Maxi Cosi Axiss Child Car Seat Review

Almost all the car seat brand in the market offers good comfort and ease of use and each brand has its unique feature that differ them from other car seats. When we talk about the ease of use every car seat brands strive to give guides in more presentable way so that it is flexible enough to use in all types of car. Maxi Cosi Axiss Child Car Seat moves step ahead and provide one of its innovative features in much more comfortable than most of the other first stage car seat. First time it addresses the back problem of the users with its 90 degree spin. This first stage car seat has to be sturdiest and posses easy functions with good safety features and it is important as the child will be using this car seat until they are four years old. Striving for a perfect balance between safety and comfort would define the ability of the car seat. Maxi Cosi has good reputation and well known brand and let see how Maxi Cosi Axiss manage to engage the parents with its innovative 90 degree spin.

90° spin – A selling Point

It is nice to see this child car seat featuring 90° spin that rotates left or right so you can place the child easily as it facing the door and after the child strapped in, the car seat can rotate back round to face forward. Some parents find it difficult when using the standard first stage car seat as they have to lean into the car and twist at awkward angles to place the child when the car seat is facing forward. This Maxi Cosi car seat addresses any kind of back problem that parent suffer when installing the car seat and the swivel system means putting baby into the car seat and getting him out is so much easier than before. This swivel motion is done by using Turnosafe® handle, just flick the lever and the seat swivels round. With assisted return system it is one simple movement the seat come back to face forward. A green color indicator would tell you that the car seat is safely locked back to forward facing position.

The Usual Design with Thick Base

This baby car seat is a Group 1 car seat recommended for babies weighing between 9 to 18 kg i.e. from 9 months to 4 years. The frame is built solid with polystyrene and dual plastic material for better shock absorption. The side lateral portion looks like a big wings and along with the head support, this child car seat gives maximum protection to the head portion of the child. Basically the design is long-lasting to ensure the car seat last for four years. It has thick base and sits high up in the car and the baby can see outside through window, make sure you have enough room inside the car. This Maxi cosi car seat is heavier than other standard group 1 car seats and it is difficult to transfer from car to car but if you intent to leave the car seat permanently then it is not an issue.

Safety and Comfort

Maxi Cosi Axiss child car seat has adjustable head rest and five point harness belt which can be easily adjusted without unthreading the whole seat. This means you no need to mess around with rings and small holes to adjust the head rest and harness height. Both the adjustment can be done simultaneously from the front according to the growth of the child so, each time you place the child it is a perfect fit and much safer. Special hooks are built on either side of the car seat to keep the strap belt out of the way when placing the child.

The shoulder strap has rubberized padded design to give enough comfort without strain. This baby car seat can recline to eight comfortable positions and it seems to provide very comfortable sleeping position for the child during long journey. Just press the button provided on the front of the car seat to easily recline to sleeping position when the child fall asleep. Many car seat does not come with recline system and it has become an important factor when considering the comfort of the seat.

Tricky Installation

It is basically an easy to fit child car seat but it will take time to get used to such secured installation. The installation is done using 3 point seat belt and the lap belt go round the bottom base through belt guides and the shoulder belt goes through seat belt tensioner for fastening the shoulder part of the belt. The belt tensioner really tightens up the seat belt and fits the seat safely into the car. You must patiently read the installation guide and learn how to secure the child safely. This belt tensioner is suitable for those just depend on seat belt for installation without isofix base. If you fix the tensioner the wrong way round then it is a nightmare. Once you learn the trick it is simple and easy and it is the sturdiest car seat around which you can trust.

belt tensioner


This Maxi Cosi car seat is manufactured based on European safety requirements and quality standards and carries warranty period of 24 months.

About Maxi Cosi Axiss Child Car Seat Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer: Maxi Cosi

Brand name: Axiss

Group 1 Baby car seat

Suitable for children weighing 9-18 kg i.e. 9 months 4 years

Weight: 9.9 kg

Forward facing car seat


Durable plastic thick base

Tall back with headrest

5 point harness belt

90° spin swivel system

Color indicated safety lock

High position car seat

Convenient hooks to keep the harness strap

Safety and features

Forward facing car seat

5 point harness seat belt

Adjustable head rest

Adjustable harness belt

Side protection

Ease of Installation

Adjustment Crotch strap

Belt tensioners for shoulder belt

Color coded belt guides

3 point seat belt installation


8 point reclining system for sleeping position

Washable cover seat

Padded shoulder support


Summer cover

Play tray

Pocket purple color


24 months

Built based on European safety standard

Graco Logico L Car Booster Seat

Booster seats are always easy to use due to its light weight structure and simple installation using 3 point seat belt. Most of the booster seats have detachable back and adjustable head rest so there are many advantages for both young and grown up child. They can be used as both booster seat as well as booster cushion. They are easy to transport and store inside the car boot as two separate pieces such as backrest and booster cushion. Graco Logico L Car booster seat has all these facilities with great appeal on comfort and safety. Graco has made a booster seat with more flexibility and concentrated much on comfort without compromising on safety. It falls under the reasonable price range and much more comfortable than any other car booster seat under the given price range in the market.

Comfortable Design

It is more adaptable and a gentle booster car seat made with detachable backrest and head support. The flexible design provides adequate support for young child by providing adjustable headrest, backrest and even arm rest. For older children the seat can be used as booster cushion by detaching the back rest and it is high enough to enable your child to see outside the window. Child Booster seat of this type is suitable for children weighing from 15 kg to 36 kg (4 years to 12 years of age). It has flat seating position with triple side impact protection and this makes the seat more versatile across different age group.

Adaptable Booster Car Seat

This Graco booster seat has two parts such as booster cushion and a detachable backrest which, can be fixed together by one click. It can be safely locked together when transferring from one car to other. Children feel lot more comfortable and they can move their arms and legs freely in much relaxed position. Ergonomically designed inlaid handle is provided at the back for adjusting height of the head support to its top. Similarly the armrest is also adjusted but it is not by a click of a button rather you need to remove the screw so as to adjust the height of the armrest. Adjusting the armrest is considered to be less important.

