Scary Places You Have to Visit

Adrenaline seekers can visit dozens of scary places on our planet from which the normal tourists and travelers are afraid of. Fans of scary stories and high adrenaline may tease their nerves visiting places from which you can get the creeps. But before you go on this journey, you must be prepared for what awaits you. Here are some of the top scary places in the world that fans of horror with strong nerves can visit. Among them are historical landmarks, symbols of human tragedy as well as places with ghosts, witches and poltergeist.

Paris Catacombs in France

The Paris catacombs, officially named lOssuaire Municipal, vis a cemetery that started becoming tourist attraction in the early 19th century (according to Wikipedia). This cemetery doesn’t have much tunnels, but it is widely referred as the catacombs. Of course as a cemetery, there are a lot of human bones and skulls and people believe that it is haunted. Together with the lack of light under the Paris city and with the strange sounds that you will hear from time to time, there will be quite good reason to change your pants after you visit this place.

Voodoo Magic of New Orleans in United States

If you want to know more about voodoo and magic, then you have to visit New Orleans. This place is well known over the years with the black magic people. It is told that the voodoo magic has big influence over the people in New Orleans. Actually 15 percent of the population there practice voodoo.

United States

Now a day’s New Orleans is more scary than ever, because of the hurricane Katrinas damage. It is believed that the city is haunted by the ghosts of the tragically died people in 2005.

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