First Timers in Cancun 7 Travel Tips

Use The Bus

Rental cars are expensive, and driving can be a hassle. In Cancun, take the nice public buses for 3 pesos-carry change. They run frequently on Paseo Kukulcan. Want to get out of town? Hire a taxi-at a set fare agreed upon in advance. It will cost the same as or less than a car rental. If you do rent, don’t drive at night.


Take both currency and Travelers Checks to Mexico. TCs give you peace of mind, bills give you flexibility. Bring only nice, crisp, untorn, unmarked bills-you can’t trade creepy cash-in a mix of $100s & $20s. Cambio booths offer good enough rates, compare for the best. Count your cash before leaving the window. Cashiers may short you, but oddly, they quickly pay up when caught.

Phone Home

Buy a Ladatel phone card to phone home or in Mexico, and save a bundle. Dont use your hotel room phone! Buy a card for 20, 50 or 100 pesos at a store or farmacia. Find a public phone (they’re everywhere), stick the card in the slot and you’ll get the best rate. For the US, dial 01 95, area code and number. A digital screen shows time ticking off, and deducts it from the card. Hang up before it reaches the next whole minute-and save 10 pesos.

Phone Home

Red Cabbage CagePacal in Puerto Vallarta?

If you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll want to visit the famous Red Cabbage Cafe (, with its Maya connection. Besides having some of the best food anywhere, the Pacal Room has an enormous stained glass reproduction of the mysterious tomb lid of Pacal (ruler of Palenque) and the giant Aztec calendar stone. Amazing!

High Season

People coming and prices rising coincide in mid-December and last until Easter. Before and after that, things are cheaper and more laid-back, with prices fluctuating more on the beach-resort cities than inland and in Merida. You might have trouble getting a room in the week of Christmas/New Years, so either reserve in advance, or check with the hotel of choice early each morning for vacancy.

Yucat√°n Specialty Foods

The Maya still say they are people of corn, and corn in every form is a kitchen staple. tortillas cooked corn circles made by hand in many places totopes triangular corn chips to dip up beans elote broiled corn-on-the-cob with lime & chili powder Poc chuc grilled pork steak seasoned with chili, salt & lime Pollo pibil chichen quarter seasoned with lime & orange, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed until tender panuchos tortillas stuffed with beans & topped with shredded beef or turkey salbutes flat tortillas smothered with diced turkey, pickled onion & slice avacado comida corrida set-price dish of the day flan custard dessert.

Specialty Foods

Recipe for Xni Pec

Serve this Maya salsa with scrambled eggs, beans, rice, meat or corn chips. 2-3 tomatoes finely diced 1 onion finely diced 1 T. lime juice (or more) 1/3 c. cilantro finely diced salt to taste diced habanero chili pepper to taste Mix all ingredients together and let sit for 1 or 2 hours in the refrigerator to mix flavors. You might want to put the habanero on the side, rather than mix it in because it’s too spicy for some people.

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