This booster seat has two reclining position but does not recline too far, it is not much effective and has moderate usage. It does not look bulky like other car seat that has overly padded cushions and it does not possess thick base. This car booster seat is much lower in position so, children can easily climb onto the booster seat without assistance. The seat cover is removable and machine washable at 30 degrees and the seat is adequately padded with form material around the head support, arm rest and on seating position. There are three seat covers available such as Gabriel (black), Vega (grey) and anna (red dual tone) and there is no fancy seat color for this booster car seat. Surprisingly it comes with two retractable cup holders at the base, you need to pull out and they are really handy for drinks and little toys.

Secure Installation

This child booster seat directly fits onto the vehicle seat and the provided red color belt guides allow you to easily feed the vehicle belt through the loop at the correct shoulder level for safe installation. With the help of fully adjustable headrest the shoulder belt can be positioned across the children chest at correct height. Similarly red belt guide is also provided for lap belt to ensure that the belt fit across the lap at correct position. This graco booster seat gives a lightweight feel while handling the seat during installation and transferring from car to car.

It does not have inbuilt isofix system like you find in Recaro Monza Seatfix, you must wholly depend on 3 point seat belt for secure installation. It is designed in such a way that it perfectly fit into the car seat without wobbling unless you tighten the seat belt correctly. Booster seats are generally held on vehicle seat by the weight of the children plus the restraint provided by 3 point seat belt. It is very important that you must pull the seat belt and safely tighten around the children as much as possible to avoid any wobbling motion.

child booster seat

Our Analysis

Your child would not complain about being uncomfortable during long distance journey. This car booster seat provides adequate back support for best relaxing position and head support to prevent much head roll. All these features would enable the children to sleep quite comfortably in upright position. Graco Logico L Booster car seat is an affordable child car seat when compared to more expensive choice of same category portraying similar design.

Graco Logico L Booster Seat Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer: Graco

Brand name: Logico L

Group 2 3 booster seat

Combination car seat

Suitable for children weighing 15-36 kg (3-12 years)

3 different color Seat Cover

Simple and easy installation

Weight: 4.5 kg

Dimension: 42 W x 36 L x 66-82 H cm

Seat covers Colors: Gabriel (black), Vega (grey) and anna (red dual tone)


Tall back support

Adjustable Headrest

2 position recline system

Light weight body design

Removable machine washable cover seat


Well padded seat

Luxury foam material

2 retractable cupholders

Adjustable backrest and armrest

Raised booster cushion


Side impact protection

Crash tested


8 point reclining system for sleeping position

Washable cover seat

Padded shoulder support


3 point seat belt installation

Color coded belt guides



Car seat undermat

Graco Junior Mini Convertible Baby Car Seat

It is known that rear facing car seat (group 0+) is the safest transportation for babies and it is always advisable to keep your baby in rear facing car seat as long as possible. But this is not always possible because some babies soon outgrow the group 0+ car seat before they pass the fixed weight or age limit specified. Normally group 0+ car seat is suitable up to 13 kg or from birth till 12 to 15 months. Some babies have their legs bunch up or their head lie above top of the car seat but they are still within the weight range of group 0+ and this creates serious problem for parents. So we always expect the car seat to have enough room to accommodate the growing children in rear facing before they move to forward facing car seat.

Bigger and Sturdier

Looking for a baby car seats having a higher base would be a good solution and there are lot of car seats brands are available having higher seat base. Convertible car seat would also help to overcome this problem because they are basically big and have higher seat base. Graco has launched a Convertible car seats called Junior Mini which can be used as both rear facing as well as forward facing. It does not look like infant carrier when placed rear facing and it is further away from the seat so that there is plenty of legroom. This combination car seat is generally bigger and sturdier than a group 0+ car seat and has adjustable head support and back rest. It has enough room to accommodate the growing children and you can place your baby rear facing as much as possible before she is ready to move forward facing position.

Convertible Car Seat with Comfort

Graco Junior mini is a onetime investment and an affordable car seat that carries your baby from birth till 4 years. This Graco car seat has versatile features and it is a dual purpose that can be used both rear facing up to 13 kg and forward facing until your child is 15 kg or 4 years. We cannot think of newborn lying flat comfortably in this car seat due to its sheer size and a strong form of base. It is heavily padded and well cushioned with newborn insert and this keep the newborn warmly comfortable. This convertible car seat weighs around 9.5 kg and it is not compatible with travel system and not portable.

This combination car seats does not miss to feature all the usual stuff like five point harness belt with crotch strap for shoulder belt adjustment. Surprisingly the harness belt is made with anti slip material which absorbs the energy during forward motion in a crash and this is applicable when the baby is placed forward facing. Not to forget extra headrest and back support with easy height adjustment facility, similarly the height adjustable harness system, all these add up to the great comfort which you can expect in this combination car seat.

Safety Features

The newborn insert and the padded cushion gives reassurance that this baby car seat is super comfort and fully secured for small newborn. Furthermore it provides full safety and extra protection against a collision while rear facing by attaching a u-shaped rebound bar into the base of the seat. Equally the forward facing mode also offers four recline position so when the baby fall asleep you no need to worry about her head lolling forward. The adjustment for the reclining system is done by a handle provided at the bottom of the seat. This car seat fulfils all safety standards and complies with UK country ECE regulation. Convertible car seat is one of the options for parents who do not want to invest money on buying separate car seat for each age group but they have to compromise on weight, off course it is budget car seat. The higher base unit gives good lift and enables your baby to have good view outside the window.

Secure Installation

The installations are simple to follow and easy to fit in less than two minutes. For a start, new users would find the installation little difficult but when you follow the instruction you will learn it quickly. Belt guides are visually located on the base to help you thread the belt and color coded seat belt routing would clearly indicate you correct fitting for both rear facing and forward facing. Blue color indication is for rear facing and red color indication is for forward facing. The belt hooks at the back of the seat gives firm grip during installation. Make sure your car has enough space at the back and normally spacious car like Peugeot 406 or 307 would perfectly fit but don’t think about for small cars like Ford Fiesta. At the same time the roof of the vehicle must have considerable height to accommodate the height of the seat.

