Snow Queen: Great Winter Hair Tips

The winter is truly a wonderful time of year, what with the crisp weather and log fires, Christmas and, of course, the party season. But it can be hard to stay looking good, what with all the rain and central heating, over-indulging and rushing around for presents… No wonder we sometimes feel that just when we want to look our best, some of our best features might letting the side down. Hair, especially, can take a battering from the winter weather and end up dull, or in poor condition.

Well, fear not: our top hair tips will help you to ensure that you not only enjoy the hair you deserve all through the winter, but if you go town with the best party hair on the block too!

Winter Hair Tips

We want gorgeous hair – all year round. We’ve consulted the best advice for beauty experts to provide you with a list of ten unbeatable tips for caring for your hair this winter:

1. Lock in Moisture

Whatever else you do or don’t do to your hair this winter, make sure that you invest in a really good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner combo. If you take care to add more moisture to the hair during the colder spell, then you will reap the rewards in terms of luscious locks.

2. Oil your Tresses

If you love your skin and hair, you may well have come across the stellar benefits of Argan Oil. It is a superb product winter or summer as it delivers moisturizing results straight away. Don’t drench your hair in it and test different brands to ensure that the oil is not too heavy for your hair type – there are lighter and heavier versions.

3. Don’t Overheat

When it’s cold, it’s tempting to blast our hair with heat for the hairdryer, or to fry it with too-hot appliances. But do this too much and it will only result in the loss of moisture. So, use heat selectively, when you must, but do not overdo it and keep things warm, rather than roasting – you’ll soon see the difference this makes as you encourage healthier hair.

4. Protect with Spray

Of course, sometimes only a heated appliance will do. In these instances, it’s simple. As well as following the advice above, do try to use a first-class heat protection spray.

5. Nourish with Masks

Nourishing hair care masks can be a real godsend when it comes to treating your tresses. Follow the brand instructions closely, but as a rule, towel dry hair and then leave on for as long as recommended, or overnight you can. Try to enjoy the benefits of a hair care mask once a week.

6. Don’t Split Hairs

The last thing you need to put up with during this already harsh season is a load of unwanted split ends. Make sure you get regular trims. They will keep your hair in great shape and it will look smarter too.

7. Wash Warm Only

When we wash our hair in winter, color can fade faster than normal. Don’t scald your poor scalp every time you shampoo – take a gentler approach. Do not wash your hair in hot water if you can avoid it, since it does tend to dry out the hair. Start tepid and go cooler right at the end to seal hair cuticles.

8. No to Sulphates

Try to avoid any shampoo that contains high levels of sulphatea since this can result in dull hair that has been stripped of color. Keep color fresh and shiny by going low-sulphate or sulphate-free.

9. Fight the Frizz

Don’t let your hair turn into a big, static ball of frizz this winter! Use some specialist anti-frizz products which have anti-static properties Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion is a good one.

10. Stay Free of Flakes

Dryness can, of course, result in a flaky scalp. If you have a huge problem with this, the try using a special medicated anti-dandruff shampoo. Follow the instructions, but for best results you should typically rub in the shampoo thoroughly and massage the shampoo into the scalp before rinsing. If you increase the blood circulation you reduce the likelihood of dandruff and keep hair looking good from root to tip.

Great Party Hair Tips

Winter Hair Care

Hair trends come and go unbelievably fast but looking effortlessly chic is timeless. As luck might have it, one of this winter’s key looks is all about not spending too much time and effort, so ditch those hair strengtheners. For party hair, big, bouncing 80s-style tendrils are de rigueur and it’s a lot easier than one might think to achieve. So, to recreate the hassle-free, one of the best looks of the festive season at home follow these tips:

1. Top hair stylists recommend that you use a volumising shampoo. Try The Body Shop’s Rainforest Volumising Shampoo.

2. You should also use a leave-in conditioner to maximize shine and get the most lustrous locks. Bed Head Resurrection Conditioner is great for creating big, bold, voluminous hair and will help reduce any unsightly frizz.

3. For this look, you need to towel dry and, for the ultimate curls, use this season’s top hair product The TRESemme 2200 Diffuser . Forget the diffusers of the 80’s, this simple attachment fits most hair dryers and will create volume, curls and movement without the help of a professional stylist, even on those with the straightest of hair.

4. Set the whole fabulous new look in place with a light mist of Trevor Sorbie Styling Firm Hold Hairspray.

5. Dress your hair up or down as you wish. Wild and free is always fabulous! However, for a sexy, sophisticated evening look, tie your hair back in a loose ponytail, allowing a few curls to fall free at the front, and carefully pin the ends of the ponytail back onto the head to create a slightly messy looking bun.

6. Finish off with James Brown’s Shine & Fragrance mist, for super shiny, soft hair that will smell gorgeous all night.

There you have it simply follow all our tips to take you through from daily hair care to many nights of party glamour and you will have everything in place to love your locks this winter.

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