How to Properly Use Fishing Reel Grease

Are you using your fishing reel for a long time?

Maybe, your spinning reel is just telling you to take a little care of it. Your fishing reel needs maintenance too. It is necessary for your fishing reel when it becomes jammed. Working with a fishing reel like that is tough. So, are you thinking to replace your fishing reel? Don’t think about it. You just need to take a little care of your fishing reel. You can use some grease and a quality reel oil to make it smoother like before. In this article, we are going to teach you something new. Here we will discuss how to properly use fishing reel grease. We will also give you a proper way to grease fishing reel with step by step method.

 Best Time to Grease Your Fishing Reel

Maximum anglers grease their reels during the winter. Mainly they look for a real off-season. You can oil your fishing reel any time in the year. It depends on your fishing efforts. All the fishing reels take much abuse. That happens especially if you use it roughly. You will see, sometimes they get dunked. Using the grease properly you can have the fishing reel just like new.

How to Properly Use Fishing Reel Grease

You can get many quality reel lubricants. Most of them are available in the online shops. You have to be careful before choosing a reel grease.  You need to check the molecular bond with the metals which is given in the description. They can cost more than traditional reel grease. However, they are perfect for your reel. First, clean all the parts inside or outside of the reel. You need to allow them to air dry. Then apply some grease to the main gear. Be careful about the crud, sand, dirt, or any other gunk. You should avoid using oil outside. They can get dusty. Don’t use grease in the place of using oil.  Check Buy fishing guide blog for more.

Some Rules for Using Grease

  • Do not try to mix all types of grease. Soaps can react with them. If you do so, they can corrode the parts metal of your reel.
  • Do not try to use any Silicone grease. Silicones do not have any lubricating properties. They are probably not the ultimate choice for your fishing reel.
  • You should avoid using greases equipped with TFE. They can cause many gumming problems.


You can use grease to the bottom of the reel. You can also use them to the gears. You have to grease any part that slides along with another part. You have to avoid using extra oil. It can attract dirt and sand. They can create a negatively impacts on the performance of your reel. Adding extra oil will make the reel heavy. After avoiding all of this by proper application of grease, you will get a smooth spinning reel. Now, you know all about How to properly use fishing reel oil. Do you have any question about How to properly use fishing reel grease? You can feel free to ask us.


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