Sailing Croatia – Must You Needed To Know

Sailing Croatia? Well, a good idea! Historically called the Dalmatian Coast, this is a popular coast for cruising because of its many islands and coves. The area is divided into north and south by the ancient city of Split.

This area has plenty of island destinations to explore, including the national parks of Kornati, Brijuni, Cres, Krk, and Susak. Kornati in the north features a lot of rocky islands. You can reef dive here in the beautiful turquoise water. Split, Pula, Zadar, and Dubrovnik offer plenty of charter options for visitors.

Croatia Yacht Charter

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Sailing Croatia in a yacht charter is one of the best ways to spend time here. You not only awe at the spectacular scenery, but also take home the sweet memories of this beautiful part of the world.

Besides the usual crewed charter options and bareboat, gulets are an amazing option too. They are basically motor-sailers – just the perfect thing for families or a group of friends longing for a terrific cruise holiday. The boats have a fully functional rigging and motors.

A typical gulet can accommodate eight to 12 people at a time. The attraction of gulets is the separate accommodation they offer to the passengers. The chartering ones also have recreational facilities and other services. To say it in other words, gulets serve as mini hotels with great service and terrific sea view from each of its rooms.

Modern gulets have all the basic amenities of home. This provides vacationers a home-like experience away from home. The wonderful thing about sailing in gulets is that you strike a relationship with other people on board. It creates an atmosphere of sharing, friendliness, and having fun together.

Croatia Sailing Charter

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For over a decade, the charter industry in Croatia is offering a great time to its visitors hungry for the sea. The beauty of this place is mind-blowing and cruising makes it even more exciting and convenient, as you can reach its many Croatian islands that are dipped with natural freshness. The islands feature harbors, coves, beaches, and lagoons. There are hardly any tides or currents to disturb your sailing Croatia expedition.

Visiting Croatia

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The best time to come here is in June and September. These months are pleasant and warm. July and August have plenty of sunshine and are hot. These are not sailing months because the thermal breeze blows hard from the northwest and the mountains are too hot to explore. It is necessary to have sun protection during all summer months here.

People of Croatia are warm and hospitable. They welcome sailors cordially and provide the best advice and help possible. German and Italian are widely spoken; English is getting popular too. You can find lots of restaurants on the islands and along the coast. Cuisines made from locally grown vegetables, fresh fish, and seafood almost lure the visitors toward food.

So, are you Sailing Croatia this summer? This is your chance to dump the fireplace and cozy indoor settings and venture out in the open, amid the vines, enjoying the local red wine. Log online and get your week-long sailing holiday planned.

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