Auckland, New Zealand City of Sails

Arriving or departing a trip to New Zealand, you will end up in the capital city of Auckland – New Zealand’s metropolitan playground.

The Home of the Maori people for nearly a millennium, New Zealand was explored and  settled by Europeans in the beginning of the 18th century. After the British claimed the Islands in 1840, Auckland grew rapidly as a point of commerce for travelers from around the world. Today the city is the commercial hearth of New Zealand, providing endless outdoor adventures in its spacious parks and busy harbors, as well as opportunities for shopping and viewing this lands unique culture.

Make sure you leave some time in your trip to explore this fascinating city. There are many hotels of all levels of cost and service, from first class to backpacker hostels. A couple of days would give you enough time for the major attractions, longer and you could explore the surrounding countryside and beaches.

Start your time in Auckland by just walking around the bustling downtown area. Grab something to eat at any number of small restaurants featuring cuisine from all around the world. A specialty of Auckland is the large number of authentic Indian restaurants. After grabbing some lunch, head on down to the harbor.

small restaurants

Auckland is often called the City of Sails for good reason. It straddles two harbors:the northern Waitemata Harbor and the southern Manukau Harbor, as well as several islands . On any given day, there will be countless sailboats meandering around the harbors. Auckland has the highest per capita ownership of sailboats of anywhere in the world. Many Aucklanders sail across the harbor on weekends to their cottages and second homes. The view is spectacular, with the volcanic islands rising out of the harbor and all the sailboats.

Aucklands warm sunny climate and wild landscape including Bushland, deep forest and volcanic islands, make it an outdoor activity paradise. From rugby and tennis to extreme sports in the land, sea and air. Wander around on any weekend day, and if you come across a park, you will get to watch a rugby or cricket game. Kiwis (New Zealanders) take these sports very seriously, so don’t ask too many silly questions. Wander on before the cricket game lulls you to sleep.

A a great view and people-watch is One Tree Hill.  Historically there has been only a single tree standing on top of this hill, which can be viewed from much of Auckland. In 1994, a Maori (New Zealand Natives) activist took a chain saw to the tree and damaged it severely. However, the view of the city remains spectacular.

Most of the major shops in Auckland are found surrounding the central business district the city’s commercial hot stop. Make your first stops Queen street and High Street, featuring cool collections of designer clothing, antique shops, music stores and boutiques. Fashionable shopping centers combine a wide range of products with food and cafés in a relax setting, while busy outdoor markets sell handmade gifts, second hand goods and other surprises, both in the downtown area and the surrounding country side.

Aucklands night scene reflects the city’s status as an international gathering place relaxed and inviting with urban flair mingling with a warm traditional Welcome. Hit to Viaduct harbor as the crowds gathering to hit restaurants and pubs, cocktail lounges and wine bars to kick off the night. You can visit Princes Wharf or Queen street for the hottest night clubs or laugh the night away in a laid back comedy club in Quay street.

Whether you are in Auckland for a day or a week, you will find lots of interesting things to do.

Next time you’re flying through New Zealand…

Seriously, if you ever find yourself flying through New Zealand, either as a layover or destination, do yourself a favor. Pick up some No Jet-Lag pills at the airport. In the thin blue and white box that looks like a nasal decongestant.

Why you can’t find these anywhere else in the world is a mystery. Everyone who’s tried them and who follows the directions take one pill two hours before take-off, every two hours while flying, and one when landing swears by their effectiveness. Travel-wise Kiwis won’t leave home without them.

Travel-wise Kiwis

They’re even standard issue for the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, the world’s finest traveling rugby side. Players are required to use the pills whenever traveling. Maybe their lack of jet lag is part of the reason why they’re the most feared guests on rugby fields around the world.

They’re non-narcotic, purely homeopathic, and relatively inexpensive. Pick up some, try them, and you’ll be hooked. So pick up two or three boxes. Because it might be a while until you’re back.

Autumn in Paris

Invasion near the Seine, the Louvre, tourists swarm and the Eiffel tower to see one of the most stunning scenery in the world! Singing in the rain? And you happy? So you’re in Paris!

