Top 5 places to visit in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful state found in the parts of Southern Asia. It’s popularly known to have an impeccable terrain and amazing physical features. The county’s economy is great giving you a chance to have an incredible venture during your visit. This is because it has invested enough in improving its recreational facilities including the beaches. Being in Thailand will give you an experience of the world-class resorts among its tourism facilities. The country’s attractions are diverse judging from the developments in the beautiful cities of Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Do you love hiking? If so then Thailand Mountains will give you a true taste of mountain trekking.

Below are some of the gorgeous locations to visit while in Thailand:

1.    Koh Phi Phi

Phi Phi islands are among the most sort after tourists facilities in Thailand. This is because the location that makes it easy to reach other nearby islands. The island is the only one having places to reside. The monkey beach located on this particular island is a great spot for fun activities. Here you will get to interact with the mischievous monkeys just like the name suggests. You can get to the monkey beach by hiring a boat and some guide to direct you along.  If you want to have a view of the beautiful sunset then you can visit the Long Beach. It’s possible to walk back Phi Phi islands from here if the tides are out.

2.    Chaing Mai

Chiang Mai has a generous supply of delicious and affordable food. The popular spot for this great supply is on the streets of Sunday Night Walking. You will find vendors selling different kinds of delicacy. Some of their treats include fruit cakes freshly baked, chicken satai and crab cakes. Apart from the food, you can also find paintings, natural soaps and musical instruments to shop.

3.    Railay beach

Railay beach is actually among Thailand’s best beaches overall. While at the beach your eyes will feed on some nice blue water and amazingly white sand beaches. Have you ever imagined being in paradise? If not then Railay beach won’t be a disappointment. You can access the beach by passing through Krabi islands using a boat.

4.    Bangkok

The capital of Bangkok has a limitless list of things for you to enjoy while here. You can begin your adventure from the Grand place which has got a lot to marvel about. Apart from the palace’s unique and attractive appearance, it has strong historical significant to the country. It’s amazingly crafted with ancient compartments and royal walls not leaving out the temples. The most precious among the temples is the Wat Phra Kaeo. The temple is believed to have Buddha’s very on born and a piece of hair. Do you want to know more? Then don’t miss visiting this incredible monument of Thailand.

5.    Pai

Pai is located in the northern part of Thailand that has mountainous landscape but amazingly beautiful. From here you will be able to enjoy Thailand’s natural appeal and hospitality. From this small town, you can have a taste of both the local food and western. You will also get the chance to see the waterfalls and the iconic Pai Canyon.


Simply gather your traveling gear including your best travel sling bag and discover more for yourself about Thailand.

How to Spend Time Alone – A Brief Guide

What would you do?

Imagine a world without money, where you are completely free to do anything you want to do. Anything in the world. How would you spend your time? What would you do? How to spend time?

This is a common question that life coaches ask their clients when trying to uncover what people’s passions are, and to rekindle and excitement and inspiration for life.

This article is about what I would do if I could do anything in the world. It’s a pretty fun exercise to do because it makes you imagine doing all sorts of fun stuff! If you’d like to rediscover your interests, passions and find out what kind of stuff you’d like to do with your time, join me in making your own list and see what you come up with!

1.) Play!

I think one thing I’d do differently in a world without money, without a need to work for a living, is play a lot more! It’s what kids do, and part of me believes that the only reason we grow out of playing is because we have less time for it as we grow up and have to face up to responsibilities like working.

I’d spend time with my friends and family, playing a wide range of games ranging from:

  • Sporty games: Like basketballand tennis, as well as less sporty games like badminton, archery, table tennis and darts.
  • Word games & Mind Stimulating Games: Things that stimulate your mind and keep it finely tuned whilst it feels like a fun game. Games like Boggle, Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Trivial Pursuit and crosswords. Maybe hosting a pub quiz evening with friends and family could be another fun thing to do.
  • Acting / Drama Games: These are the kind of acting games that keep you loose and uninhibited, like charades where you have to act words out no matter how silly you look, or other games like group improvised shared story telling, “yes and”ing, and freeze tag.
  • Drawing games : Like Pictionary or Draw Something.
  • Board Games & Card Games: There are tons of fun games you can play with friends and family which are good old-fashioned fun! From Risk, chess, checkers and backgammon to Spit (aka Speed) and Bridge.
  • Computer Games: There are so many fun computer games out there and they’re particularly fun to play with friends and family. I’d replay old adventure games like Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle as well as enjoying newer ones like Heavy Rain, L.A. Noire, Portal 2 and Wii games.
  • Extreme and action sports: There are lots of fun but serious sporting methods available which you can try once at least. Para trooping, hiking, driving go karts could be some of your choices.

