How To Make a DIY Windscreen For Backpacking Stove

A windscreen is a method to let your cooking process done quicker even on a windy day. It is placed around the cooking stove to prevent wind disruption. It can make from wood, aluminum foil, and other material.

Why It is Important for The Backpackers?

Shorter boil or cooking times and less fuel usage at the same time.

This is the biggest benefits of using windscreen for your backpacking stove. Usually, your stove will use alcohol or other fuel. In order to save fuel, we need to eliminate any disruption that makes the cooking or boiling process longer.

The windscreen can prevent the wind from disrupting the fire to boil and cook. In this way, we are not only saving fuel but also saving time. The camping site such at near the beach or in a windy area, a windscreen is a big help for cooking and boiling.

cooking and boiling

Advantages To Make It Your Own

  • If you are using the light material, it will be so ultralight and easy to carry.
  • You can save the budget and buying the material from your own budget range.
  • You can do it quickly even it is a last-minute project.
  • You can choose your own material that you are comfortable to work with and easy for you to find.
  • It can be folded easily for carrying and can be stored without space consuming.
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance. It last longer and you can use it the whole trip.

How To Make Your Own Windscreen At Home

All you need for this windscreen is aluminum foil. Aluminum foils is a material that easies to find, and very cheap too. Aluminum is not only heated tolerant, but it is also light and easy to clean. With the right direction, you can make your own aluminum windscreen very fast and without needing any complicated tool.

This kind of windscreen is also very easy to set up and stored during the camping trip. So you will not face any space problem for these particular accessories.

  • Firstly, you have to cut the length of the foil, just about 3 inches longer than the circumstances of the cooking pot or pan that you are bringing. But the rule is, when you placed the windscreen around the pot, you have to leave half-inch gap between the two things, and then the ends of the windscreen need to be overlapped by 1 to 1.5 inches.
  • Now you can fold the sheet of aluminum foil in half length-wise.
  • An then you can double over all of the edges of the windscreen in order to increase durability and also proneness to tears. The tips, before you double over the last edge of it, smoothen out the windscreen too in order to get all of the air out. The air need to let out because if there is air inside of the windscreen, it will expand when heated and then blow out an edge or part of the windscreen.
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