The Best Time of the Year to Travel to Amsterdam and How to Make the Most of it

While various European capitals encourage tourism, Amsterdam is one of the cities which is full of life and loves having tourists regardless of which time of year it is. While many tourists prefer taking a visit to Amsterdam between April and September, the experts reveal that the city has a lot to offer in every season.

If you are planning to visit Amsterdam for the first time, it is best that you travel management during the ideal time to make the most of your trip. While getting a reliable travel management solution will help you in many ways, nonetheless here are a few pointers for you to take notes on so that you enjoy your visit to the max!

Amsterdam by Seasons

  • Spring

    Spring is a great season in Amsterdam as the winter leaves fall and make way for the beautiful, vibrant flowers. The famous tulip season commences in March, which truly marks the tourist season. It stays on until May. The Keukenhof Garden is open for viewing the gorgeous bulb flowers and tulips, exhibited in a unique theme each year.
    If you visit in April, you will have a chance to see the Queen’s Day in style. If you love crowded places and public celebrations, April is the right time for you to visit!

  • Summer

Amsterdam experiences almost 16 hours between sunrise and sunset during summers, making time for all the amazing outdoor activities. From open air concerts to beach parties, food stalls, busy cafes, busy shopping streets and everything in between. However, since summers are the peak tourist season, it is important to note that the hotel room charges and other activities can become costly!

  • Fall

Fall in Amsterdam is fairly quiet compared to summers, nevertheless ideal for tourism. While the days grow shorter and cooler, the local brewers take pride in the traditional ‘Bok bier’ where they serve the tasty autumn ale. The delicious cuisines such as stamppot and pea soup also gain the spotlight.

  • Winters

If you are the indoor type of person, winter is the right season for you to travel to Amsterdam. Winter marks the cold breeze and short sunny days, only to open the icy canal for ice skating. However, the best part about winters is that all the airfares, hotel room charges along with the meals, become low and budget friendly.

How Can you Make your Trip Memorable?

By opting for the most professional travel management solution, you can make your trip truly worthwhile in terms of airfares, hotel room reservations and other factors. If you want to know about the activities you can enjoy in Amsterdam, here are a few to get you started on.

  • Add Jordaan on your Checklist

If you wish to travel back in time, visiting the streets of Jordaan should be on your to-do-list. Jordaan is a neighborhood where various art galleries can be found while the buildings are totally historic. The place also has antique shops from where you can purchase unique decorative pieces for your home or for gifts.

  • Visit the Famous Museums

If you love history, you need to visit the museums. The tourist favorite museums are Van Gough Museum, Rijks Museum, Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, Tropen Museum and Willet Holthuysen. If you are a photography lover, you should definitely visit the FOAM Photography Museum too.

  • Take the Cruise

The cruise is one of the highlights of Amsterdam for all tourists. It is picture perfect! While it is perfect for a daytime sport, it is equally satisfactory during the evening when the fairy lights glow up on the bridges. Depending on your budget, you can choose from the different canal cruises. You can have a candle light dinner with your spouse on your honeymoon or simply book a cruise for sightseeing with your family.

  • Shop and Shop

    If shopping is your favorite activity, you need to visit ‘The Nine Streets’, locally known as De Negen Straatjes. There are more than 150 retailers selling unique stuff only found in Amsterdam. From clothes to jewelry, from antique pieces to souvenirs, all can be found without trouble. If you are up for handmade cosmetics, you need to pay this place a visit!

  • Eat at De Hallen

De Hallen is a new center for fashion, arts, and food. While you visit and shop from designer brands, you can satisfy those hunger pangs with delicious meals and drinks.

  • Make memories with ‘I Amsterdam’

A trip is incomplete without memorable pictures and if you haven’t taken a picture at the I Amsterdam spot, you don’t have proof that you have been to Amsterdam!

Found behind Rijks museum, these letters are the ideal location for capturing selfies and camera pictures.

Get in touch with a travel management company today and book a trip to Amsterdam now!


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