Top 10 Backpacking Tips For Beginners

You love to hiking or backpacking since your school days, and would like to continue the activity until your 20’s,30’s,40’s but if this is your first time to plan your own backpacking, what is actually you have to do? What are the essentials need before you go camping?

10 Backpacking Tips

1. What to wear?

Coverall is the best since it can prevent you from insect bites, scratches from sharp woods or plants and keep your body warm all day long. Make sure the material is also something that not takes a long time to dry when you get wet or washed them during the camping. Safety boots, a hat and a pair of gloves are also very helpful for your trip.

2. Sleeping Tent

You can have your own camping tent online or just buy it in your local store. Make sure it is a quality one, you believe you can set it up easily, easy to carry and can protect you from rain, coldness and you feel safe to sleep in it. Bring along your sleeping bags, and pillow

3. Bring your Map

Even kids shows have this guide on tv, bring a map when you start an adventure. This is a very good item to bring not only to prevent you from loss in the place, but you also know what ahead, behind and near you. Compass also the best companion for maps.

4. First Aid Kits

Who knows when you and your friends arrive at the camping site, one of you are so exhausted and tired that can cause them to get fever or dehydration. Bringing your own first aid kit and personal medication needs is a wise thing to do since your camping site will not offering you health facility at the same time.

5. Should I Bring Anything Metallic?

I don’t see why not. Your cooking equipment most of them are metallic. Worry to get struck by lightning? What are your chances anyway? Plus, all of that stuff will be packed inside your bag. You will be fine.

6. Bring your Comfort Camping Food

This is not the time for you to act like a survivor and not bringing any food. Bring the food that you can cook easily, or roast and grill. Also bring something instantly, just in case the weather outside is not allowing you to set fire yet. Not only food, but your drinks like instant coffee or hot choco are not that heavy to bring along.

7. Start the Journey Early

You need to be at your camping site at least in the afternoon because you need the sun when you want to set up your tent, find woods for your fire at night, set up your cooking spot or something like that. So do not start late or you will make a burdening mistake.

8. Check the Weather Forecast

You need to check it to know that your trip is a delightful one. If there is a thunderstorm or maybe heavy rain will occur on the time you want to take your trip, do not continue to your schedule to go. Postpone it, and wait for the weather to be that approving again.

9. Telling your Neighbors or Somebody About your Trip

You have to inform your neighbor, family or other friends about your trip. When you will go and when you will be back. This is very important especially if the camping site has no communication technology that allows you to contact anyone in a second

10. Personal Hygiene Needs

Do not ever forget to bring your own soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, dishwasher, hand-washer, deodorant and something like that to keep you always clean in your adventure way. Stay hygiene and clean anywhere you might be okay.

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