When Jim Kelly tap with wet fingers around the city with an umbrella in An American in Paris, he sang: Paris is a thrill, excitement, whatever the season.

Patience is what most are looking for today and prudent traveler knows well the fall may bring in one more puff, but the sun again caress the cheek, red leaves crunch underfoot palace near Jardin des Tuileries, in museums are tractable, is calm, and yet you can sit on the corner for a coffee or a glass of white wine. And Parisians can monitor how their doing their elegant things.

Autumn is also a time when you can find the other Paris, with scenes that are now gaps. Diverted from the road and you can reach the Roman arena to find yourself in front of the house with graffiti pop icon or in front of you not arise vineyard. If the weather is kind you can eat a picnic in the neighborhood, where Victor Hugo lived to drink mint tea in a mosque or lazy to go to a boat trip around the canals, which lead to parts of Paris that are not normally reach. If it gets chilly and went to the house of Edith Piaf or go to a wine tasting with experts or to the interior of the city to see the sinister catacombs.

Venice has its gondolas, New York taxis, and Paris Citroen 2 CV. Small boutiques offer wonderful space travel throughout the city. In the car fit three, because one place is always occupied by the driver of the company, which is a kind of guide. Cars that classic growl and attract the attention of passers-by, you will walk out for mandatory vision sights, but in strange places such as graphite house pop icon Serge Ginsburg, of Saint-Germain, near the Roman amphitheater at the Saint Michel, and only in the vineyards of Montmartre hill, where harvesting of the crop is a true celebration. Ask them to leave the Place des Vosges, the most beautiful square in Paris. Once there duels were held, but today is to eat outdoors. Here are housed and contemporary art galleries, and buildings as the great house of Victor Hugo. In his house you will learn why so the French worship him and you can visit it for free.

Paris Citroen

Next stop The Secret Garden. It is near the opera Bastille, which also houses the national opera, both at the site of a former prison-fortress of the same name. So the park with flowers is called the Promenade Plantee and is 4.5 kilometers long. It is built on an abandoned railroad viaduct. Is your upper and lower land just like the story of the golden apple. Pedestrians shall enjoy the surroundings of flowers for their high walk to another level by cyclists who have lanes and routes on the ground. Both levels are found in the final. There are comfortable benches on which you can listen how the birds sing.

Poshlyayte to the river, where clever can take a boat for 2.5 hours and then take the travel channel with Canauxrama of Port de lTArsenal. Will wear under the dome of the Bastille, near Canal Saint-Martin-loved local stew until the largest artificial lake in the country Bassin de la Villette, near which the Parisians spend their weekends. It is filled with water on December 2nd, 1808, 800 meters long and wide 70. In vernisazh water will pass very near the locks and swing bridges. Canal Saint-Martin is 4.5 kilometers long and connects the Canal de lOurcq with Seine by Port de lArsenal. The entrance is from the metro station called Stalingrad. It was built by order of Napoleon in 1802 to make an artificial waterway and to deliver fresh water to Paris.

But as of Voyage. Afternoon tea already has another meaning if you drink at the Paris Mosque. Coffee brings the taste of even North Africa, but what’s not for release, a honey-almond cake with mint tea. The outer courtyard is lovely, full of thousands of sparrows flying and departing in the cafeteria, though they are owners and have a place. Place is wearing pleasure oasis. Otherwise, the mosque was built in gratitude to the colony of Muslims who have been against Germany in World War II.

Clouds gather over your head? Run to the Museum Carnavalet, made of two adjoining mansions, which keeps the entire history of Paris. Inside there are 2600 paintings, 20 000 drawings, 300 000 engravings, 150 000 photographs, 2000 modern sculpture, ceramics, coins, souvenirs from celebrities. The best rooms are reproduced with magnificent halls of kings to humble bedroom of Marcel Proust.

