How To Make Backpacking Stove at Home

If you don’t realize, backpacking stove is a cooking tool that is light, easy to carry, and reliable for you to cook especially when you are camping. Not all places of your favorite camping site allowed you to make open fires for cooking, so this is when your backpacking stoves must come in handy.

Can You Do Your Own Backpacking Stove At Home To Cut Cost?

The answer is 100% yes. If you are creative enough and able to learn to make your own backpacking stove, you are highly recommended to stick with your plan. It is undeniable that backpacking stove that high quality or from the famous brand ever is pretty costly. So if you want something that in your budget, you can just make one your own.

What Are the Material Needed To Make Your Own Backpacking Stove?

Ready to make your own backpacking stove? All that you need are 3-oz of any food can, with the size that your desired. In the picture is one of the examples that you can refer at.

And then, to let the small fire out, you need to make a hole using hole puncher. You can use hole puncher in medium-size or big size. Ask the person in charge before you buy, which is the suitable one to punch a hole in a can, do not buy if it is only can punch a hole for paper material.

make your own backpacking stove

Making Your Own Backpacking Stove Guide and Steps:

1. You need to clean the can and remove also the food inside

2. Flatten the sharp edge at the lid using the hole puncher or any suitable hard object. You need to flatten it because you are sure don’t want to get cut in the process

3. Estimate just below of the lip of can, you need to make one complete row of hole punches. Remember, do not break the tin between the holes so you can set the hole apart like  about one-eighth of an inch from each other

4. Below the first layer of the hole punches, suggested making another row of holes. Also suggested that the middle of the bottom holes can be directly underneath the 1/8-inch gaps between the upper holes.

5. To enhance your backpacking stove effectiveness, you can make windscreen too. It is a must because the windscreen can help you to cook well in windy conditions.

Advantages of The Hand Made Backpacking Stove

  • Very lightweight and so much easy to carry
  • Affordable with your own budget range
  • No complicated figure or clogging risk
  • No need to bring extra pot stander
  • You can use the cheapest fuel ever like denatured alcohol. It is easy to purchase in hardware stores.
  • Using windscreen, it will reduce the time for boiling and cooking
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