How to Have a Relaxing New Hampshire Vacation in Summer

New Hampshire is a state of amazing diversity for its small size, eighteen miles of beach along the Atlantic coast, the size of the tundra-topped Mt. Washington, New England and villages, each with a bandstand in the center of the village green. Each with a white clapboard Congregational church guard nearby.

New Hampshire is also a day to drive from all major cities along the Northeast Corridor. Boston is just south of New Hampshire state line, from Washington DC and people can make the units less than ten hours.

That’s like having a relaxing summer holiday New Hampshire that will not break the bank.

  1. Consider the Merrimack River Valley as a starting point. The New Hampshire tourist attractions are its coast, the White Mountains and Lakes Region. These areas also command the highest rate of other hotels and apartments for rent. You will be saving money to stay in this scenic valley that is home to Concord, the state capital, as well as in Manchester, the largest city in New Hampshire.
  2. Consider renting a cottage cleaning to save money. Lakes, ponds, rivers and gentle, the landscape of the Merrimack River Valley. Along these streams you can find affordable waterfront living for the duration of your holiday. House cleaning in general require to bring your own towels, bedding and groceries. Most are equipped with an efficiency kitchen, running water and electricity, a bathroom with shower, furniture and a bedroom or two.
  3. Plan your route or take a day at a time. If you have never visited before New Hampshire, you might want to find a few highlights, such as:

Mt Washington in the White Mountains. Mt Washington is the second highest peak east of the Mississippi. At 6288 meters, you might want to climb, driving up the road at the top, or take the cog railway to the historic summit. Be warned, Mt. Washington is known for its bad weather. Wind chills reached its peak at Minus-120 degrees F. the world’s highest speed of 231 MPH wind was recorded here. If you are unfamiliar with the tundra of the interior of Alaska, you will be surprised to find a similar landscape to the top of Mt. Washington.

The Lakes Region. As the largest lake in New Hampshire, Lake Winnepesaukee offers all imaginable water activities. A sunset dinner cruise is a special treat. The Lakes Region is also home to Squam Lake, the setting for the movie On Golden Pond.

The coastline. From the port city of Portsmouth, you can climb on board a ship for a whale-watching excursion. Rye quiet and relaxed atmosphere is ideal for beach combing. And all the shops, restaurants and bars you could ever want can be found at Hampton Beach.

  1. Enjoy your backyard wn, the Merrimack River Valley. Berry picking, antiquing, swimming all of these fun activities are yours for the taking this area long, winding and scenic roads. For a while in history, visit the home of President Franklin Pierce, in Concord and control units or the New Hampshire Historical Society Museum. You get face to face with an authentic Concord coach, the official name for the diligence in every cowboy movie you’ve ever seen.
  2. Enjoy your trip!
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