2.) Spend time doing stuff that inspires me

For me, this includes things like:

  • Seeing other people’s drawings, paintings, sculptures, photography, cool and original designs and other various arty creations, whether online or in galleries or in exhibitions. It also includes being in beautiful settings, manmade or natural, which inspire you to capture the images in photos or some other art form.
  • Listening to music that inspires me to create music of my own,
  • Tasting dishes that make me want to run to the nearest kitchen to try and come up with equally delicious dishes,
  • Watching movies, vlogs and youtube videos which make you want to make your own
  • Reading wonderful books and articles that are so much fun to read that they motivate me to reach for my keyboard to start writing my own

3.) Create!


Having been thoroughly inspired, I would then throw myself joyously into creating anything my heart desires!

  • Art: I would draw, paint, design, photograph, sculpt.. Maybe I’d go to classes to improve these skills. I would enjoy the way I can express myself with colors, hand movements and shapes. And I would take joy in making something pretty that I had fun making and that others would enjoy seeing.
  • Music: I would compose songs and bask in the delicious flow of creation as music appears in my mind and immediately excudes from my musical instrument. I would learn how to use music software like FL Studio and Sibelius to enable me to make complex orchestra. I would appreciate the joy of sound; the joy of creation of harmonies and hopefully the joy others receive upon hearing my creations.
  • Write: I would write that novel I’ve always been meaning to write. I would love creating a world, characters, a unique story, and it would be challenging and fun to put myself in my characters shoes, exploring their personalities and living the exciting story in my mind as I create it.
  • Cook: At the moment I don’t cook, mostly because I feel like I don’t have the time. But if I had all the time in the world to do anything, I would try making all sorts of exotic recipes that you can’t get in restaurants. I would experiment with world cuisines, from Afghani recipes to Zambian! And hopefully I’d get better at cooking somewhere along the way! 😀

4.) Just Hanging Out and Chatting with Loved Ones

If I had all the time in the world and could do anything, I’d make sure I set aside time to simply sit down with my loved ones and have a good chat. There’s nothing quite like exchanging ideas, opinions, jokes and enjoying the wonderful energy as you’re surrounded by people who you love and who love you too!

5.) Learn all the things!

I really do love to learn new things and if I had the time in a world where money did not exist, I would learn sooo many things! I’d take lessons in:

  • Musical instruments: I’d learn to play the ukulele, guitar, accordion, flute, drums and maybe even the violin
  • Singing and Voice lessons: I’ve always wanted to improve my singing and voice projection. With all the time in the world it would be a perfect opportunity to work on these.
  • Music software: I’d take lessons in how to use FL Studio and Sibelius to learn how to produce wonderful songs.
  • Photography: To be able to capture the beauty of the world and share it with others
  • Interesting stuff: I’d read up on everything that ever interested me, from psychology to history.
  • Learn how to grow my own vegetables I’d get a great gardener to teach me the art of growing vegetables so that I could have my own home-grown, fresh veggies to enjoy!
  • Various crafts: I’ve always wanted to try my hand at crochet, knitting, plush toy making, jewellery making, clay work and making stuff with other materials. If I could do anything, I’d make time to learn how to do some of these and see if I enjoy it.
  • Healthy cooking lessons Since I’m not much of a cook, it would save some disasters in the kitchen if I had a tutor on hand to teach me to follow his recipes!
  • Dance lessons: It looks like a lot of fun to move in perfect timing with the music and lose yourself to the rhythm. I’d love to have private dance lessons in a bunch of different types of dance, from salsa to waltz, with an excellent dancer like they do on Dance with the Stars (maybe once a week or so).
  • Survival skills: I think it would be cool to know basic survival skills like how to navigate by the stars or sun; how to make a fire ; what you can eat in the forest ; stuff like that. People like Ray Mears do courses where you can learn such skills. It would be amazing to go on one of those!
  • Make time to learn random tricks like handstands and backflips : Not really useful, but could be fun!

