Running out of generator fuel in the middle of the night?

Our lives come to a standstill whenever there is an interruption in the regular supply of electricity. Our phones and laptops won’t be charged and we might not even get that delicious cup of coffee we were craving for! It is at this point that generators literally save the day.

Out of hundreds and thousands of inventions, a generator is one such invention which has become a necessity in almost all workplaces and even homes. A generator ensures that power supply is not interrupted and everything keeps on running smoothly. To ensure that our power supply continues, a generator needs fuel and regular generator maintenance services but what if you run out of generator fuel in the middle of the night? This is the worst possible scenario and to avoid getting into this situation, we have outlined a few tips and tricks for you!


Find Out the Fuel Consumption of Your Generator

To avoid running out of fuel, it is important that you know about the fuel consumption of your generator. Each generator is unique and how much fuel it consumes, depends largely on the load. The more electrical load you put on your generator, higher will be the fuel consumption.

You can get an estimate about your generator’s fuel consumption but remember, it will not give you an accurate picture. However, a rough estimate will be enough to give you an idea.

Always Prepare Ahead

Imagine yourself in the middle of a storm with no electricity and as you try to turn on your generator, you find out that it has run out of fuel!

Running around like a headless chicken in the middle of a storm is not going to get you anywhere. Therefore, it is always recommended to stock up on extra fuel that can last a few days. Always ensure that besides fuel, you have extra filters in store as well. Generator maintenance services guarantee that your generator is running properly and is efficiently consuming the fuel!

Store Your Fuel the Right Way!

As mentioned earlier, you wouldn’t want to be without fuel in the middle of the night but what good is stored fuel if it hasn’t been stored properly? Proper fuel storage ensures that your generator will work accurately and efficiently.

Regular plastic fuel tanks are your best bet when it comes to storing fuel. Always store your fuel tanks in a shed and make sure that your fuel tanks are air-tight. Believe it or not but fuel fumes can be very toxic!

Use Fuel Additives to Increase Viability of your Fuel

What good is stored fuel if it isn’t viable? It is generally recommended that when you store fuel in fuel tanks, a fuel stabilizer should be added. This increases the viability of stored fuel.

For example, in hotter climates, stored fuel loses its viability within 6 months but if you add a fuel stabilizer, it can be increased significantly!

Never Store Fuel in Your Generator!

It seems logical to store fuel in your generator so that it is already there when you need it, right? That is not the case! Storing fuel in your generator not only leads to accumulation of debris within your generator but it is also associated with depreciation of fuel over time.


Through regular stationary or portable generator maintenance, filters can be changed but fuel comes under your wing! To ensure maximum efficiency, never store fuel in your generator however enticing and convenient it may seem.


Storing Fuel to Prepare Ahead is Always a Smart Move, So Be Smart About it!


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