Attractions in Paris, Las Vegas and Los Angeles… You’d Better Skip

Heading to these destinations, you most probably have a long list of the places and the attractions you must see. But do you know what not to do there? Here is what we would advise you.


Do not spend the whole day in the Louvre or in the Musee d’Orsay. Of course, these are the most popular places in the city and they offer wonderful pieces of art. But do not think for a second that they are your only or even the best option. The queues for the entrance can be terrible in the peak of the season and the truth is that most of the works will not be shown to the wide public.

Instead, get to know the less famous museums of Paris. In many of them you can see no less significant and beautiful works and the experience is much better bearing in mind that you would not need to elbow your way. For example, you can visit the Marmottan Museum which is the home of the biggest Monet collection. And if you do not feel like art – in Paris, there are many museums dedicated to fashion, wine and money.

Las Vegas

Do not use the ATMs in the casinos. Most of them would charge you 2 to 6 dollars for the pleasure to give you money to spend. So do yourselves this favor – bring enough cash or use the services of banks. It is very important not to reach the airport half an hour before your flight. All right, you might be a veteran regarding travels, but still you would not make it.

The queues for the security check at the airport are legendarily long. In addition to that, after you have once registered your luggage and have passed the check, you might need to take a train to reach your gate. Instead, give yourself an hour and a half. Do not worry – there are enough slot-machines at the airport in case you accidentally deal quick enough with the queues and the checks.

Los Angeles

Ocean, beach, party… There is one certain beach we do not recommend you to visit – Venice Beach. It is known mainly for its slightly freaky residents walking down the coastal alley. The open-air show is funny for the first 10 minutes only, and then it begins to get scary. And the beach itself is tolerable at best.

Instead of this, we advise you to head to El Matador or the coastal line at Manhattan. If you insist on surfing, head north to Malibu Pier. The El Matador beach itself is an obscure place with funny rock formations and many parking spots.

This is a great place for you to have a picnic or to watch the sunset. If you are looking for sun and sand but not necessarily privacy, head south of Malibu to the Manhattan beach. There you can have great fun with friends and there are even volleyball playgrounds. There might be full of people as well, but the city administration does a good job with the maintenance and there are also many shops and restaurants in the surrounding area.

Party Destinations for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is one of the most significant holidays and we usually plan the celebrations for months in advance. Whether this is so because of the belief that the way we spend the night of the 31st of December leading to the 1st of January would mark the way we will spend the whole year or it’s just because we want to spend an unforgettable night with the people we love – either way, we want something special.

We would like to present to your attention 10 destinations, specially selected to help you slip away from the troubles and cares of your intensive trivial surround.

Sydney, Australia

Sidney is famous for its beautiful fireworks over Sydney’s harbor bridge lasting until the early hours of the morning. The other plus is that you will be in Australia, in the warmest part of the year and the combination of beach, waves and sun will enhance your holiday mood.

Berlin, Germany

People from all over the world gather around the Brandenburg gate to celebrate the coming of the New Year which is especially significant to German people. There you will discover an impressive firework program as well as pavilions with food and lots of beer. The celebrations go on until the morning in the company of DJs, concerts and a light show along the 17th of June str. which is known with the multiple parties taking place there.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik seems to remain out of the spotlight when we consider our New Year’s Eve but the truth is that if you have the chance to be there for the feast, you will have a great time. The night starts quietly with fireworks in every neighborhood before the majority of the people head to the bars and the clubs in the center offering live music program. And as the night is longer than in all the other places around the globe, here the party goes on until noon in the following day.

New Orleans, USA

In you literally want to be in the jazz, New Orleans is a great choice. The beautiful Christmas decorations in the streets will increase your Christmas and New Year mood. Do not miss the open-air party between Bourbon str. and Frenchmen str. if you have an adventurous spirit and join the local people putting on a funny costume.

Goa, India

Not only will the weather be on your side in this part of the world but you will feel as though you are in Heaven in the beaches of Goa. For the night, all the clubs on the beach unite. So if you are looking for a place where you can dance a little, get to know the local culture and restore your strength for the following morning, this is your destination.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Organize your trip in such way that you can attend the yearly Hogmanay. This free event combines old traditions with the local spirit, open-air celebrations, fireworks and contests between different performers. You recommend that you head to the castle before midnight so that you can find yourself a place granting you a good view.