Thirsty? Acquire knowledge, while magical sip wine tasting class at Caves du Paradis, near the Louvre, looking to not fall into the cage of elixir, and although it passes through paradise. Fans of the little sparrow big mistress of Edith Piaf, have to find time for her house museum in Menilmontant. She lived there until 18 years and she sang in the streets. Caring guarded by her fan club here are boxing gloves donated by her beloved Marcel Cerda, tiny clothes and shoes, which is coming out on stage Edith was a tiny in stature and Kylie Minogue. So is her stage and received the nickname sparrow. But a visit to make reservations.

Go into the underground, if you dare. Bloody history of Paris you can feel the catacombs in the former but not for the faint hearts. Strange museum goes down by 130 feet down and 83 up and not stones, but bones. Including those of Robespierre and Marie Antoinette.

Marie Antoinette

But if you rather excited what remains locked in this city of love, go into the erotic museum, full name Musee de lTErotisme at 72 Blvd de Clichy. 2000 will see the works of erotic content. Even if you do not have pornographic films from the era of cinema. There are wonderful shop for souvenirs.

20 000 pears and 40 km lamps participate in nightly hour-view the Eiffel Tower. Near sterling and your first half hour in the miracle of architecture is free.

In 1768, but geography is all destinations in France can be measured by Notre Dame. So really all French roads lead to Paris.

Top Ten Places for Young People to Go on Vacation

1. Vacation in New York

The life in New York is ideal for young people and the new Sex and the City movie that is border, which makes it even more poignant prospectus. The main attraction is the street culture and the prospectus for cheap clothing, goggles or IPods but you just have to entice them to display or capture on the ultra-cool Museum of Modern Art. To explain the air fares, rental car, to ride to Cape Cod or Hampton for some modern eastern marine life.

2. Go on Vacation in More Cool Cities

A Short trip to European cities can also do the job, if you select the correct destination. Barcelona, Rome, Nice or Kanis are good choices for a vacation. Close to home, London is an exciting place for teenagers and the hotels also increased their ratings in July and August.

3. Surfing Centers Vacation

You’ll find the same lying-back culture that makes the cereal so popular resort in South-western France or northern Spain. Try water towns Hosegor St. John de Louise good waves and relaxed atmosphere, the longest of Biarritz city or San Sebastian in Spain they have great beaches and exciting nightlife.

Surfing Centers Vacation

4. City & Wildlife Vacation

Changing the step of combining with the rest of the urban open spaces a few days in Cape Town, South Africa, they say, followed by a safari in Kruger National Park. Or directly to Vancouver en route to Rokiys to trek for kayaking, biking or swimming in water planes.

5. Exotic Places to Go on Vacation

Anyway, setting out to be with their parents, teenagers will risk in California, Barbados, Hong Kong and other exotic destinations for transporting long. Costa Rica and Belize provide enough challenge and variety of annoying busy-world youth.

6. Club Vacations

Selecting a stylish club vacation abroad with the status of activities on tap. Mark Warner, Club Med, Nilsson and Suns offer a mixture of tennis and water sports and offer options for teenagers later prolukovoto restriction. For a more relaxing mode, try Peligoni Club in the Greek island of Zakynthos, where guests can stay in villas around down south of the island and collect the floating club.

7. Sharing a Villa

To share a villa or house with friends who have kids. Avoid sites to remove and find the perfect place where there is safety in walking distance of the town or village deep where teenagers can be designed independent. Beware of villas with residential areas of the cities which may have a long way towards the center. Korfi, Crete, Majorca and Ibiza are good bases. For many villas, or try CV Travel Eybarkrombi and Kent.

8. Road Adventure Vacation

Explore and the Adventure company, are among the companies that offer young people for their departure only land tours with their families and you can check the age of other children in the group buy. If still sounds pretty risky move Ekzodis independent land tours You decide where you want to go and it takes care of the driver. The minimum number of people is four, but prices are lower if you pull together with one or two families.

9. Sport Vacations

La Manga in Spain and at Val Lobo in Portugal election building resort villages with golf courses, tennis courts and restaurants and bars. Both are known for their families and provide a safe environment for teenagers to socialize away from their parents. And the books are described with these resorts.

