New York City The Largest US City

New York is spectacular, different, unique! The city is a real empire, created by the colors, lights, skyscrapers and pomposity. There, you feel small and powerless, but also a master of the world. Feeling that cannot be recreated and felt.

New York is located in southeastern New York, halfway between Washington DC and Boston. Its location, right on the mouth of the Hudson River, has helped the city to grow significantly as a commercial center.

New York City is the largest city in the United States. For more than a century it has been one of the world’s largest commercial and financial communities. Fashion, entertainment, political and media center, it attracts millions of tourists from around the world.

New York is consists of 5 administrative units Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. Its population is approximately 8,2 million inhabitants over an area of 830 square kilometers.

Sightseeing in NYC

New York intertwines countless different cultures and traditions. There are a wide variety of ethnic immigrants and settlers from every corner of the world. This palette of people, races and a unique lifestyle in itself is unique. The whirlwind of people due to mass tourist invasion makes you dizzy on the background of the cosmopolitan vision of the city.

New York is the birthplace of many cultural monuments. The most visited tourist sites (nearly 40 million tourists a year visit the city) are Empire State Building, Ellis Island, theatrical productions on Broadway, Madame Tussauds museum of wax figures, Fifth Avenue, Times Square, Central Park, South Park, the building of Rockefeller, the Bronx Zoo, Botanical Garden and the Statue of Liberty.

One of the symbols of New York and across America is the Statue of Liberty. Built in 1886 to seal the alliance between France and America, it is located on Liberty Island and welcome every visitor.

Manhattan is the most expensive municipality in New York and second in the entire states. This region is the largest commercial, cultural and financial center in America and one of the most advanced in the world. Most of the sights are concentrated and much of the commercial streets, and some of the tallest buildings in the world, including the Empire State Building and the twin towers of the World Trade Center which were ruined on 11 September 2001.

Time Square is one of the most beautiful squares in the world. Countless neon and illuminated signs, noise, colors, indescribable beauty. Time stops in its busy move. At least three minutes people are standing, staring and watching everything around them.

Empire State Building one of the best skyscrapers in New York, from which peak in clear weather you can see throughout the city at a glance. Of course, it is so huge that your sight out cannot cover all the grandeur of New York.

Entertainment in NYC

With 24-hour moving subway and constant noise from traffic and people, New York is known as the city that never sleeps. Establishments are so many that it is difficult to name any number discos, clubs, bars for every taste.

Cuisine in New York is a real challenge with all sorts of cultural traditions. In 2005 it is documented that nearly 170 languages ​​are spoken in the city and 36% of the population was born outside the U.S.. Taste preferences are modeled entirely by huge numbers of immigrants. Jews and Italians are notorious for cheesecake, bagels and pizza. The cuisine of Middle Eastern falafel, kebabs, duners, almost compete with street vendors of hot dogs. There are many luxury restaurants offering Japanese, Mediterranean, European, Chinese and local cuisine.



The building of the world-famous Opera at the public Lincoln Center attracts millions of visitors connoisseurs of art. The city has over 500 galleries and is the second largest center of film industry in the U.S..

New York grabs you from the first moment you get there. There is a big chance people not to like it. All cosmopolitanism, pageantry, pomp, fast pace is something I always dreamed to feel, but it can crush you when you are there. Time should pass and at one point you will get used to the fast-paced and dynamic life. The most exciting of all is that you never can know when this will happen. New York will always surprise with something new and different and you will constantly rediscover its beauty.

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