6.) Try out adventurous experiences

There are some things I’ve always wanted to try which I’ve never attempted for whatever reasons; time and money being some of them. These include:

  • Trapeze lessons! Yeh.. I know, this one is a bit out there! But it looks like fun! As long as you’re tied up with a safety rope of course!
  • Playing in a band: I’ve never done it because I always thought I wasn’t at that level of skill to play with others without everyone getting exasperated at my mistakes, but it would be wonderful to have a go feeling the “oneness” of playing together – all the different parts coming together to form a beautiful sound, and to know you’re an important part of making this beautiful creation.

7.) Spend time experimenting with jobs I’ve always wanted to do

To get a better understanding of what’s involved in certain fields, it would be cool to spend some time trying out each field I’ve always been curious about trying. This includes:

  • Observe the filming of a TV program or movie and spend time at all the various departments seeing how it all works
  • Spend time with writers of Pixar movie scripts, see what’s involved and help them brainstorm cool ideas that people would really enjoy!
  • Get to know famous authors and ask them about their lives and their inspirations
  • Maybe hang out with famous film music composers like John Williams, James Horner, Rachel Portman and John Powell and see what “a day in the life” is like on the job.
  • Hang in the studios when they’re filming voice acting for Disney/ Pixar films and kids shows. Maybe have a go myself!

8.) Visit all the places in the world I’d like to see

This was partly in my (1.) on getting inspired by things I see, but I think Travel deserves its own separate point too. I’d love to see all the beautiful cities in the world and all the stunning sights including:

  • The tulip fields of Holland
  • The sunflower fields of France and various wild flower fields around the world.
  • Beautiful cities like Edinburgh, Dublin and New York.
  • Enchanting National Parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone
  • One winter I’d like to see the aurora Northern Lights in all their glory.
  • I’d like to go to see the night stars on a clear night when there’s no light from buildings around
  • See the pretty Christmas lights in various cities of the world
  • Enjoy seeing firework displays in the most iconic sites in the world

9.) Design my perfect home – inside and out

With all the time and money in the world I would build my dream home from scratch and fill it with all the beautiful things to create the most wonderful environment to live and spend most days.

10.) Make time to notice and appreciate all the good feelings

With all the wonderful things I want to do, I’d like to remember to always take the time to appreciate them and fully savour the deliciousness of the good feelings.

So as I spend time with loved ones, I’d like to appreciate the feelings of great love, every day..

As I see beautiful sights, hear inspiring music, taste amazing dishes and experience magnificent things I’d like to experience appreciation for it all every day.

I hope I’ll always take time to appreciate every time I laugh or smile and take a moment to appreciate feeling healthy and good every day.

What To Look For When Purchasing New Orbital Sanders

When working with a fresh piece of wood you will want to avoid gouging any part the wood. If you are an experienced wood craftsman, than you are aware of how gouging the piece of wood you are working on will damage your project. For those inexperienced wood craftsman’s who are starting to work on a new project, they will want to look into investing in an orbital sander. The technological advancements made to orbital sanders over the last few years make this tool, an essential item, to have in your toolbox. These sanders will help you avoid making any project ending mistakes.

What makes orbital sanders unique is the random orbit. Random orbit is the ability to sand in a quite random orbit. The orbit will spin at speeds up to 25,000 RPM. A key feature of the random movement is that it creates a smooth finish, unlike the finishes that most palm or belt sanders leave behind. Most orbital sanders use sanding disks. The disks are usually round and typically around 5 inch diameter, which are normally attached to a foam-rubber pad. The sanding disk comes in several different number grits from as high as 220 (for exceptionally fine results) to as low as 60 (for an extremely coarse look). Although not specifically designed for this, you can also use the sander to sand you floor or even drywall.

When purchasing a sander there are so many different brands to choose from. There are brands like Dewalt, Bosch, Clarke, Ryobi, Husky, Porter Cable and Makita available. Each brand has its pros and cons. The main differences between the different brands are their features. However, there are three main features any orbital sander you purchase must have.

  • Dust collection – this is a must. Your unit must have a dust collection bag or filter connected. Your sander should also be able to connect to a dust collection or portable vacuum unit.
  • Sealed switch – your unit will also need to have a sealed switch. You want to protect your unit from getting dust into the switch, which would damage your unit.
  • Balanced – all orbital sanders need to be well balanced. They need to feel comfortable in your hands, not shaking and feel like you are going to drop it any minute. All sanders will vibrate, but excessive vibrations could make for a long day. If you have small hands, make sure the sander is not too large.

