Mahe Island, Seychelles Typical Exotic Destination

If you want to know with what the Seychelles attract tourists, visit the island of Mahe. It is a typical example of an exotic destination.  This is the lord of the Seychelles.

The fame and magnetism of the Seychelles are so attractive even royal couples and many other famous people visit it as a honeymoon destination. But among all the 115 islands, Mahe is a typical representative of the Seychelles it combines magnificent forests, abundant flowers, tropical plants, exotic animals and birds longed beaches inaccessible granite cliffs, attractive underwater world and hospitable local population. Adding a wide range of tourist amenities for every taste and pocket, unique taste of Creole cuisine and varied nightlife, Mahe Island became the epitome of tropical paradise.

Although Mahe island is economic and political center of the Seychelles and top tourist destination, it still hasn’t lost a drop of charm and beauty. The majestic mountains covered with an abundance of green vegetation can inspire every tourist. And the many beaches scattered along the entire coast of the island, often will make you feel like you are the only visitors.

Scattered in the waters of the Indian Ocean, Mahe is the largest island in the Seychelles. It is also the most populated among them almost 90% of the population of the country live here. The middle of it is flat area, dotted with lush vegetation, crossed by a mountain whose highest point is Morn Seychellois (905 m). It falls within the National Park. The population and tourist resorts are concentrated along the coast especially in the capital of the Seychelles Victoria.

Mahe island

Although the British ship reached the coast of Mahe for the first time in 1609, the island has been studied in detail in 1742 when the French explorer Lazare Pico did an expedition. The researchers found huge turtles, colorful birds and freshwater springs there. Two years later Pico named the island, which is the largest from the Seychelles area, after the   Governor of Mauritius Bertrand-Francois Mahe Labourdonnais  Mahe.

In 1756 Mahe and its surroundings were declared a French property, but the residents of Mauritius receiving permission to settle in these lands in 1770. The island remained under the rule of France until 1812 during which time the authorities are trying hard to improve the spice trade, bringing them together with other cultures in the life of local people.

By the end of XVIII century Britain declares its presence in the Indian Ocean and takes control over Mauritius, Mahe and surrounding islands. Then the capital of established is Seychelles Victoria.

In 1903 the Seychelles became a separate British Colony and remained such until 1976, when they receive independent status. Meanwhile, the local economy serving devastating consequences of two wars, in consequence of which formed the first political parties in power. In the period 1977 1993 Socialists ruled, and then after the free elections in 1993, Seychelles became an independent republic.

Top Attractions on the Mahe Island

Given that most of the local population and tourism are concentrated in the capital island of Mahe Victoria, it is natural to direct our attention to it. While it is the largest city in the country, it is actually the smallest metropolis in the world. Located in the northeastern part of the island and is named after Queen Victoria who ruled during the colonization period. The main headquarters of the administrative institutions and the international airport of Seychelles are located in the capital. And the main economic income comes from exports of vanilla, coconut, coconut oil, soap and poultry manure.

The Most Popular Attractions on the Island of  Mahe are in The Capital:

The clock tower one of the most famous national monuments of Seychelles. It is a miniature copy of the clock tower, built at the junction of Victoria Street and Vauxhall Bridge Road in 1897, but was built six years later in Victoria in 1903. The current ruler of Seychelles then ordered it as a memorial in honor of Queen Victoria who died in 1901 after 63 years reign. Today it counts the clock every hour.

Catholic cathedral Virgin birth of Jesus one of the first churches in the Seychelles. Built in 1874, today it is a center of religious life for most residents and major stop of all tours around the city. Will impress you with its impressive size and French colonial style. In an underground tomb, marked with a special sign, rest the remains of the first and only Seychelles bishop Felix Paul, died on November 21, 2001.

Hindu Temple Arulmigu Navasakti Vinayagar the only Hindu temple in the Seychelles. Built in 1992 and dedicated to the Hindu god of prosperity and safety Vinayagar. With typical trapezoidal architecture, it will grab you with the profusion of colors and designs.

Botanic Gardens founded in 1901 on the initiative of the director of agricultural services of Seychelles and prominent naturalist Paul Evenor Rivalz Dupont. Today, the Botanic gardens are maintained by the local Ministry of Environment, whose headquarter is in their territory and are designed to contribute to national efforts in environmental education, plant conservation, management of natural resources, recreation and Eco-tourism. There are over 50 different types of palms, among which stand out the symbol of the Seychelles Coco de Mer (sea coconut palm) and Chinese palm, all sorts of exotic flowers and fruit trees. There are is House of the orchid, giant tortoise enclosure and areas with tropical birds.

National Court Historical Building, Built in 1887 in Colonial Style.

As one of the most popular recreation centers on the island of Mahe,Victoria city can boast also with several museums. First on the list of cultural tourists interested should stand the National History Museum with the original stone of possession, set in 1756 as a sign of the conquest the territory by France. Besides a museum, the building is used also for National Gallery, Archives and Library. There are impressive pirated goods, Greek columns, musical instruments and objects from the colonial era stored here.

Historical Building

And last but not least, one of the most attractive sights of Mahe are the endless golden beaches with fine sand, exotic vegetation and dreamed privacy. They have made tourism a major industry in the country. Northern and eastern are lively, with cozy restaurants and bars. To the south and west you can expect only virgin beaches, at which you will probably be the only sunbathers.

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