How To Clean Camping Stove At Home In The Right Way

If you are a regular camper, all you need to standby for you are the tent, the car, and the camping stove. It is important for you to keep your camping stove at home in the right way because the right keeping can make the stove always ready to use and last for a year.

Stove Cleaning

You need to make sure that your camping stove is properly taken care, very clean and you store it properly at home. It doesn’t matter if it’s a four-burner stove or six-burner propane stove or just a mini backpacking stove, there is a few tips and tricks you have to do in order to make sure the stove is okay to use all the time.

How to keep your stove clean is to make sure that after you are done cleaning your stove, you have to pat it or let it thoroughly dry and then put it in a plastic cover to keep away the dust. A rusty stove is not safe to use or cook your food in it.

You also need to clean it using warm water and a dishwasher too. Clean it every usage and then dry it and keep it in a place that cool but dry closet.

Stove Cleaning

To Clean the Stove Hose and the Pipe

That is why the backpacking stove that you purchased has come with a cleaning kit that you can use to clean the hose, pipe and all reassemble part that might have.

Use the guide and make sure you read the instruction to clean the hose and pipe. By doing the regular cleaning, you do not only make sure that it is always in a standby mode when you need it, but you are also preventing your camping stove from clogging and stubborn contaminant.

Storing Camp Stoves in your House

The backpacking stove is a combination of multi-part that is not only small but fragile too. Before storing, make sure it is thoroughly clean and dry, and all parts are kept in the right position or in the right case/box.

You can keep it separately for storing, and reassemble it again to use. You can use your kitchen cabinet or keep it in a box inside your store as long it is not a place that can make your camping stove expose to humidity.

Tips for Long Keeping

Just in case that your new stove is not going to be used in a year or more, you have to make sure that you planned a cleaning routine maybe once a month to maintain the clean aspect of your camping stove.

Because if you keep it unmanaged for a long while, maybe there is a malfunction can occur on the time that you want to take it to camp. So make sure that you clean it periodically and keep it at home safely. That’s how to keep your camping stove at home in the right way.

When to Clean your Camping Stove

Bring along your tables, portable lamp or just remind yourself to clean your camping stove every time you finish cooking. If you want to clean it in the middle of the night after everyone are sleeping that is not a good idea and don’t ever think about it.

To Keep Your Camping Stove Always Clean it will need some effort and time. But it will be easy to do if you have the right equipment and the right skills.

Required Equipment

  • You need a Wire jet cleaning tool but don’t worry it is in your stove’s maintenance kit already
  • Multi-tool or Jet (hex) wrench stove tool
  • Clean white gas is needed too
  • Clean rags are essential not a dirty or wet one.
  • Bucket to work with.

Each Stove Have their Own Skills to Clean But Overall

Before getting to jet assembly, you have to remove the priming pan or burner cup at first.
• Use a hex wrench and remove the jet assembly.
• Clean the jet now using jet wire tool, if it is so clogged up, break it with heating it and quench it in an ice bucket.
• Use the cleaning wire pump to clean the stove.
• Dirt and carbon deposits have to be flush and don’t forget to scrub it with a cleaning wire.
• Using the hex wrench again, you can re-attach the jet assembly. One more time flush the fuel’s line to make sure all carbon deposits are removed.
• Wipe clean the wire but you need to fuel soaked the rag first. A then, reinsert the cable to its the place.
• Reassemble everything. Make sure nothing is rotated so you can do the reassemble work correctly and easily.

Other Tips That Will Help You to Clean Your Camping Stove

• Keep it in the original case – Never throw the original case because the case is usually made from high-quality material and it is the best case to keep your cooking stove in your house.
• Wash once you use it right away – If you let the leftover food stick in your cooking stove overnight, it will be hard to get removed and it will scratch the surface of your stove or causing damages.
• Never use hard metal or spoon to brush – Just use sponge or scrubber to make sure that you are cleaning it without damaging it.
• Keep it dusty free if you will not use it – dust is also an enemy to a camping stove, so wrap it nicely and make sure no dust can contaminate it.
• Keep it in a cool and dry place in your house – the best place to store it is in a cabinet high from floor level. Never let it on a wet surface or in an open space without any covering.

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