Sport Vacations

10. Center Parks

Works surprisingly well for all ages, especially if you have friends or group. All resorts now have spas in addition to broad-free outdoor pools including riding and activities, Racquet Sports, Golf, square riding, archery, paintball and laser coatings. There are villages in Sifolk, Notingamshir, Wiltshire and Kimbria.

Where to Go for New Years Eve

Where to go for the Christmas and New Year holidays? Although it’s just November, that question already asked many people. Occur before the universal commotion is useful to think about how we want to celebrate the end of the year.

We offer you several options:

New Year in Prague: Prague is a wonderful city for those of you who do not want to stay home on New Years Eve. People come from restaurants on the street and began to put fireworks. Pantomime, which fills the sky, is solemn and magical. At the same time heard a tumult of rejoicing Karlovo bridge. Coming from the people there will welcome you with holiday words Schastni novi rok! (Happy new year!).

New Year in Finland: Lapland, how charming sounds, right? At least once in their lifetime should not afford such a trip to spend their time on ice skates or sled driven by dogs or reindeer. Do you step on this earth, you will have the opportunity to observe the northern lights and it remember in mind to give it to their friends and relatives when you return home. So unique is beautiful!

New Year in Istanbul: You can go by plane, you will always find tickets. And in the hotels places. Istanbul is a huge city vain, with the breath of the sea and spices from around the world. It is literally studded with minarets, bridges, hot apple tea

New Year in Switzerland: A simple and mountains Les Diarblyare Villars two resorts with unique slopes for downhill skiing or snowboarding. Along with this kind of sport you can play and others skating, curling, horse riding, etc. paragliding. You could say that in Les Diablyare there are three main areas to ski: Vilarom, 3000 and Glyasier Izenau. From 2000 to Glyasier 3000 are held at ski championships. Mountain slopes you can rise to 3000 feet. From this altitude can reputed Behold another Swiss resort Gshtad. Glacier makes it possible to ski even in summer.

New Year in Switzerland

New Year in Egypt: Up the Nile. Someone can tell you that a trip to Egypt is somewhat trite, but few places where you can relax and warm yourself in the middle of December, eat fresh sea products. Moreover, as surely suspect this new year will be unusual for you a real summer against the snow bank at home. Egypt is the place where you can feel first hand striking combination of comfortable travel, real quiet, green valley of the Nile and the magnificence of the historical monuments. Moreover, the monuments of Greek architecture are mostly located between Luxor and Aswan, which in practice means that any cruise to upload, you will be able to touch upon some of them.

Best Amusement Parks in Europe

European theme parks offer everything a visitor needs entertainment, adventure, and experiences with the whole family. Here are the best among them.

Disneyland Resort in Paris

Disneyland Resort in Paris is the most famous fun park on the Old Continent. It was opened in 1992 and consists of several areas: two theme parks, entertainment area and restaurants and seven hotels. The park is located tower of terror (199 feet high) and gloomy area attractions-style Hollywood Hotel Tower, struck by lightning on October 31, 1939

Siam Park in Tenerife (Spain)

Siam Park in Tenerife (Spain). The theme of this park is Thailand. It is open to visitors in September 2008 and offers various water attractions, such as Tower of Power, which has 280 steps. Palace of the Waves did a pool with white sandy beach. Trimetrovi artificial waves rush from all sides. There are attractions for children such as Lost City construction of 120 games.

The Belgium Walibi

The Belgium Walibi is a theme park, located in the city Vavra. It has many attractions to the bone-chilling names: Turbine, Hall of destructions Cobra , Vampire , Goblin or Terror of Dalton – offering a free fall from a height of 77 meters.

Europa Park, Germany

It is located in Rust, in the southwestern part of the country. Talisman of the park is a large gray mouse named Evromaus, so it is not surprising that most attractions podseshtavaniyat it is called Wild Mouse. The theme of the park are the European countries. In Europa Park has four hotels and guest house.

