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James Cameron: Film Maker, Explorer, Environmentalist, Walnut Farmer

James Cameron is surely a jack-of-all trades. The Talented Hollywood director that made the movies, Titanic, Avatar and 11 other of the most popular films over the last 30 years. Then turning to scientific exploration, Cameron took a one-man submarine down to the deepest part of the ocean. This year he won the National Geographic Explorer of the Year Award for this exploration.

Besides exploring the deepest parts of the ocean, the last year has seen Cameron adopt a vegan lifestyle a move to New Zealand and had taken up residence on an “animal-friendly” farm. His most recent endeavor has now turned him into a walnut farmer. Yes, a walnut farmer.

With the permission from the New Zealand government, Cameron has bought up a working walnut grove and has also purchased another chunk of land with plans to expand the farm. When asked about the motivation to become to walnut farmer, Cameron stated that he and his wife want their children to live close to the land and to develop a strong work ethic.

Cameron is currently working on a documentary about climate change. On this project he has brought in some other celebrity heavy weights that want to chime in on this important issue. Alec Baldwin, Matt Damon and Edward Norton are just some of the celebs working on this project with Cameron.