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Women who love to travel are faced with the challenge of creating travel wardrobes that will work for them. They want travel clothes and accessories that will be comfortable, convenient and versatile - and they want to be able to mix and match their clothes in order to create several outfits from a few basic items. They want to look and feel good.

Is there a woman in your life who likes to travel? If you're shopping for a woman who travels, consider items such as travel skirts, pants and accessories in colors that complement one another. Remember - she wants a travel wardrobe built around two, or possibly three, basic colors.

There are some excellent travel wear options available for women travelers. I'll be featuring my favorite travel skirt, as well as other travel wear and accessories such as scarves, hats, purses and iPhone cases with extra storage space. 

Travel Gifts

Apart from their practicality and comfort, these items are easy to pack and are available in a variety of colors. If the woman traveler in your life is you, you may want to consider some of these gift ideas for yourself - after all, you deserve it!

Favorite Travel Skirt - The Macabi Skirt

I discovered the Macabi travel skirt about 6 years ago after reading about it on a travel site geared for women. The idea of a comfortable, lightweight skirt with big pockets appealed to me. Almost six years later, I now own three Macabi skirts - black, grape and red.

The elastic waistband and drawstring guarantee comfort, and the super deep pockets along with a hidden zippered pocket help keep personal items safe. It comes in three lengths - after all, we're not all the same height, right? In addition, you can adjust the length using the side snaps. 

It is also a dream to pack - it's lightweight and doesn't take up much space. It also dries quickly and has a water repellent qualities. Another nice feature is that the wrinkles come out on their own after hanging it up or just wearing it. The Macabi comes in a variety of colors and can be dressed up or down. 

Favorite Travel Skirt

In addition, it comes with a small clip that enables you to convert the skirt into a pair of Moroccan-style pants. With this skirt, there's no need to pack one skirt for walking and site-seeing and another for going out to dinner.

Scarves and Shawls

One of the most practical items for the woman traveler is a large scarf that can be worn as either a scarf or a shawl. It can also be worn to cover your head.

By far, my favorite type is pashmina, which comes in both solid and print colors. Some of them are also reversible, hence providing a second option for accessorizing your outfits.

Pashminas are great for travel as they can be worn for added warmth during travel, such as on the plane or train, or on cooler days as a shawl or a scarf. They're great for accessorizing and add a European flair to either daytime or evening wear. 

They are an easy way to either add a splash of color or contrast. On warmer days, you may want to carry one in your daypack. Keep in mind that women (and teenage girls) need to cover up their shoulders prior to visiting churches, mosques or other religious buildings. 

Scarves and Shawls

I experienced this in several religious buildings in Europe, including Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome and the Mezquita/Cathedral in Cordoba, Spain. A pashmina scarf/shawl is an ideal solution in these situations.

Case in point - if I hadn't packed my pashmina in my daypack when I was in Cordoba, Spain, I wouldn't have been allowed to visit the Mezquita. I was so happy I had it with me!

Travel Pants

Travel pants need to be comfortable and versatile. It's fine to wear jeans abroad, as long as they are tailored and in a darker shade, but it's best to also have a pair of chic, casual pants for those occasions when jeans might not be acceptable. Wrinkle resistant, quick-drying pants work best. 

Depending on the time of year, or whether or not you'll be hiking or walking on the beach, you may want to consider a pair of travel pants that can convert to a pair of shorts.

Keep in mind that, in general, European women don't wear shorts if they're out shopping or doing other errands. Casual pants or dark jeans are fine for cooler days or evenings and either will work well with a dark jean jacket or blazer.

Travel Pants

Travel Hats Berets (Tams) 

European Berets Berets add a European flair to a travel wardrobe. These come in a variety of colors and are super easy to pack - you can either fold them in half or just lay they them flat in your suitcase.

They are great for fall, winter or spring, and may also come in handy for early morning mountain excursions during the summer. 

I own several berets, but usually just bring one or two with me when I travel, depending on the time of year and whether or not I'll be heading into the mountains.

Berets are especially popular in France, but are also worn in Belgium, Spain and Italy as well as in other European countries.

Travel Hats Berets

I Phone Cases

These stylish iPhone cases come with an enclosed mirror as well as room for three credit cards, cash and keys - ideal for when you either don't need to or don't feel like taking a purse along for a short outing.

Women's Travel Purses

A small, secure travel purse is essential for the woman traveler. Ideally, it should be able to be worn across the body, as it is too easy for thieves to snatch a purse that is worn just over the shoulder.

A travel purse should have several zippered compartments, and hopefully be small enough to be worn under a blazer or jean jacket for added security.

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