Belt guides

Our analysis

If you want to use the car seats for longer period and do not change your vehicle often then without any doubt this value for money Graco car seats would suits you. Mainly the rear facing position gives much longer time for baby to stay before she moves to forward position and this car seat grow with your child. But keep in mind you compromise for portability and big size and assume that you have big car to place the seat.

Graco Junior Mini Baby Car Seat Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer: Graco

Brand name: Junior Mini

Group 0+ and 1

Both rear and forward facing

Rear facing 0 – 13 kg or birth till 15 months

Forward facing 13 – 18 kg or from 15 to 4 years

Only one seat color

Machine Washable cover seat

Higher Base


Side impact protection

5 point harness belt


Long and wide seating position

Natural sleeping position

Five reclining seating position forward facing car seat

Extended reclining position for rear facing car seat

Deep padded cushion

Newborn baby insert

Height adjustable harness system

Adjustable backrest and head support


3 point belt installation system

Simple and easy installation

Belt guides and hooks as secure points

Color coded seat belt routing

Lock off system for secure installation



Back seat organiser

Car seat undermat

Jane Transporter Auto Carrycot

Jane is very particular about the design of Transporter Auto carrycot they don’t want it to be fully fledged carrycot rather portray a little car seat image. It has a unique feature where it can be used as car seat as it can lie flat and easily installed in your car. They have designed this carrycot with honeycomb structure and they don’t make it look like a big carrycot instead they have maintained the basket size small suitable for using as a car seat. The small size basket makes this carrycot lightweight for carrying. The reinforced honeycomb structure maximize the safety features in the event of impact. The base structure is made with additional shock absorbing polystyrene material to hold up any sudden bumb.

The unique structure of the base does not mean to put weight on but puts the weight down to the minimum. The basket has good ventilation facility that can be opened or closed as required on various occasions. The quality of the carrycot last for longer without any trouble and it can be strapped into the car comfortably when you take your baby for a long journey. This infant carrier can be put back in the pushchair when not in use as car seat. It is much suitable for those who are looking for carrycot at the same time having the facility of clipping it comfortably in the car.

Lie Flat Position Aids Baby Growth

Travelling upright position for longer time is not good for newborn babies and it will impair important growth of the baby. Jane Transporter Auto Carrycot is built safe and good which aids the growth of the newborn by giving complete 180 degree lie flat support to the neck, shoulder and spinal cord. The only difference between the Jane Transporter Auto carrycot and other conventional infant car seat is that Jane carrycot does not have any time restriction that a newborn can travel in it. Conventional infant car seat is not suitable for long travel and the baby might feel uncomfortable sitting in an upright position even though it has reclining system. When the baby lie flat while travelling the lungs grows perfectly that prevents any respiratory problem.

Comfortably Reclining System

This lie flat carrycot is designed with reclining car seat base and this would give a safe and relaxing position on their back. The desirable reclining position can be achieved by adjusting a rotator knob which is fixed outside the carrycot so, you no need to disturb the baby when she falls asleep. This safest infant carrier belongs to group 0 category car seat which is suitable for babies weighing from 0 to 10 kg i.e. from birth till 6 to 9 months. Up to 4 months the lay flat system can be used effectively to give good support to the newborn later the backrest can be reclined to various position which would help the baby to have relaxing position till she ready to move group 0+/1 car seat. This Jane car seat is designed in such a way that you no need to worry about how long your baby stays in the carrycot and it is much suitable for babies to sleep overnight to.

Safe Carry Handle

This light weight carrycot has great advantage of carrying outside, since it comes with carry handle and better called as anti rotational device functioning as a protective zone around your baby when it is in upright position. Due to its light weight structure and small basket size, you can even go out to the shops carrying this car seat with the baby inside. The position of the carry handle can be controlled by a press of a button. You can safely lock the handle and lift the car seat from the pushchair chassis with one hand and Jane named this feature as pro-fix system. This infant carrier is compatible with Jane pushchair this means you can quickly fix and remove them with just one hand and there is no need for any extra fitting kit.

Very Simple Installation

This baby carrycot feature three point harness belt for safety of the child and the safety belt is simple to fit and adjusted using the crotch strop with one-pull outside the carrycot. This harness belt is different from 5 point harness belt found in Jane matrix light and it is specially recommended safety belt to safeguard the newborn in the event of accident. The installation is done using three point seat belt and it is very simple to install with the help of seat belt locking clamps fitted on two extreme sides of the carrycot. This installation, unlike conventional infant car seat, does not come with additional belt guides or belt hooks for any complex installation.

baby carrycot

Our Analysis

Jane Transporter Auto Carrycot cannot be used as a car seat often because it takes lot of space in the back seat of the car. When it is fixed in the back seat of the car only one adult can sit comfortably. You must keep in mind that this is not a fully fledged car seat it is just a carrycot having some benefits of a safe car seat specially designed for newborn. Many carrycot brands do not come with such benefits and being a car seat is an added advantage. You get most out of this carrycot only when it is used along with Jane pushchair.

