Cruising On The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean plays host to ancient myths and modern day fantasies. Whether you want to set sail upon the sea of Ulysses or whether you are looking for a bit of sun and fun, the Mediterranean Sea has something waiting just for you.

So no need to pull your hair,  we’ll explore below some of the region’s most vibrant delights while delving into its rich past. And you can take your pick after reading.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Port – Image by Pixabay

If you come to port in Barcelona, be ready to relax! You’ll enjoy the city’s mild climate, culinary offerings, and cosmopolitan past. For a bit of history, head to the Gothic Quarter in the center of the old city to see buildings dating from the Medieval and Roman periods. If you are hunting for a sizzling night out, find your way to La Rambla, Barcelona’s main drag. After a night of dancing, feast on paella and Sangria under the stars.

Rome, Italy

Rome Italy

Rome is the first city that never slept, and it’s keeping that tradition alive. Here in the ancient capital of the Western World, travelers can pay homage to the city’s glorious architectural, artistic, political, and cultural past while delighting in its modern offerings. Whether you are visit the Forum, marveling at the Sistine Chapel, or getting in touch with your bohemian side at the Spanish Steps, Rome will take you there.

Venice, Italy

Venice Cruising – Image by Pixabay

Poets, philosophers, and emperors may not have much in common, but one thing many of them seem to have reached an agreement on is Venice. The city has long been regarded as the most beautiful in the world. Napoleon once called St. Mark’s Square the finest drawing room in Europe, and it certainly should not be missed if you are lucky enough to visit the fabled city.

Visit St. Mark’s to enjoy the sunset at the Doge’s palace and to take photos of the square’s famous lions. If you are feeling romantic, hail a nighttime gondola and wind through the mysterious city by moonlight.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Turkey

At the very Eastern edge of the Mediterranean, Istanbul lies a bit off the beaten track for most Mediterranean cruises but this is a city that is not to be missed. Istanbul was a stately center of learning, commerce, and architecture while Europe wallowed in the Dark Ages.

The city’s proud tradition of producing illustrious art and architecture still remains and the modern day visitor delights in its fabled skyline, which is still littered with beautiful domes and soaring minarets. Here you can sip apple tea while bartering in the world’s largest bazaar, visit lofty mosques and ancient churches, and take in the treasury at Topkapi Palace.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo Monaco

Although the entire country of Monaco is less than one square mile, this tiny country has a big history. Originally a Greek settlement that was conquered by the Romans, modern day Monaco was bought in 1309 by the Grimaldis, who have ruled in the small city-state ever since.

Surrounded by the splendor of the French Rivera, Monaco has been home to the Monaco Grand Prix since its inception in 1929. The Grand Prix is still considered to be among the most prestigious automobile races in the world.

But you don’t have to be a car buff to love Monte Carlo, visitors here can enjoy the city’s serene Japanese Gardens, it’s world-famous casinos, and its stunning opera house.

Santorini/Thira, Greece

thira santorini greece

Once an active volcano, Santorini is one of the most iconic destinations in the Cyclades Islands. Around 1500 BC, the volcano in the center of the island erupted, creating a beautiful sunken bay in the island where most ships now dock.

Although the eruption was disastrous 3,500 years ago, the rich soil it left behind has produced beautiful wines that are highly sought after for their “special volcanic taste”. Come to Santorini to sip on the gorgeous local vintages and enjoy the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean.


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