Party Destinations for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is one of the most significant holidays and we usually plan the celebrations for months in advance. Whether this is so because of the belief that the way we spend the night of the 31st of December leading to the 1st of January would mark the way we will spend the whole year or it’s just because we want to spend an unforgettable night with the people we love – either way, we want something special.

We would like to present to your attention 10 destinations, specially selected to help you slip away from the troubles and cares of your intensive trivial surround.

Sydney, Australia

Sidney is famous for its beautiful fireworks over Sydney’s harbor bridge lasting until the early hours of the morning. The other plus is that you will be in Australia, in the warmest part of the year and the combination of beach, waves and sun will enhance your holiday mood.

Berlin, Germany

People from all over the world gather around the Brandenburg gate to celebrate the coming of the New Year which is especially significant to German people. There you will discover an impressive firework program as well as pavilions with food and lots of beer. The celebrations go on until the morning in the company of DJs, concerts and a light show along the 17th of June str. which is known with the multiple parties taking place there.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik seems to remain out of the spotlight when we consider our New Year’s Eve but the truth is that if you have the chance to be there for the feast, you will have a great time. The night starts quietly with fireworks in every neighborhood before the majority of the people head to the bars and the clubs in the center offering live music program. And as the night is longer than in all the other places around the globe, here the party goes on until noon in the following day.

New Orleans, USA

In you literally want to be in the jazz, New Orleans is a great choice. The beautiful Christmas decorations in the streets will increase your Christmas and New Year mood. Do not miss the open-air party between Bourbon str. and Frenchmen str. if you have an adventurous spirit and join the local people putting on a funny costume.

Goa, India

Not only will the weather be on your side in this part of the world but you will feel as though you are in Heaven in the beaches of Goa. For the night, all the clubs on the beach unite. So if you are looking for a place where you can dance a little, get to know the local culture and restore your strength for the following morning, this is your destination.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Organize your trip in such way that you can attend the yearly Hogmanay. This free event combines old traditions with the local spirit, open-air celebrations, fireworks and contests between different performers. You recommend that you head to the castle before midnight so that you can find yourself a place granting you a good view.

Niagara Falls

Visit the Victoria Park, there you will be able to have a bite and see the New Year’s concert. The event is especially appropriate if you are celebrating with your family or a group of very close friends. And the view of the fireworks over the waterfall is in a class by itself.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

As you can imagine, this exotic destination gets even more attractive during the New Year’s celebrations. The event known as “The Awakening” is an all-day-long carnival taking place on a few stages and includes dances, a culinary festival and the tradition to present flowers, rice and a perfume. The place of the party is the well-know Copacabana beach. Prepare some white clothes so that you can blend with the local people. A New Year’s pert in Brazil – what can possibly go wrong?

Rio de Janeiro

New York, USA

Days before the New Year’s Eve, New York changes completely. Do not miss to see the Christmas tree in front of the Rockefeller Centre and maybe see the shops along the 5th Avenue. Plan you night in such way that at midnight you land in Times Square where every year, 900 kg of confetti pour out over you in the air.

Austrian Alps, Austria

But not everyone is looking for a wild party. One of the places where you can celebrate the holiday is the Alps. There you can enjoy some of the best ski tracks, and at a good price at the same time. And if you get bored after all, you still can go to St. Anton where the party never stops.

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