Jane Transporter Auto Carrycot Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer: Jane

Brand name: Transporter Auto Carrycot

Suitable for Group 0

Weight up to 10 kg or from birth till 6 to 9 months

Adaptable with Jane pram and pushchair

Used as car seat


Bold design with thick shell

180° lie-flat position

Adjustable Backrest with various reclining position

Light weight honey comb structure

Ventilation facility in the shell

Available in Stylon 10, Moonlight, Molten Red, Anis, Green Valley colors

Anti rotational carrying handle


Internal shock absorbing polystyrene material

180° Deep and flat lying position

Comfortable head area and footer area

Wide sleeping area

Rotator knob for adjusting reclining position

One-click attachment with pushchair Pro-fix system


3 Point harnest belt

Harness height adjustment by click of a button

Anti rotation device for baby safety

One-pull Adjustable safety harness length

Ease of Installation

Belt locking clamps

180° lie-flat position installation

3 point seat belt installation

Graco Nautilus Baby Car Seat

It is highly delightful to see Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 baby car seat featuring all the benefits of forward facing car seat, booster seat and booster cushion in one car seat. It is basically a group 1 car seat designed to provide additional feature of belt booster and backless booster for grown up kid. It is the most pleasing factor which impresses the parent who decide to move their child from rear facing to forward facing car seat. Getting booster seat and booster cushion in one car seat is an added advantage that saves your money from spending additionally for group 2 and 3 booster seat. One might think that being a 3 in 1 car seat, there involves lot of complex fittings with straps and belt guides but Graco very carefully designed this Nautilus car seat without compromising on safety features and comfort. It is the most flexible design which is easy to assemble and adjust to child’s size without complex fittings. This baby car seat is designed in such a way that it easily adapts to the child’s age group from 15 months to 12 years and able to withstand the weight between 9 kg to 36 kg.

  • With in-built harness group 1 car seat
  • Without in-built harness booster seat
  • Without back support booster cushion

Adaptable Design

The whole design is well adapted to grow with the child and this child car seat is more economical and user friendly. The built quality is reassuringly sturdy and quiet large in its overall measurement when compared to conventional group 1 forward facing car seat. So, if you have small car then you must check whether the car seat fits in the back seat. This Graco car seat can be changed to different positions to fit different age group children. It comes assembled with group 1 position with built-in harness for babies weighing 9 – 15 kg which is what one year old baby can use. You can remove the built-in harness and make it group 2 booster seat for babies weighing 15 – 36 kg where in 4 year old baby can use. Finally, you can remove the whole back support to make them only a booster cushion for grown up children to use the vehicle seat belt comfortably.

In less than a minute you can switch through all three positions and clickable loud sound will reassure you the correct fit. If you are a mother of more than one child with different age group you can use this versatile baby car seat day to day use but it is little difficult to constantly adapt it from one position to other to accommodate more than a child though you switch back the positions in less than a minute. It is a best multiuse car seat to cover all the options from baby right through to teen. Though having lot of versatility and comfort, a car seat without proper safety is dangerous to use. Safety equipment is first priority when looking for such kind of car seat especially Graco Nautilus because it is used for long time till the baby reaches 12 years.

Safety Features

In Graco Nautilus baby car seat, unlike other conventional group 1 car seat, the baby can be harnessed as long as possible. Five point harness belt does its job well by giving good restraint for baby and it comes with three height adjustable settings. The bottom harness buckle also comes with two adjustable settings so you can adjust it to fit pretty much any child size. This adaptable child car seat has wide and tested side impact protection and fully padded body support with lock-off mechanism, this support well adapts to growing child. The head support protects and support your baby head while sleeping. The head support along with reclining system allows your baby to have relaxed position and have uninterrupted sleep. Both the features are one handed adjustment and much suitable for parents who are busy while driving. The harness belt is intelligently designed as it does not allow you baby to unbuckle herself while playing.

Great Comfort

It is well padded 3 in 1 Graco car seat with more space in seating area for little ones. Additionally it features storage compartments in the arms and integrated cup holder which allows your child to keep her toys and engage her all time. The biggest mom-friendly feature is removable and machine washable seat cover. Some kids feel travel sickness and may spoil the seat cover and that time parents would really appreciate to have easily maintained and machine washable seat cover. This group 1 car seat has lot of adjustments and the strap fittings which ensure every fitting is safe and right. All the adjustments come handy and adjustable head rest would quickly transform this car seat from harness booster seat to belt booster.

  • Group 1 car seat installation
  • Booster seat installation
  • Booster cushion installation

Quick Installation

The installation of group 1 position with built in harness position is very simple using lap and shoulder vehicle belt. There is a belt slot opening on the base of the seat and the shoulder belt passes through shoulder belt guide before passing through the belt slot. The shoulder belt guide has lock-off mechanism that safely fit the seat belt in position without twisting. The installation of group 2 and 3 booster seat position without built in harness is also usually done and very simple using lap and shoulder vehicle belt. The shoulder vehicle belt passes through the shoulder belt guide for secure fit. If the belt lays across the child face, head or neck adjust the head support to properly position the shoulder belt. The child is restrained with built-in harness when she weighs between 9 15 kg or without built-in harness when she weighs between 15 – 36 kg or without booster back when she weighs 22 – 36 kg. Read the owner’s manual for complete requirements for different position installation.

shoulder belt

Our Analysis

The main advantage with this baby car seat is with the help of simple and quick installation methods you can quickly transfer the car seat from one car to another. It is robust and extremely strong but light weight.

Graco Nautilus Child Car Seat Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer: Graco

Brand name: Nautilus

Group 1 2 3 car seat

Forward facing car seat

Suitable for baby weighing 9 36 kg or from 15 months to 12 years

Machine Washable cover seat

Storage compartment

Cup holder


Side impact protection

5 point harness belt

Crush tested head support


Group 1 car seat installation

Group 2 3 car seat installation

Shoulder Belt guides and belt slots for secure fit

Predictable belt routing

Lock-off mechanism in shoulder belt guide


Easy access Reclining handle

Fully padded back support

5 point harness belt

3 position setting height adjustable harness

2 position setting bottom buckle

Height adjustable car seat


Car seat undermat


Back seat organizer

Concord Trimax Baby Car Seat

Baby minded parents find notable reasons to switch over from one car seat to another and since the vehicle seat fitting is not universal so, obviously every car seat has its unique features to suit the parents need. Parents mainly look for weightless car seat that enables them to easily move between cars. Secure fit would be another preference that every car seat must necessarily posses. This feature would help the parents to securely fit the car seat by themselves. Concord Trimax Baby car seat has a good reputation of being light weight car seat and comfortably built for children to have safer position to sit. It is intelligently designed to cater the need for parents who frequently move the car seat between vehicles. This baby car seat would be better option to choose when a baby outgrows the rear facing car seat. Due to its light weight structure you no need to put much effort while lifting or installing the car seat and it gives you easy handling preventing your back from getting pain.

