Backpacking Stove Tips and Other Camping Facts For Backpackers to Go Camping

The reason why people love to camp out is just how the peaceful that can the camping activity can bring to someone’s soul and spirits. The activities in the camping trip is not only about hiking, or fishing but also spending time cooking and enjoy the moment with family and friends.

Before you backpackers to go camping, here are the types of stoves that you can choose from before hitting the road.

Backpacking Stoves

These stoves pack down so light and so small that they will have no problem to get fit inside your cooking set. The fuel is have a wide range of choices, so you can choose if you want to cook with white gas, propane or just cooking in the traditional way, dried woods. This stove is so light and you can carry it more than one except for alternative one. Make sure that you asked the retailer about the type of stove that suitable for you to bring according to where your camp is going to be.

Car Camping

Maybe it is new for you to the car camping, but if you have a lot to things to bring in your camping, car camping really helps you in storage support. Car camping have two burners usually, and maybe with a griddle too.  You don’t have to bring any small size of stove, because this big and moving one really can give you all the cooking needs.

Homemade Stoves

Homemade stove sometimes available in small, basic and different shapes. But homemade stoves are very budget friendly camping stove and usually made from inexpensive products.

Cooking Methods from Boiling to Simmering

Your stove really can offer you slow cooking or fast cooking and all you need to do is to choose it correctly. You can boil water, rehydrate you dried processed food, or even using snow for water. There are also backpacking stove that have simmering control that make cooking more effective and convenient.

backpacking stove

Manufacturers provide estimates of the time or how quick it needs to take for certain food to cook in their specific model of backpacking stove. Here are some tips to it.

Tips for Simmering or Boiling Cooking Method:

  • Integrated canister systems offering to boil water the fastest while also using minimal of fuel.
  • Canister stoves boil water pretty quickly, and some of the models are good to excellent at simmering method and also the favorite for camping chef.
  • Liquid-fuel stoves do boil water very quickly, even performs so well in cold weather.
  • Alternate-fuel stoves are designed and intended primarily for boiling method, though they are reasonably slower, but it is suitable for the water boiling and grilling too.

Tips To Avoid Backpacking Stove Explosion

  • Fuel container is the one which has the canister to compressed gas stove, the fuel tank or the liquid fuel stoves is easy to get overheated.

    When it is overheated, it can be exploded. To prevent it from happened, make sure the windscreen that placed around the stove is not blocking the airflow around the fuel tank or canister. If the air is blocked and then you are using a large pan, that is why the stove is easy to get exploded.

  • Frying pan and the burner also need a little space between them while you are cooking. This situation will cause the heat to develop in the tank and rising the pressure in the tank too.  In a few moments, it will be even more overheated the valve will be released and it will explode like a blowtorch-like flame.

  • You also can use a metal reflective disk that you can use around the burner to block the heat from the flame and then prevent the fuel canister from expose to overheat. You need to place it properly, so the shields will act as a heat presenter and not going to let any direct heat to the canister.

  • If you leaving a size-able gap in the windscreen on location of the stove downwind side, maybe 1.5inch gap, this is a tip to allow the heat to escape and your canister will never be overheated. The canister need to be in a normal temperature so it can work properly and the pressure inside also in a normal condition.

  • If you not have the windscreen that you look for in the market or your local hardware store, you still can make your own windscreen using the material that suitable for you.

    Even if you forgot to bring one, you’re still can use any natural windbreaks that you may found in your camping site such as big rocks, logs and also snow banks.

  • You may also try to make something called kite screen for this purpose. A kite screen is a long piece of fabric in material, about 12 – 14 inches high that you can set up with sticks placed in the ground around your cooking area and about several inches away from your backpacking stove. This kite screen will not only cover one stove, but it can protect your stove in more than one.

Final Notes

Remember, every time backpackers to go camping maybe with friends or in group, bringing two or more backpacking stoves is a wise action to do. Do not forget to bring another cooking equipment to make sure that your cooking activity in the camping going to be more convenient and easy. Do not forget to bring extra canister or fuels if you are spending weeks in the camping trip.

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