Attractions in Paris, Las Vegas and Los Angeles… You’d Better Skip

Heading to these destinations, you most probably have a long list of the places and the attractions you must see. But do you know what not to do there? Here is what we would advise you.


Do not spend the whole day in the Louvre or in the Musee d’Orsay. Of course, these are the most popular places in the city and they offer wonderful pieces of art. But do not think for a second that they are your only or even the best option. The queues for the entrance can be terrible in the peak of the season and the truth is that most of the works will not be shown to the wide public.

Instead, get to know the less famous museums of Paris. In many of them you can see no less significant and beautiful works and the experience is much better bearing in mind that you would not need to elbow your way. For example, you can visit the Marmottan Museum which is the home of the biggest Monet collection. And if you do not feel like art – in Paris, there are many museums dedicated to fashion, wine and money.

Las Vegas

Do not use the ATMs in the casinos. Most of them would charge you 2 to 6 dollars for the pleasure to give you money to spend. So do yourselves this favor – bring enough cash or use the services of banks. It is very important not to reach the airport half an hour before your flight. All right, you might be a veteran regarding travels, but still you would not make it.

The queues for the security check at the airport are legendarily long. In addition to that, after you have once registered your luggage and have passed the check, you might need to take a train to reach your gate. Instead, give yourself an hour and a half. Do not worry – there are enough slot-machines at the airport in case you accidentally deal quick enough with the queues and the checks.

Los Angeles

Ocean, beach, party… There is one certain beach we do not recommend you to visit – Venice Beach. It is known mainly for its slightly freaky residents walking down the coastal alley. The open-air show is funny for the first 10 minutes only, and then it begins to get scary. And the beach itself is tolerable at best.

Instead of this, we advise you to head to El Matador or the coastal line at Manhattan. If you insist on surfing, head north to Malibu Pier. The El Matador beach itself is an obscure place with funny rock formations and many parking spots.

This is a great place for you to have a picnic or to watch the sunset. If you are looking for sun and sand but not necessarily privacy, head south of Malibu to the Manhattan beach. There you can have great fun with friends and there are even volleyball playgrounds. There might be full of people as well, but the city administration does a good job with the maintenance and there are also many shops and restaurants in the surrounding area.

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