Safer Baby Car Seat

Group 1 car seat is generally used when a baby weighs more than 9 kg and at the same time age limit is also been taken into consideration to check child neck and head is well supported. The minimum age limit for group 1 car seat is 15 months and there is a myth created among parents with a determinable basis of facts that forward facing car seat does not give good support for head/neck of the child in case of crash when compared to rear facing car seat. This is not always a case for a quality crash tested group 1 car seat like Concord Trimax. It has been proved that crash tested group 1 car seat are safer for children and gives good support to head and neck similar to rear facing car seat. This child car seat has scored considerable points on certain category and has acceptable safety rating for front on crash. One thing you must keep in mind that baby less than 9 kg who cannot sit up unaided for 30 minutes is very unsafe in forward facing car seat and they should stay with rear facing car seat as long as possible.

Car Seat with High Seat Back

Concord Trimax Baby car seat is suitable for babies weighing from 9kg to 18 kg or age group between 9 months till 4 years. The design of this car seat seems safe and its well engineered functionalities make them opt for longer use. Concord is well known for its innovative design and the Trimax is packed with full safety features without compromising on group 1 performance. Due to its high seat back this light weight baby car seat is made suitable for older children but it is optimized to meet specific requirement of Group 1 car seat only i.e. up to 4 years of age. Preferably the high seat back with optimum side impact protection feature made this car seat more comfortable for even taller children. The main advantage is that it is easy to carry and readily fits in your car without any trouble.

Can be used as Booster Seat

The tall seat back with wide side impact design is crash tested and conformed to give full protection to the child head, neck and shoulder. The higher seat back facility even extends the usage for taller children beyond 4 years of age limit. Though this comfortable child car seat can also be used as a booster seat it would not encourage the children to use vehicle seat belt. Some parents are still want their children to use 3 point internal harness belt even when they move to group 2 car seat i.e. booster seat with back. Since very few booster seat manufacturers have internal harness belt fixed to cater the need for such parents so, ultimately Concord Trimax would be an excellent choice for them acting as booster seat with 3 point internal harness belt.

Robust Design

This concord forward facing car seat has robust construction which is made up of double wall shell base and this innovative design make the car seat extremely lightweight. This ergonomically designed seat shell is well finished with the deep seat which is thickly padded all the way down with the bottom seat cushion. This comfortable baby car seat base has innovative air circulation system that keeps your child cool in summer time. Side impact protection panel is fully breathable and comfy enough to give full support to the child along with comfortable armrest. The side panel comes with neck protectors and padded head for safety of the child. Centrally adjustable five point harness belt system has thickly padded shoulder strap and it is very user-friendly.

The harness belt has three adjustable positions to suit tall children for height adjustment. This light weight child car seat has fully removable machine washable covers featuring tri-color finish which gives many options for color choice. The choices of color depend on the requirement which is either comfortable, hard-wearing or breathable. There is a button provided at the bottom of the car seat to adjust it to either sitting or reclining position and just by clicking you can push or pull the seat for desired position. This group 1 car seat has only one reclining position and shorter than other group 1 car seat so, smaller children would not able to look out the window.

Robust Design

Very Simple Installation

This Concord car seat fits comfortable in back seat of the car along with other two car seats. For e.g. if you own Honda Civic, Ford Cmax or similar car then you can set a front facing Concord Trimax, a rear facing car seat and a booster seat in the middle. Even seven seater SUV would give you more flexibility with the seats to try Concord Trimax along with baby carrier and booster seat. The vehicle must have a proper three point seat belt to accommodate more than two baby car seats. This forward facing car seat is secured with vehicle 3 point seat belt and for installation the seat belt goes into the back of the unit without twist and turns. For secure fit the seat belt goes into the red glides placed on the side of the car seat similarly red colored clasp is also placed on the other side of the seat that securely fastens the seat belt during installation. Sometime this clash is little difficult to do unless you properly fit the seat belt inside the holder. This baby car seat weighs 5.7 kg and has the dimension of L 52 x W 45 x H 68 cm.

Concord Trimax Baby Car Seat Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer: Concord

Brand name: Trimax

Group 1 car seat

Suitable for children weighing from 9-18 kg

Suitable for children from 9 months 4 years

Dimension: L 52 x W 45 x H 68 cm

Weight: 5.7 kg

Color: Deep Ocean, Bamboo, Lava, Peacock, Leaf, Chilli, Granite, Amber


Double wall shell base

Light weight design

Tall back seat

Extra long side protection

Tri color seat cover

Air circulation system at the base


Side impact protection

Well padded head support

Neck protector

Adjustable 5 point harness belt


Done using 3 point seat belt

Red glides to hold seat beltt

Red colored Clasp for fastening seat belt


Machine washable seat cover

Comfortable armrest

Thickly padded deep seat

Britax Kidfix Isofix Booster Seat Review

Booster seat from a trusted name Britax would really make you comfortable and feel that you are in safe hands. It is very well known that they are good make and have great experience in making car seat and pushchairs which caters the need for different age group children. It is normally been said by users that Isofix system is good for Group 1 car seats which usually comes with five point harness belt but the same Isofix system does not work for Group 2 child car seat. Britax Kidfix makes the above statement false because it’s a Group 2 car booster seat made with integrated Isofix system which makes big difference in terms of safety and comfort. It is designed to give not only comfort but essential safety for grown up children who are strong enough to just have adult seat belt. This Britax car seat directly fits into the car using isofix connection points and it means the seat is permanently fixed in place.

