Basel The Golden Gate of Switzerland

Border cities are interesting in that they reflect on their faces at least a glimmer of the surrounding countries. But there is no other city that nestles to two countries, like Basel to Germany on one side and France on the other. This strange city Basel is actually situated so close to the boundary posts that it is possible to reach two other countries by tramway from the center of the town.

Basel is the only town in the world to which German and French parliamentarians can travel without expenses. Count R. Coudenhove-Kalegri.

Basel The Golden Gate of Switzerland

Where else could it be possible and it does happen now and then to enjoy a delicious dish of asparagus in an Alsatian village in France, to drink a cup of coffee in a cozy  tavern in the Black Forest in Southern Germany a little later, and to end the evening with a glass of wine in a Basle cafe in Switzerland.  And all that in one evening.

This exaggerated example of excursions into different countries, suggests of course a lot of possibilities to visitors of the town. Furthermore, the surroundings in all directions are particularly worth seeing, and are visited by tourists from all over the world.

On the Swiss side, just behind the boundary of the town, spread the gently sloping woody hills of the Jura Mountains. With its numerous castles, ruins and citadels, this part of Switzerland attracts many friends of history. But it is also known for the pilgrimage center of Mariastein, for the Roman theater in Augst, for the Goetheanum at Dornach (the World Center of Anthroposophy), and for its many beautiful pathways, far away from the highways.

Roman theater

On the German side, the landscape across the Rhine is quite similar. You will find the Black Forest with its lovely roads and paths, famous health resorts such as Bad Krozingen, Badenweiler, etc., and the city of Freiburg, with its marvelous cathedral.

On the French side, in Alsace, the visitor will be immediately struck by the difference of landscape and people, from those of Germany or Switzerland, just across the border. The villages are arranged in different pattern and the architecture is different too. The population is lively, merry, witty. Famous attractions are LeCorbusiers church of Ronchamp and the Issenheimer Altar in Colmar. And next to Alsatian wine, the visitor can enjoy the specialties of the French cuisine.

The location of Basel in the vicinity of three countries, has many advantages. On the market, in front of the historical town-hall, you can buy flowers, vegetables and fruits that have been picked only a few hours ago in three different countries. By this fact, the life of the city is restricted at all, but on the contrary increased.

historical town-hall

Two-thirds of Basels commercial area consists of foreign territory. Day after day a few thousand borderers, who live in France and Germany, flock to their work places in Basel. And all those who live in the districts around Basel take advantage of the facilities of this big city   the cultural establishments, the Swiss Industries Fair in spring, the Fair in autumn, the sport events and the zoo.  The shops and restaurants offer international choice with Swiss quality. In the winter, you can go skiing in the Feldberg (Black Forest Mountains).

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