to draw without having to find crayons and paper which have been dropped underneath car or plane seats.

Travel Aquadoodle Bears

Travel aquadoodle bears are great for road trips and plane journeys for toddlers. You fill the doodle pen with water and start drawing on the white part of the bear.

The bear changes color with the moisture and changes back as it dries so you can draw over and over again. Mess free travel fun for toddlers who love to scribble and a cuddly toy too!

Travel Aquadoodle Bears

Wow Activity Books

Fill up the water pen and then color in the pictures. The pictures come up in bright colors.

They include 4 reusable water reveal pages, 4 play and learn pages and 1 water brush or water pen depending on which one you buy.

This is mess free coloring and you don't have to worry about crayons being everywhere and losing them.

Buckle Toys

Many toddlers can be obsessed with buckles and therefore these buckle toys make perfect travel toys for toddlers as there are no loose parts. You may need to unsnap the buckles for your toddler but they will love doing them up again and again.

Some buckle toys have extra things to do, like matching colors and zippers.

Buckle Toys

Books for Toddlers

Taking a couple of favorite or new books can be quite handy. It's especially good if you want to keep them entertained and occupied but quiet at the same time (for example when you're on a plane or other public transport).

Magnetic Toys

Magnetic toys seem to be popular with toddlers to take to occupy them while traveling.

I think this is because they are very quiet toys and toddlers seem to be quiet when they are playing with them. Therefore they may be a good choice for airplanes or other public transport. Some of the bigger magnetic toys would be better to just keep in the car as you won't want to transport anything too bulky.

The pieces are magnetic, therefore stick to the board and are less likely to be lost but I think you still have to be careful not to lose the pieces when travelling.

Magnetic Toys

Magnetic Mazes for Travel

There are lots of magnetic mazes which are great for travel because you don't have to worry about losing the pieces.

They include the bead mazes below which I think are good for older toddlers. You have to use the magnetic wand to guide colorful beads through the maze. Some of them involve using the wand to sort beads according to color or number so are educational too.

They're should fit in a backpack and are quiet so won't disturb other people.

Sticker Books

Sticker books can be a good choice for older toddlers. My son used to love stickers and there are some nice sticker books you can work through with a toddler on a plane or train trip.

Sticker Books

Finger Puppets and Puppet Books

Finger puppets are great for plane travel. They're small and can easily fit in your pocket. They're inexpensive too. You can get them out and use them to make characters for your toddler. Do a show, play peek-a-boo, use them with a funny voice - let your imagination entertain your toddler! Older toddlers can also have a go at using the finger puppets.

You can also get finger puppet and puppet books. My own son who's currently 19 months loves these. Read the story while using the finger puppet to illustrate.

Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

Traveling with a toddler can be challenging but prepare well and follow these tips for an easier journey.

  • Don't run out of snacks and drinks. Have plenty of small snacks for emergencies. Raisins, dried fruit and small packets of sweets are all great snacks which can fit in your hand luggage.
  • Bring lots of travel toys and things to keep them amused and entertained. Consider wrapping up a couple of new toys and giving them as gifts during the trip - this can give them something to focus on when they get a bit restless.
  • A portable DVD player is a life saver for long road trips and air travel.
  • Bring wipes to keep them clean.
  • Blankets and travel pillows are good to keep toddlers cosy when they need to get comfortable and sleep. Blankets are also good to play peek a boo!
  • Get organised. Have a bag for snacks and one for toys and know where everything is so you have it to hand when needed. Also, have a bag for rubbish to minimize mess.
  • On road trips take plenty of breaks and get your little one moving around before they have to sit in the car again.
  • On airplanes - get a window seat if you can so they can look out of the window.
  • Think about the timing of your travel. Can you travel during early morning, naptime or evening/night time so that they will sleep most of the journey
  • If you are travelling in the afternoon/evening take them to the park in the morning and really tire them out so that they will be less restless during the trip.

Another Tip for Keeping Toddlers Entertained

When we took our first son away on a plane when he was about 2 1/2 we also took our iPhone which ended up being a great way to entertain and occupy our son.

Do you have any suggestions of great travel toys for toddlers. Please add any comments and feedback below.

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