Safest Booster Seat

Britax holds good reputation designing reliable group 2/3 booster seats. Isofix system is always been recommended for added safety, although they are quite expensive they are worth. This Isofix car seat specifically locks on to the car chassis so, forward and sideways movements are restricted. It does not mean that normal vehicle seat belt installation is less safe than isofix, the advantage of Isofix is it removes the risk of incorrect fitting. The minimum age group for this booster seat is 4 12 years and children should weigh between 15 to 36 kg. These age group children must fit correctly in booster seat but very few are mature enough to be in booster seat.

Though some child reaches legal age requirement they have lower weight and look short in physic so, for extra safety some users prefer five point harness belt in booster seat. This child car seat does not have option to fix five point harness belt and it is not targeted for children who needed to be moved out of the group 1 car seat before the recommended weight for booster seat. This britax car seat mainly focuses on children who are strong enough to withstand the crash forces when using adult seat belt, it means when they reach 4 years of age the children must be mature enough to wear adult seat belt and not five point harness belt. If your child is below 15 kg then she must use 5 point harness belt but it is not possible in booster seat.

Booster Seat with Safe Backrest

Normally booster cushion that does not come with back seat are not recommended for children unless the children meets the new legal requirement but the full child car seat is always safe even though it is expensive. This isofix car seat does not act like a booster cushion nor is it only used to raise the child’s body to the height suitable for use with the adult seat belt. It is a full child car seat with tall and broad back seat with more safety features. It is designed with side impact protection that gives optimum safety for shoulder, neck and head in the form of fully padded side wings which is made up of air filled energy managed cushions. Britax has really improved the safety against side-on collision and the padded side wings instantly absorbs the impact in case of accident and your child will have no problem while sleeping on long journey. The backrest is not removable to become a booster cushion.

Find Right Booster Seat

Very specific cars have isofix points to fit isofix car seat and some users still think that they does not really need such Isofix booster seat instead they go for normal Britax booster that just sits on the seat using 3 point seat belt. This booster seat provides the option to install with 3 point seat belt or isofix connection, even using your normal vehicle seat belt for installation does not fit all the vehicles so, it is just a matter of finding whether this Britax car seat fits in your car or not. Finding a right car seat that fits correctly in your vehicle is very important that is why Britax has provided ‘Fit Finder’ option that makes your job easy. Just enter the child weight, age and car make into ‘Fit Finder’ interface in the Britax website and it will suggest appropriate car seat for your child.

Reliable Features

This isofix car seat comes with simple to use belt guides to strap the child properly in position. This belt guides would ensure you that you have positioned the strap correctly across the child’s shoulder and lap. The head rest comes with sufficient 11 position adjustment and the seat can be adjusted according to your child growth. No worry about your child spilling chocolate drinks, sticky sweets or spreading mud all over the seat because this booster car seat comes with machine washable seat cover which is practical to use and safe. It feature eight color fabric options and your child has reason to choose one.

This child car seat has many features that come aid to the children safety and comfort, the multi reclining system is one of the best thing which gives comfortable seating position and protects the head when you child fall asleep. If the car seat fitted with the Isofix points then the seat can be recline for more comfort when sleeping but this can’t be done once the child is in the seat though, it must be done before. It is not a portable car seat which you normally swap between cars, this Britax car seat slightly heavier than other high back booster seat but not much.

Reliable Features

Our analysis

This isofix car seat is suitable for those who prefer safety for grown up children and likes to take their child for a long trip. It is a well designed reliable car child seat from trusted brand.

Britax Kidfix child car Seat Technical Specification Details

Brand name: Kidfix

Manufacturer: Britax

Group 2 booster seat

Integrated Isofix system

Suitable for children weighing 15-36 kg (4-12 years)

Simple and easy installation

Weight: 8.5 kg

Colors: David, Elena, Jasmin, Jet, Leon, Olivia, Cowmooflage, Organic Nature


11 position Adjustable Headrest

Tall back support

Padded Head support and arm rest

Multi Reclining system

Removable and machine washable cover seat


Fully padded side wings

Soft padded seat

Raised booster cushion

Adjustable backrest


Side impact protection

Energy absorption cushion

Crash tested


Isofix system

3 point seat belt installation

Color coded Isofix catch arm hooks

Maxi Cosi Opal Baby Car Seat Review

Maxi Cosi Opal baby car seat could stay rear facing for longer period of time and this is what everybody now recommends. It is designed in such a way that it gives full support to the new born and provides optimum space to stay rear facing till the baby become strong enough to go forward facing. This baby car seat is a combination of Group 0+ and 1 that works both rear facing and forward facing mode. It can support new born from birth till 18 kg approx 3.5 years old. The normal procedure of this car seat is to keep the new born rear facing till she reaches 13 kg (29 lbs), from birth to 12-15 months. You can turn your little one around to have comfortable forward facing from 9kg to 18 kg (20lbs-40 lbs), from 15 months to 4 years.

Safest Rear Facing Position for Newborn

Although the normal procedure is to keep the baby rear facing till 13 kg, this Maxi cosi car seat is big enough to give spacious leg room and adjustable head support to keep the growing baby rear facing for longer time beyond the prescribed weight of 13 kg. It stay rear facing past 13kg mark so you can avoid turning your little one much early for forward facing. This baby car seat is compact in size and slimmer then Britax First Class Plus. It can be turned from rear facing to forward facing by just twisting the unique two position swivel base support that comes under the seat.

Switching between these positions is easy using two position base on the same belt routing and there is no need for additional installation procedure. This feature makes the job easy to convert the car seat into a forward facing mode when the baby becomes a toddler. Comfort plays a very major role in rear facing position and Maxi Cosi has prepared the car seat with well padded side protection system and additionally provided a support pillow for younger babies. This facility would protect the newborn neck and back bone with maximum safety.

Car Seat Adjust as Baby Grows

The extra padded side walls and width adjustment of the car seat would really widen the seating area. Initially the car seat looks small and slim with narrowest setting when the baby is small and by adjusting the width of the seat and headrest the car seat gets wider and taller as the baby grows. Additionally the headrest and harness belt can be adjusted with total of six positions which is more than enough to give complete comfort for fast growing babies. The swivel base gives optimum inclined angle when the car seat fixed in rear facing mode that allows the baby to have more leg room and travel in complete comfort for longer.