Legoland in Denmark

Legoland in Denmark is paradise for lovers of LEGO-it. Topics in the park are based on historical events, so that it can be seen in The Pirates of the Lagoon with the sea, waterfalls and pirate battles. On the playground pirate waterfalls children may feel as pirates and ship captains.


Amusement Park Prater in Wien

Amusement park Prater in Wien, Austria is located at the wide area along the coast of the Danube. For many years this territory was owned by the imperial family. During the reign of Ferdinand I, in 1537, was made 4.5 kilometers long. main promenade, which traverses the entire park. In 1766 Emperor Joseph II opened the alley to the people of Vienna. More in XVIII century in this place have organized concerts and parades. A small part of the park is occupied by Prater Vurstel / comedy Prater /. Once at this location are magicians and comedians show their tricks and skills. The biggest attraction of the Prater is a huge Ferris wheel that rotates the first time in 1897 here is the oldest electric train in history, passing through a cave Grottenbahn. It was built in 1898 In March 2005 the territory of the Prater is situated in the biggest and most modern casino betting thematically across Europe. Casino Admiral Prater is formed in the Egyptian style since the time of the pharaohs and offers customers a variety of opportunities for play and fun on two levels. The first is called Blue Planet and return visitors to the distant world of dinosaurs. The second The path of adventure is organizing a special tour where visitors can behind the scenes insight of the oldest entertainment park in Europe.

Niagara Falls The Honeymoon Capital of the World

Niagara Falls is not only a stunning natural spectacle, but a fantastic city to visit. Offering a variety of outdoor scenery, rides, museums, and restaurants Niagara Falls is the perfect place for a family vacation, or a private getaway.

The following are some interesting facts and stories about the historic Falls themselves:

The Falls at Niagara are actually about 160 feet high. The geographic feature that truly amazes those who visit them is the sheer volume of water that they distribute. Water crashes over shale and dolostone rocks with ferocity at this unique place in the worlds phenomenon that leaves a lasting impression on those who witness it. Streaming at a rate of up to 168 million liters a minute (37 million gallons), the water that flows over the Falls comprises 20% of the worlds fresh water supply!

As many are now aware, Niagara Falls is also known as The Honeymoon Capital of the World. The first recorded newlyweds who enjoyed the splendors of the Niagara scenery arrived in 1801. After Jerome Bonaparte (Napoleons brother) traveled by stagecoach from New Orleans to spend his honeymoon in the Falls in 1803, the location became an increasingly popular tourist attraction.

popular tourist

It didn’t take long for shrewd entrepreneurs and investors to realize the commercial promise and potential of the Falls. Few know that a network of tunnels, towers, and stairs have led visitors above, below, and behind the Falls since the early 19th Century. In 1833 for example, before the advent of photography, certificates of authenticity were given to visitors who dared to walk behind the marvelous Sheet of Falling Water at Niagara. This ensured that friends and relatives abroad would have `proof that a Falls visitor had actually been there. Today’s visitors can still venture the Journey Behind the Falls touronly this time you can take pictures.

Every politician imaginable has vacationed in the Falls Abe Lincoln came here twice, Winston Churchill was here in 1943, and various international members of Royalty and State have also been here. Famous writers such as Oscar Wilde (1882) and Charles Dickens (1842) have also visited. Legend has it that Dickens was particularly upset at some naughty limericks he found in the Observatory guest-book at Table Rock. He remarked that such nonsense should not be allowed near what he called, Natures greatest altar.

People realized that at any given time Niagara Falls provided a wealthy collection of willing spectators. It wasn’t hard to figure out that if people did things beside, in, or over this amazing cascade other people would watch. By the mid-19th Century, the Falls became a regular three-ring circus, where daredevils tempted certain fate before a live audience.