Niagara Falls

Visit the Victoria Park, there you will be able to have a bite and see the New Year’s concert. The event is especially appropriate if you are celebrating with your family or a group of very close friends. And the view of the fireworks over the waterfall is in a class by itself.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

As you can imagine, this exotic destination gets even more attractive during the New Year’s celebrations. The event known as “The Awakening” is an all-day-long carnival taking place on a few stages and includes dances, a culinary festival and the tradition to present flowers, rice and a perfume. The place of the party is the well-know Copacabana beach. Prepare some white clothes so that you can blend with the local people. A New Year’s pert in Brazil – what can possibly go wrong?

Rio de Janeiro

New York, USA

Days before the New Year’s Eve, New York changes completely. Do not miss to see the Christmas tree in front of the Rockefeller Centre and maybe see the shops along the 5th Avenue. Plan you night in such way that at midnight you land in Times Square where every year, 900 kg of confetti pour out over you in the air.

Austrian Alps, Austria

But not everyone is looking for a wild party. One of the places where you can celebrate the holiday is the Alps. There you can enjoy some of the best ski tracks, and at a good price at the same time. And if you get bored after all, you still can go to St. Anton where the party never stops.

Tunisia – The Small Oasis in the Big Sahara

The Tunisian Republic is the smallest country in Northwest Africa and is also the smallest of the countries which are traditionally referred to with the name Maghreb (in Arabic, “maghreb” means the place where the sun sets). Cape Ras al Abyad (the White Cape), which is the northernmost point of the continent is situated within the territory of Tunisia. The country shares a border with two other states – Algeria and Libya. To the north and northeast, is has 1148 km outlet on the Mediterranean Sea. The predominant relief is flat and hilly. The easternmost spurs of the Atlas Mountains are located in the northern part. In the central part, there is the region of the salty lakes called chotts, the biggest of which is Chott el Djerid. Southern Tunisia includes a part of the Sahara desert.

Tunisia – The Small Oasis in the Big Sahara

Due to their proximity to Southern Europe, the lands of Tunisia have been an object of invasions of a few countries since ancient times – Carthage, Byzantium, the Arab Caliphate, the Ottoman Empire. The country gains its independence from its last colonial ruler – France, in 1956. Today, the historical and archeological monuments in these lands, the warm climate and the magnificent sandy beaches attract millions of tourists from all over the world, who have chosen Tunisia for a holiday or an excursion (5.1 million.)

Situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Tunis is the capital of the Tunisian Republic. It is a big port, automobile and railway center and has a big international airport. The city is the industrial, commercial and cultural center of the country. It is a peculiar blend of the eastern and the western world – French atmosphere prevails in the modern quarters while in the markets and in the labyrinth of streets of the old town (the medina), the charm of the Arab world can be felt. In the old town, the streets are narrow and curved. The most interesting object is the old mosque, the construction of which started in 732 and has later been overbuilt many times since then. Among the other famous landmarks are the “Al Ksar” Mosque and the palaces “Dar Othman” and “Dar al- Monastiri”.  There are also two domed mausoleums. The construction of the new town began during the time of the French ruling. From the time of the French, there is a Christian cathedral, a theater and a large park. Since the beginning of the 60s of the XX century, the construction works are very intensive and the city has begun to have a modern look. Nowadays, there are many museums, cinemas, theatres and universities in Tunis.

The beautiful beaches combined with the favorable climate are a prerequisite for the development of recreation. Along the Mediterranean coast, the major resorts such as Sousse, Hammamet, etc are located, which are chosen by foreign tourist for recreation and holiday. The island of Djerba is situated in the Mediterranean Sea. This particular island is perfect for a holiday in Tunisia. The traditions of the ethnical architecture have been preserved in all settlements on the island. Since the beginning of the 70s of the XX century, construction of hotel and touristic complexes has begun here. Today the island is a significant touristic center.

An excursion to Tunisia would be unthinkable without a visit to the ancient, full of history city-state of Carthage. It is situated in Northern Africa, on the coast of the Tunis Bay in the Mediterranean Sea. Its ruins are in a very close proximity to the capital city Tunis. Magnificent thermae (baths) have been built in Carthage – the most famous ones after those in Rome. The town enjoyed its greatest prosperity in the second half of the IV century. The final destruction of Carthage came in 698 when the Arabs conquered the city, set it on fire and turned it into a quarry.

Big Sahara

For centuries, stones and columns have been taken from there for the construction of mosques. And though the Roman city has been destroyed, archeologists have succeeded in discovering and following its remains. The contours of many fortifications, the famous thermal baths and the huge former aqueduct have been found. At the place of the former Roman citadel Byrsa, the remains of two Roman temples have been discovered. There also are remains of two theaters, an amphitheater, a Byzantine basilica, etc.