Encouraging Factors

The versatile car seat base encourages the parents to use the car seat past the 13 kg point and makes the car seat more versatile rather than having one size fit for both rear facing and forward facing mode. It is really sturdy with swivel base support when fitted and looks mega comfortable car seat but not as big as Britax Multi-tech rear facing car seat. This Maxi Cosi car seat comes with machine washable seat cover and it can be removed without taking out the five point harness belt. The hooks on the side wings help to keep the harness out of the way when placing your child. There are five reclining position in forward facing mode from upright to sleeping position and the rear facing mode has only one reclining position.

Secure Installation

Installation is done using three point seat belt and all the instructions are clearly given with color coded belt guides for correct fitting. This rest assure that the car seat is fitted in correct position. Same belt routing installation for both the positions with the help of swivel base is an additional benefit. Due to its compact size the car seat takes little space in the back of the car and gives room for other two passengers to comfortably sit. There is a common belt tensioner at the top which could be used for both the positions for secure installation. It is little awkward when routing the belt under the seat, need little practice and it is difficult to do inside small car. Maxi Cosi Opal is neither a portable car seat nor it is travel system compatible. It is only make to cater the intended purpose of supporting newborn in rear facing for longer period of time.

Secure Installation

Our Analysis

The strong swivel base makes an instant appeal to the buyers who are looking for group 0+/1 car seat in order to save money in a long run. This baby car seat could end up being an essential newborn buy for those who want to avoid baby carrier even though it supports rear facing up to 13 kg. This may be because baby carrier takes up huge space and few newborns have more weight that does not suits baby carrier. A group0+/1 car seat should have a right mix of comfort, safety and ease of use. The great advantage of Maxi Cosi Opal is that using one car seat for two purposes and last for few years and avoids changing immediately after 9 months. With no doubt this Maxi Cosi car seat has all the attributes to support such requirements.

Maxi Cosi Opal Baby Car Seat Technical Specification Details

Brand name: Opal

Manufacturer: Maxi Cosi

Group 0+ and Group 1 car seat

Combination rear and forward facing Car seat

Rear facing mode: Weight 0 – 13 kg (from birth to 15 months)

Forward facing mode: Weight 13 18 kg (from 15 months to 3.5 years)


Swivel car seat base

Removable and Washable cover seat

4 different colors

Soft Padded seating area


6 position Height adjustable headrest

6 position Length adjustable harness

Support pillow for newborn

Roomy seating position for growing babies

5 reclining position

Adjustable width of the seat

Ease of Installation

Color coded belt guides

Common Belt tensioner for secure installation

Same belt routing installation for two positions

Installation using 3 point seat belt

Safety System

Padded Side Impact Protection

5 point harness belt

Auckland, New Zealand City of Sails

Arriving or departing a trip to New Zealand, you will end up in the capital city of Auckland – New Zealand’s metropolitan playground.

The Home of the Maori people for nearly a millennium, New Zealand was explored and  settled by Europeans in the beginning of the 18th century. After the British claimed the Islands in 1840, Auckland grew rapidly as a point of commerce for travelers from around the world. Today the city is the commercial hearth of New Zealand, providing endless outdoor adventures in its spacious parks and busy harbors, as well as opportunities for shopping and viewing this lands unique culture.

Make sure you leave some time in your trip to explore this fascinating city. There are many hotels of all levels of cost and service, from first class to backpacker hostels. A couple of days would give you enough time for the major attractions, longer and you could explore the surrounding countryside and beaches.

Start your time in Auckland by just walking around the bustling downtown area. Grab something to eat at any number of small restaurants featuring cuisine from all around the world. A specialty of Auckland is the large number of authentic Indian restaurants. After grabbing some lunch, head on down to the harbor.

small restaurants

Auckland is often called the City of Sails for good reason. It straddles two harbors:the northern Waitemata Harbor and the southern Manukau Harbor, as well as several islands . On any given day, there will be countless sailboats meandering around the harbors. Auckland has the highest per capita ownership of sailboats of anywhere in the world. Many Aucklanders sail across the harbor on weekends to their cottages and second homes. The view is spectacular, with the volcanic islands rising out of the harbor and all the sailboats.

Aucklands warm sunny climate and wild landscape including Bushland, deep forest and volcanic islands, make it an outdoor activity paradise. From rugby and tennis to extreme sports in the land, sea and air. Wander around on any weekend day, and if you come across a park, you will get to watch a rugby or cricket game. Kiwis (New Zealanders) take these sports very seriously, so don’t ask too many silly questions. Wander on before the cricket game lulls you to sleep.

A a great view and people-watch is One Tree Hill.  Historically there has been only a single tree standing on top of this hill, which can be viewed from much of Auckland. In 1994, a Maori (New Zealand Natives) activist took a chain saw to the tree and damaged it severely. However, the view of the city remains spectacular.

Most of the major shops in Auckland are found surrounding the central business district the city’s commercial hot stop. Make your first stops Queen street and High Street, featuring cool collections of designer clothing, antique shops, music stores and boutiques. Fashionable shopping centers combine a wide range of products with food and cafés in a relax setting, while busy outdoor markets sell handmade gifts, second hand goods and other surprises, both in the downtown area and the surrounding country side.

Aucklands night scene reflects the city’s status as an international gathering place relaxed and inviting with urban flair mingling with a warm traditional Welcome. Hit to Viaduct harbor as the crowds gathering to hit restaurants and pubs, cocktail lounges and wine bars to kick off the night. You can visit Princes Wharf or Queen street for the hottest night clubs or laugh the night away in a laid back comedy club in Quay street.

Whether you are in Auckland for a day or a week, you will find lots of interesting things to do.

Next time you’re flying through New Zealand…

Seriously, if you ever find yourself flying through New Zealand, either as a layover or destination, do yourself a favor. Pick up some No Jet-Lag pills at the airport. In the thin blue and white box that looks like a nasal decongestant.