First there were tightrope walkers. Acrobats like The Great Blondin, Signor Farini, and Maria Spelterini dazzled audiences by walking blindfolded, backwards, or one-legged above the raging Falls on a high-wire. On one occasion in 1860, Blondin wowed the crowd by carrying his frightened manager across the Falls on his back!

tightrope walkers

The next daredevils in the Falls were barrel-jumpers many of whom lost their lives in the effort. The first person to plunge over Niagara Falls and survive was a woman. Annie Taylor, a Michigan schoolteacher, proclaimed herself, Queen of the Mist on Oct 24, 1901. Although she claimed that she was 43 years old, historical records show that Annie was actually 63 when she went over the Falls in a cushioned oak barrel. Annie ingeniously attached a heavy anvil to the bottom of her barrel, so that it would remain upright throughout the perilous ride. Upon surviving the ordeal, Anniecold and shakentold her rescuers, Well, I’ll never do that again. Visitors can still see the original Taylor barrel and other daredevil artifacts at The Niagara Falls Museum.

The Most Exotic SPA Destinations

Exotic SPA destinations have become top holiday destinations for millions of tourists. If there are places where the mind, body and soul become one, it is the healing sanctuaries of the most exotic SPA destinations in the world. Some destinations are ideal for sightseeing. Other tempt with culinary masterpieces and high quality wine. But the best SPA destinations have only one purpose to make you relax in the hands of a skilled therapist who rub, bend, twist and caress your every limb and muscle, until your mind immerse in a world of bliss. In addition, the best and most exotic SPA destinations typically offer excellent opportunities for water sports, which in combination with a healthy climate, tropical scenery and crystal clear waters, allow you to relax better. These are the destinations that visited once. At least from the perspective of the average person. But the bliss, comfort and delight of the senses, which are experienced there, will make you value every spare moment of your time to find a way to restore that sense. The feeling of heavenly peace, reigned in the exotic SPA kingdom.

Bali, Indonesia

Called Island of God, Earth Paradise and Treasure of the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is among the top destinations for SPA tourism in the world. Not surprisingly, it was named SPA capital of Asia in 2010, and the nearby Hotel Four Seasons was awarded Best Asian SPA hotel in the world. For centuries Bali people are known for their special techniques of treatment and rehabilitation. They rely primarily on natural resources and specific massage techniques, which are combined depending on the purpose of the procedures to be applied for refreshment, detoxification, relaxation. Local SPA rituals supplying indescribable delight of the senses and giving the body and soul state of full relaxation, made Bali real magnet for tourists.


Cayman Islands, Caribbean

The three islands Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are British overseas possession in the Caribbean between Cuba and Jamaica. Among them the most attractive Grand Cayman, where the capital of the island group, Georgetown, is located. Furthermore, Grand Cayman is known as one of the major international financial centers with about 600 banks, including the present 43 of the 50 largest in the world. Besides that you can enjoy any kind of SPA treatments massages, curative and rehabilitative therapies, refreshing and nourishing sessions, Grand Cayman will enchant you with its incredible diversity of flora and fauna silver palms, vibrant parrots, turtles, orchids and palms, whose export is banned from the country because they considered a unique natural treasure.

Maldives, Indian Ocean

One of the most enchanting places on earth the Maldives is a fascinating mosaic of 1190 coral islands with dazzling white beaches studded with palm trees and kiss from turquoise warm Indian Ocean waters. Only 200 are inhabited, the largest from which is Kaafu, which capital is Male. Maldives are known as one of the most romantic places in the world and they promise an unforgettable adventure. Some of the most attractive scuba diving spots are here. Many trips to deserted islands are made, which makes you feel like Robinson Crusoe and of course, there is a premium SPA service, which ranks the Maldives among the top SPA destinations worldwide.

Barbados Island, Atlantic Ocean

Thick tropical vegetation and beaches with fine golden sand, azure sea, luxury hotels and service to the highest standards these distinctive characteristics have made Barbados a favorite destination for tourists looking for excitement and exotic. All this backed by a solid amount of rum (the national drink of Barbados), music, sights and SPA centers. If you want to experience the magic effects of aromatic oils and algae and all sorts of hydrotherapy and massages on your body, while enriching your soul with a great deal of entertainment, history and natural beauty, then Barbados is the place for you.