Top rated orbital sanders are constructed out of heavy duty plastic with a metal body and rubber or gel pads. These features will improve your grip. This is especially helpful as you work with a sander with greater speed. You should be able to find plenty of reviews online to help you make the best choice.

Go To The Next Level With Good Woodworking Tools

With the oversaturation with technology that seems to go hand in hand with modern living, it’s no surprise that handmade hobbies are making a huge comeback. Woodworking has always been a popular choice, but more and more people are beginning to take up this ancient craft. Creating original art and furniture is fulfilling. Having the right tools makes the hobby even better. Before you start to stock your woodshop, you will want to have a good overview of exactly what tools you will need to finish projects effortlessly.

Most hobbyist woodworkers build their tool collection a little bit at a time. The most common basic tools for beginner to purchase are a band saw, router and detail sander. You can choose between orbital sanders and drum sanders, depending on what your anticipated projects are. Once you have a way to cut, shape and sand, more complex and specialized tools can be added to your collection. This can include things like wood lathes, a thickness planer and a biscuit joiner. A dovetail jig is also a common addition to the modern woodshop.

After you have the basics down, you will have a chance to play with your tools for awhile and get a better idea what your favorite projects are. You will also become aware of the limitations that you face in the woodshop. Of course, for every problem, there is certainly a way to fix it. For example, after choking on sawdust for awhile, you will have a better idea what you want in a dust collection system. This will keep the air clean for breathing while you work. In addition, you should become aware of the various features that you use the most and decide which tools may be good candidates for an upgrade.

Working with wood becomes much more than a hobby. If you have a true love for the craft, you may even decide to turn it into a business and do it on a full time basis. You also may be really ambitious and take on an extremely large and complicated project, such as building your own home. Having a tool such as a portable sawmill can accommodate that goal quite nicely. Wherever your hobby takes you, know that you have the right tools can really help you go to the next level.

How to Properly Use Fishing Reel Grease

Are you using your fishing reel for a long time?

Maybe, your spinning reel is just telling you to take a little care of it. Your fishing reel needs maintenance too. It is necessary for your fishing reel when it becomes jammed. Working with a fishing reel like that is tough. So, are you thinking to replace your fishing reel? Don’t think about it. You just need to take a little care of your fishing reel. You can use some grease and a quality reel oil to make it smoother like before. In this article, we are going to teach you something new. Here we will discuss how to properly use fishing reel grease. We will also give you a proper way to grease fishing reel with step by step method.

 Best Time to Grease Your Fishing Reel

Maximum anglers grease their reels during the winter. Mainly they look for a real off-season. You can oil your fishing reel any time in the year. It depends on your fishing efforts. All the fishing reels take much abuse. That happens especially if you use it roughly. You will see, sometimes they get dunked. Using the grease properly you can have the fishing reel just like new.

How to Properly Use Fishing Reel Grease

You can get many quality reel lubricants. Most of them are available in the online shops. You have to be careful before choosing a reel grease.  You need to check the molecular bond with the metals which is given in the description. They can cost more than traditional reel grease. However, they are perfect for your reel. First, clean all the parts inside or outside of the reel. You need to allow them to air dry. Then apply some grease to the main gear. Be careful about the crud, sand, dirt, or any other gunk. You should avoid using oil outside. They can get dusty. Don’t use grease in the place of using oil.  Check Buy fishing guide blog for more.

Some Rules for Using Grease

  • Do not try to mix all types of grease. Soaps can react with them. If you do so, they can corrode the parts metal of your reel.
  • Do not try to use any Silicone grease. Silicones do not have any lubricating properties. They are probably not the ultimate choice for your fishing reel.
  • You should avoid using greases equipped with TFE. They can cause many gumming problems.


You can use grease to the bottom of the reel. You can also use them to the gears. You have to grease any part that slides along with another part. You have to avoid using extra oil. It can attract dirt and sand. They can create a negatively impacts on the performance of your reel. Adding extra oil will make the reel heavy. After avoiding all of this by proper application of grease, you will get a smooth spinning reel. Now, you know all about How to properly use fishing reel oil. Do you have any question about How to properly use fishing reel grease? You can feel free to ask us.