One of the main touristic destinations in Tunisia is the city of El Jem. Is has preserved the history of the Romans thousands of years ago. It is in this city that the third largest amphitheatrical building (coliseum) in the world is situated, after the ones in Rome and Capua (Italy). The coliseum is with a capacity of 35 000 visitors and has been used by gladiators for their battles.

The Cheapest Travel Destinations

We often read articles about the most luxurious hotels and about expensive holidays on private islands. But the journalists of MSN Travel have had enough of snobbish resorts and have decided to prepare a slightly different chart – one of the cheapest travel destinations.

Such charts are very successful among Americans now, as with the continuing depreciation of the dollar, more and more of them are unpleasantly surprised by the fact that their vacations in Europe are much more expensive than they once have been. They complain that even in Eastern Europe there are no such great deals as before.

So, the average American has decided to search for a vacation at a better price in Southeastern Asia, Africa and Latin America. Not only is it cheaper there but also there is a number of exotic entertainment options very different from the ones we are used to.

Laos, Asia

Most countries in Southeastern Asia are pretty cheap and Laos is maybe the best combination of a good time and low prices.

As tourism is still not very popular in the country, local people do not see foreigners as “a source of money” and are very hospitable and well-meaning.

You can find accommodation for less than 20 dollars per night and the restaurants on the main streets serve French and local specialties at simply absurd prices.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali tempts tourists with wonderful beaches, volcano craters and rice fields. The island is far away from the riots that tear apart some regions of Indonesia.

It impresses with countless Indus temples and shrines. Even in the most low-cost hotels, where the accommodation is between 10 and 20 dollars, the rooms are pretty and the furniture is beautifully carved. Between 10 and 20 dollars is also the price for a bungalow on the beach.

Vietnam, Asia

After decades of wars, Vietnam is finally calm. Today, the country’s economy is recovering and the number of foreign tourists increases.

In the noisy and picturesque cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, you can sleep at a casual place for a few dollars a night, and for 30 dollars you can rent a hotel room with air conditioning and hot water. Whichever market you go to, for a dollar only you would get a warm dish and a cold beer.

India, Asia

In India, you can find accommodation for less than 20 dollars a night. A normal hotel room with some conveniences and good food would cost you 40-50 dollars. There are a lot of landmarks in the country – the beautiful city Delhi, Taj Mahal, the palaces and the fortresses of Rajasthan; you can even go to a safari with camels in the night.

Zambia, Africa

Most people relate the phrase “safari in Africa” with a bill of thousands of dollars paid to an American tour operator. But it is completely possible for you to organize a safari yourself after you have arrived in Zambia.

The other big attraction of Africa is also situated in the country – the Victoria Waterfall. There is a camping for 5 dollars a night next to it and you can rent a hut for 40-50 dollars which includes food.

Tunisia, Africa

Tunisia is a modern country with beautiful mosques and desert landscapes. Everywhere, there are plenty of small markets offering colorful carpets, pots and all kinds of beautiful artifacts at ridiculous prices.

You can see the ancient city Carthage and the Roman ruins and, after enjoying the architectural monuments, you can have a rest at a Mediterranean beach. The accommodation in a simple room in a touristic hostel in 15 dollars, and for 50 you can rent a room with all facilities plus food.


Honduras attracts with the forests in which one can see howler monkeys and all kinds of colorful birds. Boat trips, tours to the ruins of the Mayas, etc. are organized. The Bay Islands are famous for the conditions for diving and all kinds of diving sports.

An abundant dinner costs about 8 dollars and a room in a decent hotel – 25 dollars. If you do not mind sleeping in a hammock, it can even be cheaper.

Guatemala, Central America

In Guatemala, one can learn a lot about the ancient Mayan culture. The ruins of a big Mayan city – Tikal, are undoubtedly the most attractive spot for tourists.

Everywhere in the country, there are bungalows and small family hotels where one can have an accommodation for 20-30 dollars a night.

Central America

Peru, South America

In Peru you can sleep in a low cost hotel for 25 dollars or in an average one for 50 dollars. The biggest attraction is Machu Picchu, but the tours to the less famous ruins by the city are also worthwhile. Many picturesque trips along the river are also offered.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In this city, you will see enormous boulevards with clubs at every step where they dance tango. A dinner is about 10 dollars, a bed in a hostel is 9 dollars, and one in a decent hotel – 40-50 dollars.

The resort Mar del Plata is legendary for its night life. We recommend you to go to the glaciers of Patagonia or to see the penguins in Punta Tombo.