Barbados Island

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is Thailands largest island, located in the waters of the Andaman Sea and Thailand mainland by two bridges. Virgin and amazingly beautiful, it is covered with velvety sand and dotted with palm trees, among which luxurious but cozy SPA complexes with 5-star hospitality crop. As Phuket is famous for its high-quality service and an idyllic atmosphere, SPA lovers feel like being in sanctuary in which they are the only supreme deity. The SPA procedures platforms over the crystal sea water help you clear your mind, body and soul of the accumulated tension, fatigue and toxins. A miraculous healing massage ointments will give you a sense of renewal.

Scary Places You Have to Visit

Adrenaline seekers can visit dozens of scary places on our planet from which the normal tourists and travelers are afraid of. Fans of scary stories and high adrenaline may tease their nerves visiting places from which you can get the creeps. But before you go on this journey, you must be prepared for what awaits you. Here are some of the top scary places in the world that fans of horror with strong nerves can visit. Among them are historical landmarks, symbols of human tragedy as well as places with ghosts, witches and poltergeist.

Paris Catacombs in France

The Paris catacombs, officially named lOssuaire Municipal, vis a cemetery that started becoming tourist attraction in the early 19th century (according to Wikipedia). This cemetery doesn’t have much tunnels, but it is widely referred as the catacombs. Of course as a cemetery, there are a lot of human bones and skulls and people believe that it is haunted. Together with the lack of light under the Paris city and with the strange sounds that you will hear from time to time, there will be quite good reason to change your pants after you visit this place.

Voodoo Magic of New Orleans in United States

If you want to know more about voodoo and magic, then you have to visit New Orleans. This place is well known over the years with the black magic people. It is told that the voodoo magic has big influence over the people in New Orleans. Actually 15 percent of the population there practice voodoo.

United States

Now a day’s New Orleans is more scary than ever, because of the hurricane Katrinas damage. It is believed that the city is haunted by the ghosts of the tragically died people in 2005.

The World Cities that Escaped the Crisis in Tourism

Hotels in major centers of Europe and the Middle East are leading in revenue per room with seven points ahead in the world ranking top 20, according to Deloittes annual report on Development prospects in the tourism sector.

Tourism industry noted a significant global decrease in 2008, especially during the last quarter due to the economic crisis that impact on business and holiday tourism. Despite the decline, however, there are world centers that have achieved good results.

Six cities New York, Abu Dhabi, London, Dubai, Paris and Tel Aviv, have secured their position in three forms of the top 20 ranking in Deloitte employment, average room price and annual revenue per room.

The ranking examines the performance of hotels for two periods. In the first half of 2008 most regions of the world reported two-digit growth in revenue, obviously still affected by the crisis. But in the summer, the confidence of customers lowered and tourism began to incur losses.

tourism began

In the last quarter of 2008th, revenue per room in many regions reaching negative values. At the end of the year, Central and South America and the Middle East are the only regions with two-digit growth in revenue per room, with 14.5 percent and 18.3 percent, while Asia-Pacific region and Europe have less than 2 percent growth in U.S. dollars in this indicator. Last Friday was North America with a decrease of 1.6%.

The effects of the global economic crisis affected the tourism. The financial chaos, which contributed to the crisis in the last quarter of the year, reduced the costs for travel and recreation by both private individuals and corporations.  If we look ahead, the threat of deflation may be an even greater problem.

Europe leads with 10 positions in the top 20 in average price per room and 7 in revenue per room. Nevertheless this strong presence in both ratings, the results for hotels throughout Europe deteriorated and at the end of the year finished with negative values decreased by 5.1% to € 70.


Paris is the only city in the euro area, which is present with the three types in the Top 20 ranking. The French capital is in sixth position in the revenue per room, with a growth of 4.8%, reaching € 141, and the ninth in a hotel room rate for an average price per room from € 181. Despite the small decline in employment rates of 77.8 percent, though it was enough for fourteenth place in the prestigious Top 20 ranking in employment.


