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Planning A Vacation In Croatia?

Croatia is famous for its long cultural heritage and its beautiful islands and beaches. There are a number of islands and beaches that one can plan to visit during a vacation. The scenic beauty and the breathtaking view from the beaches can leave anyone breathless. One will find it really difficult to get back to the hectic daily life after visiting these quiet and amazing beaches of Croatia.

One can easily plan a vacation here with their families and loved ones. One can indulge in many activities that are available on beaches or can just loiter around on the beaches and praising the clear blue water and the sandy beaches. There are also different cafes where one can sip a drink and enjoy a good book.

Best Croatian Islands

let’s take a look on some of Best Croatian Islands :

Kornati Islands

Kornati Islands

Kornati islands are islets consisting of hundreds of islands and coral reefs. It got its name from Kornat, the largest island in Croatia. These islands are full of rare species of trees and grass. If you are planning a visit to Croatia, then Kornati islands must be on your list. There are two famous cities near the Kornati Islands that are famous for their cultural beauty.

Since the last hundreds of years, the size of the Kornati Islands have decreased. This has happened due to the erosion and also by fire which occurs frequently in this place.

Even though this island in not inhabited by humans, few areas are used for growing olives and vineyards. These areas are not under any ownership, but few wealthy people from the cities have started to fight for ownership on these islands. The sea surrounding the island is also rich in aquatic animals.

Kornati islands are a must see when traveling around Croatia.

Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok or Long island as it is commonly known is located in Croatia. It is long in length but not so wide. This island is located between the north and the central part of Croatian seaside. It can reached by a boat from Pag islands or ports of Zadar, Sukosan and Biograd.

Dugi Otok is famous for its innumerable diving spots. Most of these spots, do not require any snorkeling masks. There is also a ship wreck that is famous among the tourists. This ship sank in the sea and one side of the ship is outside the water is is visible from the shore.

One can also take a plunge into the sea and see some astonishing fish here. There are also a number of Plankton in this area which are food for the fishes. This is the reason why this place is visited by some beautiful fish.

Hvar Island

Hvar Island

Hvar island is famous among yacht owners and a favorite among tourists. Hvar island is 300 square kilometers and is among the top visited islands in the Croatia country. It is located on the Dalmatian Archipelago, between the islands of Brac, Vis and Korcula in the hvar Channel. It is known as the queen of Croatian Dalmatian Islands for its rich natural beauty, beautiful architecture and old traditions.

Many luxury yacht owners visit this place every year to spend their vacation and sail in the crystal blur waters surrounding the island. The scenic beauty and the nightlife is what attracts these yacht owners to this place. This place remain isolated during the most of the year, but remains crowded during the peak season.

Night parties during summers are a big draw and one can witness people of all ages crowding the place during the summers. If one wants to spend a cozy time with their loved ones, then one can head to a hotel in the towns of Vrbodks or Stari Grad and rent a room at an affordable price.

If you are visiting the island of Hvar, you will be amazed to see a place which you thought never existed. It is a perfect example of a beautiful island with sandy beaches and blue waters. There are a number of luxurious hotels one can opt for.

There are also a number of private houses and apartments which can be rented if you are planning a long vacation. One can easily find the cuisines of their own choices in many restaurants that are opened on the beach that offers delicacies which will make you coming for more.

Korcula Island

Korcula, which is part of the Republic of Croatia, is situated very close to the Dalmatian coast and is regarded as one of the beautiful island in the Adriatic Sea. It has the sixth largest population in Croatia, mostly by Ethnic Croats and is around 47 kilometers in length and 8 kilometers in breadth.

This island is part of the Dalmatian archipelago of Croatia. This island mostly has a mild climate but receives around 1100 mm amount of rainfall every year. The island has a Mediterranean climate and is mostly covered by dense pine forests.

Korcula island has a number of small towns and villages and are linked together by a single road. This single rad is the spine of the island as it connects all the major town and villages. Boats are the main mode transportation for the people of this island. During few times in the year, there are special ferry lanes which directly connects the island to the Italian Adriatic ports.

The island is very old and dates back to the 12th century. The island has been divided into four municipalities which helps in better maintenance during the peak season.

The island is full of great art and culture and one can learn a lot from the history of this place. The famous traveler and writer Marco Polo was born on this island. There are a number of museums and galleries which showcases items which were used in the ancient period by the people.

One can also witness a number of festivals that are held on the island. One of the famous festival of the island is the Moreska which is a famous sword dance and is celebrated throughout the Mediterranean region. The island also has a number of traditional crafts and stone masonry which are a treat to watch.

Lokrum Island

Lokrum island is a must visit place in Croatia if you are visiting here with your family. This island is a perfect blend of beauty and culture and one can easily spend an amazing holiday here with your family. One can enjoy day trips and visit to nearby cities.

One can rent luxurious villas in these cities, which will make your holiday worth remembering. For those enjoying FKK nudist beaches, Lokrum island is a place to visit as it has one of the most beautiful and discrete FKK beach in Croatia.

Dubrovnik that is very close to Lokrum island is well known for sea kayaking. So, if you love adventure, then this place is for you. Make sure you rent a hotel or villa before you plan your holiday to avoid disappointment.

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