Oregon Deer Hunting Season Looking Gloomy

Nothing gets you as a hunter excited more than the start of the hunting season. It is the time that you get your camouflage gear and check your gun and its accessories. You get to install the best holographic sight and is all set for the new season. The novices attempt to catch up with loads of questions and polishing of their skills. However, several factors will determine the kind of season you are going to have.

The applicable hunting regulations keep on changing depending on a number of factors. The latest actions by the hunting regulators in Oregon indicate that things may not all be so rosy in hunting.

Fewer Tags

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is the responsible authority that controls hunting activities in Oregon. They issue tags depending on the population size of the prey and the prevailing conditions. Lately, the administration has issued fewer pronghorn and deer tags. This cannot be good for the hunting enthusiasts. It means that they have to reduce their enthusiasm and make do with few hunts.

This latest action by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is not without reason. This fall was characterized by harsh winter conditions that affected the deer’s mortality rate. The adaptive mechanism of the deer is not like that of other big game. The freeze really gets to them.

As the snow kept on accumulating, biologists noted some elk mortality. Even though the rate was not significant, it was an indication of the gloomy situation. Because of their body size, the elk can produce more body heat and fewer energy requirements than their counterparts, the deer. The elk can survive crustier snow compared to smaller ungulates such as the pronghorn.

The ODFW have slashed the buck and pronghorn tags in Baker County by half. The authority has also canceled doe hunts in agricultural lands. Other places where the new regulations have taken effect are Union County and Malheur County where the tags were reduced by 35 and 40 percent respectively. For Beulah County, it is 25%.

Why are the hunting limits important?

Big game hunters always receive news of reduced tags with a deep frown. This reduction means the amount of game that they can take in a season is minimal. However, these actions are not empty as you may be thinking. The objective of authorities such as the ODFW in issuing tags is not so that they can have a laugh later on but rather, control their population.

Is this population control necessary? The simple answer to this question is yes. The hunters cannot be given a free hand when it comes to deer hunting. If that happened, there would not be any deer left to hunt.

Final Word

The deer hunting season in Oregon is looking all gloomy. The supposed tag reduction is the cause of much concern among the hunters whose pass time will receive a hit. However, these tag reductions should not be taken in bad faith.

They are necessary for population control. Essentially, the winter has done its hunting reducing the buck population. If ODFW did not reduce hunting, the deer population would severely be depleted that nothing would be left for the coming season. However, that does not mean that you will not enjoy your hunting.


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