Airline Luggage Charge, Tracking and Claim

Baggage Fees in the Top 11 Airlines

The 11 busiest passenger airlines all have the restrictions on both airline carry-on luggage and checked luggage.

Some passengers always want to pack more into their carry-ons, but these bags are refused at the boarding gate. Check your plane ticket because each airline has its maximum weight printed on that.

For everyday packing, you don’t need to worry about the overweight problem because the weight limit has taken daily necessities into consideration, such as the laptops, daily clothes and magazines. If you have to carry more, you need to check out how much you are going to pay for the extra.

How much extra you will pay depends on the airline you are flying with. The calculations are based on the average passenger weight. Take Air New Zealand as an example. Given our average weight of 77kg and excess baggage charges of $5 and $20 respectively, we can calculate the cost of a maximum luggage carrying weight per passenger using the formula: (Average Passenger Weight) + (Carry On Allowance of 7kg) + (Checked Allowance of 20kg) = 104kg

Airline luggage fees

Here, we offer you a list of Airline luggage fees of the 11 busiest passenger airlines. If your airline of choice is not listed here, go to the homepage of its website to find a link for “Site Map” and there you can find baggage information.

1. American Airlines

Two pieces of checked luggage and an additional carry-on are free of charge for each passenger. $80 USD per piece for the first three additional pieces, $105 per piece for the fourth, fifth, and sixth additional pieces, and $180 per piece for the seventh and any additional pieces.

2. Delta Airlines

Two checked bags, a carry-on plus a personal item are free of charge for each passenger. You have to pay three times the charge for the extra, the oversized or the overweight bag. And these luggage fees each range from $25-$100.

3. United Airlines

50 lbs. luggage is allowed for each passenger. Once the weight is above the figure, overweight fees will be charged. However, any single piece that weighs more than 100 lbs or measures more than 115 inches will be refused firmly no matter how much the passenger will pay.

4. Northwest Airlines

Luggage weighting no more than 50 lbs and two-bag checked allowance are free of charge for each passenger. Each item that weighs between 51 and 70 lbs will be charged $50. Above 70 lbs, your luggage will be handled as “cargo” and must be shipped. Besides, child car seats, small boxes of fruit and assistive devices do not count as the two-bag checked allowance.

5. Japan Airlines

One carry-on bag weighing less than 10 kg (22 lbs) and two checked bags are free of charge for each passenger. If your luggage is above that limit, they will charge you with this formula: Normal economy class fare between boarding points (adult one-way) x 1.5% x excess baggage weight in kilo grams. And they will use the normal fare to make the calculation if you get a sale fare.

6. Lufthansa

Two checked bags per passenger weighing 23-32 kg each are allowed. The actual allowance depends on your route, using a zone system to determine fees for excess baggage weight.

7. All Nippon Airways

Bulky baggage with total linear dimensions exceeding 203cm (80 inches) or weighing more than 32kg (70 lbs) will be charged. And the fees range from $34-130 USD.

8. Air France

Luggage under 158 cm. (height + length + width) dimensions will not charge. If you are the club member of Air France, you are granted additional weight limits. Air France also uses a zone system to measure the extra fee for overweight and oversized luggage, depending on the distances of flights.

9. China Southern Airlines

Baggage weighing 40 kg for first class, 30kg for business class, and 20kg for economy class are allowed for each passenger.

10. Continental Airlines

Continental charges $80/piece for the first three additional pieces, $105/piece for the fourth, fifth, and sixth additional pieces and $180/piece for the seventh and any additional pieces. In addition, you have to pay $25 for each items weighing between 50-70 lbs. If your luggage is over 70 lbs, it will not be accepted.

11. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand charges on both Domestic Flights and their ‘Express Class’ flights. The Baggage weight limit is 20kg. Above this figure, you have to pay $5 domestic and $20 Trans Tasman.

Baggage Tracing and Claim

Luggage is not likely to delay or lose when you are traveling with any airlines. But luggage missing does happen due to some weather-caused reasons or man-made mistakes.

What should you do when you find your luggage was lost or not traceable? If it’s within 72 hours, don’t panic. Report your missing or damaged luggage immediately to the airline. Otherwise, your claim for baggage compensation may not be accepted because your report may be beyond a certain time limit. Get to know their baggage claim procedure and ask for a form.

Baggage Tracing

Leave your personal contact terms to them and keep the copies of all the relevant documents with yourself. And don’t forget to note down the phone number of the airline’s claim department. Some airlines compensate for lost or delayed luggage, while others help to buy basic necessities.

You can also trace your lost luggage via the website of the airlines. Complete the Tracing and Claim form and send it to the airlines, along with a copy of your delayed baggage report and passenger ticket receipt.

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