How to have Safety Summer Vacation

The way to get a Summer vacation may be one of the best solutions to escape from everyday life. However, there are some precautions that need to take for personal safety, that our means of transport and our satellites during the journey in hot weather. Here are some of them.

  1. Check the pressure of the car tires, oil and water carefully before departure. A little more attention in this area can prevent major headaches later that you may cause serious way in this heat. Lesions may be not only unpleasant but also dangerous.
  2. Carry a little more drinking water than you think you will need. Better to remain at the end of the journey and not fall into deadlock thirsty on the road.
  3. Travel with company, preferably with someone you know well and trust him. When not traveling alone, on the one hand there is less likely to become victims of crime, and stay more alert when there’s nobody to Laffite.
  4. Be very prudent to hitchhikers and people that may need help on the road. It is better to call police to assist someone with a flat rather than risk their own safety, thinking he does not represent a threat.
  5. Keep calm in the case of a potential road rage. Quite prevalent in the summer when more people are on the road and the heat causes excitement. You never know who is armed and no sense to risk their head just because someone is syakal way.
  6. Be always alert and vigilant when driving in the summer and you can be heavy and semi-fall due to the heat. Sleep well at night, keep air conditioning in the car run, as much as possible, eat healthy food. And if you group and the path is long, in driving change.
  7. Make sure your car is loaded properly and that you are enrolled in one company for roadside assistance. If the car is broken middle of nowhere, you can rely solely on your phone and on this road assistance.
  8. Take a road map with you. You may think you know the road well, but is likely a major route is closed for repairs and must then turn to totally confused. Everything happens, and a roadmap costs a few euro. Do not underestimate the situation.

Do not underestimate factors and information. Let all your friends know where you are going and where you go. Call them when you get to be sure that everything is fine. Not that things are not redundant and are important today. Some day you will think of their children in the same way and will be worried when running a long time.

Dennis M. Piper

I was graduation from New York University in Hospitality management. My partner Mary and two kids, Ron and Regan. I always available on Twitter, Facebook and Google plus also you can mail me.

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