Cuba Island of Freedom

Republic of Cuba is a Latin American country in the Caribbean islands, bordering the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. Cuba is the largest Caribbean country by area, occupying the largest island of the same name and several smaller islands and has the largest population among the island countries in the region – over 11 000 000 people. Cuba has a rich culture, a mix of local traditions and island influence of the Spanish colonialists, African slaves and the United States. Its capital city is Havana. Cuba is one of five communist countries in the world and therefore plays an important role regionally and globally (particularly during the Cold War), and is one of the main providers of humanitarian aid to Third World countries.

In 1902 Cuba became an independent republic. However, it adopted the so-called Platt Declaration under which the U.S. has the right to interfere in the internal affairs of Cuba “in order to preserve its stability and sovereignty.” Platt declaration was repealed only in 1934, then Cuba and regained its full de facto sovereignty.

In 1925, General Gerardo Machado Morales took power.

In 1933, Batista made Fulhensio military coup. In 1940 he won the election for president as candidate of a broad coalition and the Cuban Communist Party. President Batista and enjoyed great popularity in elections in 1944, he was reelected as president.

Then in 1948 under President Ramon Grau and Carlos priority Sokaras increased corruption and the influence of the American mafia.

In 1952, Batista made a new coup. This time, however, does not want a return to constitutional order, so that the country formed a strong opposition. President Batista was a military dictator and cruel persecutions began against all opposition in the country, killing thousands of innocent Cubans and closed all universities in Cuba, because of criticism and discontent of the students to it. At the head of one of the opposition groups is Fidel Castro.

The U.S. government imposed a complete economic blockade of the island of freedom and opposition to the Cuban funds in the United States. In 1961, the group’s experience diversionna of 1400 mercenaries armed by the United States to remove Fidel Castro from power in the Bay of pigs “ends in failure. Not true concept of the CIA through the transfer of Latin American mercenaries of Cuban territory, led by U.S. advisers, to create a US-led “resistance movement”, which subsequently require military intervention by Washington to overthrow Fidel Castro. This case is based on “Cuban Missile Crisis,” Peace at stake on the planet. U.S. President Kennedy, under the effect of imposing naval armada of the USSR to the Cuban coast, dissuasive than the risk to cause so III-World War II, renounces his intentions at a military insurrection on the island. A similar scenario was played out in Panama, where direct military intervention was eradicated popular-democratic government of this country, replaced by certain people in Washington. On May 1, 1961 Fidel Castro announces People’s democratic character of the Cuban revolution. Begins nationalization. Bring socio-oriented reforms: guaranteed right to work, free education and healthcare, preferential loans for purchasing land, paid leave for sickness, etc.. Under the leadership of Ernesto Che Guevara made the first steps towards establishing the industry in this impoverished Caribbean country. Ongoing until elections for state authorities clearly show the full approval of the reforms of the Cubans and Castro’s political system. Ernesto Guevara is a renowned national hero of Cuba.

After the division of the USSR and the termination of aid from socialist countries, Fidel Castro was forced to introduce reforms and restrictions as a coupon system, strict control of trade in consumer goods and energy resources, economic constraints. These reforms do not affect the certain social circles as the disabled, mothers with children up to 3d., Pensioners, the purchase prices of sugar cane, etc. .. Due to the economic blockade of foreign investment are impossible to Cuba.

On July 31, 2006 Fidel Kastrose withdraw from power for health reasons. Health of Fidel Castro is good for his years. Today, Castro continues to be politically active. With enormous erudition, he is a respected interlocutor and advisor to many political figures from Latin American countries.

On 24 February 2008 National Assembly of the country’s elected president, Raul Castro.

Republic of Cuba is located about 1260 kilometers long and 191 kilometers in a narrow (the widest part) island of the same name, located in west-east direction. North Florida Strait separates Cuba from the United States and east windward Strait separates it from the island of Haiti. The closest southern neighbor and an island Jamaica. The long coastline of the island of Cuba is indented by hundreds of natural bays, reefs and peninsulas. Belong to the Republic of Cuba still relatively large island of Juventud (former Pinos) and about 1600 small islands, most of them have no local people.

Republic of Cuba

The landscape of Cuba is mostly flat. Mountains and hills occupy about 1 / 4 of the area in. Sierra Maestra mountain range is the main passing through the Caribbean and across the island in southeast Cuba. There rises the highest peak Turkish ladies (1974 m). Lower southern part of the island are part of Caribbean limestone slab on which are situated Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, the Florida peninsula, the U.S. and Bahamas. The longest river in Cuba is Kuyt. It runs in a direction from east to west, 20 km north of the city of Bayamo, but is navigable for small boats.

The climate of the country is hot and humid tropical-pasaten, 80% of heavy rains fall in summer (May-October).

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