London continues to count growth in the hotel results and is in the three types of ranking. The employment increased from 0.8% to the impressive 81.1%, which provides a fifth place in the world ranking. The average price per room increased from 4.4% to £ 117, making it the seventeenth by prices and ninth in revenue per room in the Top 20 ranking with £ 93. In response to the effects of the current recession in the UK budget sector saved and ensured profits, while the average boutique hotels  dropped the price and had significantly slower growth rate. This shows that private and business customers prefer to choose the better options for hotel accommodations when there are in London.


Berlin hotel revenues were not high enough to be ranked in the Top 20 cities, but still have positive growth. While the average price per room rose by 6.2 percent, employment fell by 2.3 percent, leading to growth in revenue per room index by 3.7 percent to € 61. According to the Berlin Tourism Organization, the number of tourists own for the first time fell from 2003 onwards. This is a consequence of the decrease in consumer confidence, high inflation and lack of major attractions, to attract the masses. Domestic tourism remains an important element in the tourism mix of Berlin with its 60% of the total business. This year, own and foreign tourists will have the occasion to celebrate as the city notes the 20 anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and 60 years since the creation of the Federal Republic of Germany. Berlin will also host the World Athletics Championship in August 2009.


The strategy of the tourism industry this year will be to survive, says Alex Kirakidis, Managing Partner of Tourism and recreation industry in the Deloitte Worldwide. The hotels in particular will need to focus on providing more value for money that their customers pay, and on what they do best. Basic hotel services are key when hotels compete for accommodation, he added.

It is important that countries invest in infrastructure development of the tourism industry, including the expansion of airports and hotel facilities, once again being awarded credits. This is necessary in the long term development and sustainability of the industry.

According to the World Tourism Organization, the first half of the 2008th shows 5 percent growth in international tourists, but the growth has reached negative values in the second half, a total of 2 percent growth for the year. Although growth was a slower pace than that of 7% for 2007, 16 million more people have traveled the world and has been a new world record tourist visits of 924 million.

What you Need to Know When Traveling in The EU

When we Travel by Car, We Need to Carry:

  • Identity card or passport
  • A valid driving license
  • Insurance against civil liability.

There are Several Limitations that Monitor Very Closely:

  • Use of seat belts is mandatory
  • Small children should be in special seats
  • The use of mobile phone while driving is prohibited.

When we Travel by Plane:

  • You need an identity card or passport
  • When going through border control to passengers off jackets and coats for verification
  • Electronic devices (phones, laptops, radios, cameras, etc..) Subject to more rigorous examination and must be removed from cabin baggage
  • The amount of hand luggage must not exceed 56 × 4525 cm, as a large plastic shopping bag.

For its content were introduced and additional stricter rules last month (Stoicho: November 2006). In border control cannot carry liquids, gels, perfumes, alcohol, etc.. except medicines and baby food, placed in separate dispensing bottles of 100 ml each, purchased from liquid freeshops must be enclosed in transparent plastic bags.

How will you Travel in Neighboring Countries?

Control of Greece and Romania will be removed from January 1, 2007 and travel between the three countries will have a border check, although they will be now the EU. To go to Romania in the Danube bridge, will not stop at two points, as usual, only one border crossing, which is in Giurgiu. The documents will be processed in one-stop shops. Border control is now maintained as a border with Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia, which will be outside the EU and should be very strictly protected by the Bulgarian side to Sofia may prove that it meets the required standards and can be accepted Schengen. From January 1 and will introduce visas for these countries, is not yet clear whether they will respond with reciprocal measures.


What is Schengen?

In 1985 the town in Schengen (Luxembourg) concluded inter agreement which provides for gradual abolition of checks at internal borders of the countries EU member states. The Schengen Treaty shall enter into force ten years later, after installation of the SIS or SIS II, as is commonly known. It aims to facilitate the fight against transnational crime. Initially, the agreement provides for the complete abolition of border controls between Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. Subsequently acceded to the contract and other countries EU member states. Exceptions are Great Britain and Ireland who do not belong to Schengen area and carry out its own control. Norway and Iceland are not EU members but participate in the agreement.

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