Why you can’t find these anywhere else in the world is a mystery. Everyone who’s tried them and who follows the directions take one pill two hours before take-off, every two hours while flying, and one when landing swears by their effectiveness. Travel-wise Kiwis won’t leave home without them.

Travel-wise Kiwis

They’re even standard issue for the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, the world’s finest traveling rugby side. Players are required to use the pills whenever traveling. Maybe their lack of jet lag is part of the reason why they’re the most feared guests on rugby fields around the world.

They’re non-narcotic, purely homeopathic, and relatively inexpensive. Pick up some, try them, and you’ll be hooked. So pick up two or three boxes. Because it might be a while until you’re back.

Autumn in Paris

Invasion near the Seine, the Louvre, tourists swarm and the Eiffel tower to see one of the most stunning scenery in the world! Singing in the rain? And you happy? So you’re in Paris!

When Jim Kelly tap with wet fingers around the city with an umbrella in An American in Paris, he sang: Paris is a thrill, excitement, whatever the season.

Patience is what most are looking for today and prudent traveler knows well the fall may bring in one more puff, but the sun again caress the cheek, red leaves crunch underfoot palace near Jardin des Tuileries, in museums are tractable, is calm, and yet you can sit on the corner for a coffee or a glass of white wine. And Parisians can monitor how their doing their elegant things.

Autumn is also a time when you can find the other Paris, with scenes that are now gaps. Diverted from the road and you can reach the Roman arena to find yourself in front of the house with graffiti pop icon or in front of you not arise vineyard. If the weather is kind you can eat a picnic in the neighborhood, where Victor Hugo lived to drink mint tea in a mosque or lazy to go to a boat trip around the canals, which lead to parts of Paris that are not normally reach. If it gets chilly and went to the house of Edith Piaf or go to a wine tasting with experts or to the interior of the city to see the sinister catacombs.

Venice has its gondolas, New York taxis, and Paris Citroen 2 CV. Small boutiques offer wonderful space travel throughout the city. In the car fit three, because one place is always occupied by the driver of the company, which is a kind of guide. Cars that classic growl and attract the attention of passers-by, you will walk out for mandatory vision sights, but in strange places such as graphite house pop icon Serge Ginsburg, of Saint-Germain, near the Roman amphitheater at the Saint Michel, and only in the vineyards of Montmartre hill, where harvesting of the crop is a true celebration. Ask them to leave the Place des Vosges, the most beautiful square in Paris. Once there duels were held, but today is to eat outdoors. Here are housed and contemporary art galleries, and buildings as the great house of Victor Hugo. In his house you will learn why so the French worship him and you can visit it for free.

Paris Citroen

Next stop The Secret Garden. It is near the opera Bastille, which also houses the national opera, both at the site of a former prison-fortress of the same name. So the park with flowers is called the Promenade Plantee and is 4.5 kilometers long. It is built on an abandoned railroad viaduct. Is your upper and lower land just like the story of the golden apple. Pedestrians shall enjoy the surroundings of flowers for their high walk to another level by cyclists who have lanes and routes on the ground. Both levels are found in the final. There are comfortable benches on which you can listen how the birds sing.

Poshlyayte to the river, where clever can take a boat for 2.5 hours and then take the travel channel with Canauxrama of Port de lTArsenal. Will wear under the dome of the Bastille, near Canal Saint-Martin-loved local stew until the largest artificial lake in the country Bassin de la Villette, near which the Parisians spend their weekends. It is filled with water on December 2nd, 1808, 800 meters long and wide 70. In vernisazh water will pass very near the locks and swing bridges. Canal Saint-Martin is 4.5 kilometers long and connects the Canal de lOurcq with Seine by Port de lArsenal. The entrance is from the metro station called Stalingrad. It was built by order of Napoleon in 1802 to make an artificial waterway and to deliver fresh water to Paris.

But as of Voyage. Afternoon tea already has another meaning if you drink at the Paris Mosque. Coffee brings the taste of even North Africa, but what’s not for release, a honey-almond cake with mint tea. The outer courtyard is lovely, full of thousands of sparrows flying and departing in the cafeteria, though they are owners and have a place. Place is wearing pleasure oasis. Otherwise, the mosque was built in gratitude to the colony of Muslims who have been against Germany in World War II.

Clouds gather over your head? Run to the Museum Carnavalet, made of two adjoining mansions, which keeps the entire history of Paris. Inside there are 2600 paintings, 20 000 drawings, 300 000 engravings, 150 000 photographs, 2000 modern sculpture, ceramics, coins, souvenirs from celebrities. The best rooms are reproduced with magnificent halls of kings to humble bedroom of Marcel Proust.

Thirsty? Acquire knowledge, while magical sip wine tasting class at Caves du Paradis, near the Louvre, looking to not fall into the cage of elixir, and although it passes through paradise. Fans of the little sparrow big mistress of Edith Piaf, have to find time for her house museum in Menilmontant. She lived there until 18 years and she sang in the streets. Caring guarded by her fan club here are boxing gloves donated by her beloved Marcel Cerda, tiny clothes and shoes, which is coming out on stage Edith was a tiny in stature and Kylie Minogue. So is her stage and received the nickname sparrow. But a visit to make reservations.

Go into the underground, if you dare. Bloody history of Paris you can feel the catacombs in the former but not for the faint hearts. Strange museum goes down by 130 feet down and 83 up and not stones, but bones. Including those of Robespierre and Marie Antoinette.

Marie Antoinette

But if you rather excited what remains locked in this city of love, go into the erotic museum, full name Musee de lTErotisme at 72 Blvd de Clichy. 2000 will see the works of erotic content. Even if you do not have pornographic films from the era of cinema. There are wonderful shop for souvenirs.

20 000 pears and 40 km lamps participate in nightly hour-view the Eiffel Tower. Near sterling and your first half hour in the miracle of architecture is free.

In 1768, but geography is all destinations in France can be measured by Notre Dame. So really all French roads lead to Paris.

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